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    Don Mattrick, who remains a B.C.-based investment leader, has been awarded the honour see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Andrew Duffy

    UVic selects Don Mattrick as distinguished entrepreneur of year

    The man who helped bring Microsoft to Victoria, and who once led Electronic Arts and gaming company Zynga, has been named the 2017 Gustavson School of Business 2017 distinguished entrepreneur of the year.

    Don Mattrick, who remains a B.C.-based investment leader, has been awarded the honour that recognizes a business leader who has achieved success through his or her acumen and entrepreneurial spirit.

    “We're so pleased to recognize Don as our 2017 recipient. We’re especially excited to honour a resident of our city,” said Peter Gustavson, chair of the selection committee. “Don is an icon in the technology and gaming space, and represents the drive and entrepreneurial spirit that is supported at the School of Business."

    Mattrick has served on several public and private boards, including the advisory board for the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. He is co-chair of the Premier’s Technology Council.

    Mattrick has a long history in the technology sector, including stints at the top of Electronic Arts and Zynga. As president of Microsoft’s interactive entertainment business, he championed the establishment of a Microsoft game design studio in downtown Victoria.

    That studio closed in 2013, after two years of operation.

    Mattrick was responsible for leading the team that grew Microsoft’s Xbox 360 adoption by 700 per cent to nearly 75 million consoles, and grew the Xbox Live membership from six million to nearly 50 million subscribers in 41 countries.

    “There’s no doubt that Don has enjoyed a storied career thus far, and I can think of few Victorians with a more distinguished entrepreneurial record,” said Dan Gunn, chief executive of the Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council.

    Mattrick, who was raised in Vancouver, is married with two children. He will receive the award at the distinguished entrepreneur of the year gala on May 8.

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    LlamaZOO has raised $500,000 in private equity funding. see more

    (Victoria, BC, November 30, 2015) LlamaZOO Interactive Inc., an early stage technology company that develops edtech software for post­secondary institutions and students is pleased to announce it has raised $500,000 in private equity funding.

    "LlamaZOO Interactive will use this equity funding to continue to develop and refine our EasyAnatomy edtech platform," said Charles Lavigne, LlamaZOO director and co­founder. "This investment and vote of confidence will also allow LlamaZOO to hire additional designers and developers to continue to build our product."

    The $500,000 private equity investment comes after LlamoZOO won a VIATEC Startup of the Year Award in June 2015 and received a $50,000 prize as a 2015 recipient of the Spin Master Innovation Fund in September.

    LlamaZOO Interactive was co­founded in 2014 by game industry veterans Charles Lavigne and Kevin Oke, and was quickly accepted in the VIATEC Accelerator program that fosters successful technology startups in Victoria, BC.

    "EasyAnatomy uses medical information from MRI and CT scans to create detailed 3D models of animal anatomy. Students no longer have to dissect animals to learn about them, and instructors are provided with a powerful new teaching tool," said Lavigne. "LlamaZOO Interactive's EasyAnatomy platform saves universities and colleges money while providing students and teachers with truly innovative learning tools that can be accessed from any device."

    EasyAnatomy improves learning and teaching by using sophisticated 3D visualization technologies to explain abstract spatial concepts while borrowing strategies from cognitive neuroscience to update course materials in real time. The educational technology platform also provides educators with deep analytics that provide powerful insights into how students are performing and progressing.

    "Educators can use EasyAnatomy to create narrated interactive virtual tours of animal anatomy for their students," said Oke. "Students can study animal anatomy online, anywhere and at anytime. EasyAnatomy also analyzes student performance to create individualized quizzes so that studying is more efficient."

    LlamaZOO Interactive will use this latest round of equity funding to hire new staff, acquire new imagery and work with more than 700 students and design partners around the world to continue to test and refine EasyAnatomy.

    About EasyAnatonomy

    EasyAnatomy harnesses the power of modern 3D technologies to give veterinary students a new way of interacting with, and learning animal anatomy. This powerful edtech platform combines HD graphics with expertly written course material, integrating everything into an interactive, mobile, social application designed to improve how veterinary students learn.

    About LlamaZOO Interactive Inc.

    LlamaZOO Interactive is an award­winning technology company founded by mobile and video game industry veterans. They lead a team of web, print and digital media experts who combine their expertise in user experience and design to create powerful interactive educational technologies that can be accessed by students anytime, anywhere.

    Media Contact:
    Charles Lavigne
    Director, LlamaZOO Interactive Inc.
    Phone: 1­778­996­4202