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    TELUS’s regional headquarters and innovation centre coming to downtown core. see more

    Source: City of Victoria Date: Tueday June 2, 2020


    VICTORIA, BC — TELUS Communications Inc. intends to bring the TELUS Ocean project to Victoria, as part of an acquisition of the “Apex” site, a parcel of City-owned land at 749‑767 Douglas Street, on the corner of Douglas and Humboldt Streets.

    The proposed commercial office and retail building will become TELUS’s regional headquarters for approximately 250 employees and home to an innovation hub that will showcase advanced communications and information technology. As a leading international employer, the ability to secure TELUS’s regional headquarters and innovation centre in the downtown core will also help support the growth of family sustaining jobs in Victoria.


    TELUS brings past experience in the successful implementation of their commercial office projects across the countryExamples of TELUS office developments in other key Canadian cities, including Vancouver’s TELUS Garden, showcase the architecturally-advanced and environmentally-sustainable building design that will characterize this new project.


    TELUS’s operations will occupy a significant portion of the building, with the remainder of the space proposed for commercial office, retail and restaurants, as well as programmed events and gatherings.


    TELUS is working with Victoria-based Aryze Developments as a community development partner. The Aryze project team will lead the project architect and consultant teams, and ensure the initiative progresses in alignment with the shared goals of the community and TELUS, as well as the City of Victoria’s goals reflected in its competitive proposal process.  


    Together, TELUS and Aryze are seeking to bring forward an architecturally-significant project; one that will create an opportunity for Victoria to be at the forefront of new technology and contribute to the social and entrepreneurial fabric of the city. To ensure this, the TELUS/Aryze project team is proposing to employ a multi-channel consultation approach to communications and engagement to reach a broad range of participants, including surrounding businesses, residents, potential future occupants and other key stakeholders.  It is anticipated that this community engagement process will begin in late June 2020. 


    This agreement completes a competitive proposal process for the Apex site launched by the City of Victoria in early 2017. Of the six submissions received, the TELUS Ocean proposal scored highest. 

    The City’s main goal was a major commercial development that would anchor the southern end of Douglas Street and advance one or more of the City’s key economic engines, such as technology and innovation, create high-value jobs and diversify the economy. High-quality architectural and sustainable design appropriate for this prominent location and surrounding neighbourhood were among other goals sought.

    In addition to enhancing and animating the adjoining public plaza, the development is anticipated to create new opportunities for the Victoria Conference Centre and surrounding downtown businesses.


    TELUS has agreed to purchase the property from the City of Victoria for a price of $8.1 million, plus up to an additional $1.1 million purchase price adjustment depending on the final proposal submitted and approved as part of the rezoning process. Telus and the City of Victoria will share in the environmental and geotechnical costs to remediate the site, with the City contributing $2.37 million towards its portion of these costs. In exchange for the City’s contribution, TELUS will assume all liability and responsibility for the environmental remediation of the site.


    The proceeds from the sale will be held in the City’s Tax Sale Lands Reserve and will be used to fund actions in Victoria’s Strategic Plan, including acquiring land for affordable housing. In addition, this all-commercial development will provide significant annual property tax revenue to the City to help fund City programs and services including, among other things, improvements to the downtown public realm allocated through the City’s annual budget process.


    The sale of the property is subject to TELUS applying for rezoning within 18 months of executing the agreement, and TELUS then successfully bringing the TELUS Ocean project through the City’s formal land use approval process and advancing it to the permitting stage within specific periods of time.


    Located on the southeast corner of Douglas and Humboldt Streets, the City’s Apex site is a 27,790 square-foot triangular vacant parcel that was created as part of the original infilling of James Bay in the early 1900’s. The site was home to a furniture manufacturer for a number of years and then a large-scale laundry plant, before the buildings were removed and the site paved. Two car rental companies currently operate on the property.





    Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps:

    “This significant investment by TELUS is a next generation project that helps bring the City’s draft recovery, reinvention and resilience plan, Victoria 3.0 to life. TELUS Ocean will help us to build a stronger, more resilient economy. It is another example of the confidence leading companies are showing in moving to Victoria or expanding their operations here. This major new business and innovation centre will create significant long-term economic and community benefits, pump added vitality and diversity into the heart of our downtown commercial district and support hundreds of new family-sustaining jobs. Additionally, the project is intended create a retail interface and tie into the shared public plaza space with the neighbouring Crystal Gardens, using high quality urban design principles to activate the portion of the plaza on the site creating a welcoming and vibrant area.


    TELUS Communications Inc. 

    Darren Entwistle, President and CEO of TELUS:


    “The TELUS team is tremendously proud of our longstanding history in British Columbia and we are thrilled to announce the development of TELUS Ocean, which will stand as a lasting symbol of our passionate commitment to the Victoria community, our customers and our team members. Exemplifying leading-edge design, our development will contribute significantly to Victoria’s economic strength, culture and social vitality. Notably, TELUS Ocean will inject millions of dollars into the community and create local, family-supporting jobs while showcasing TELUS’ advanced communications technologies and environmental innovation in a way never seen before in Victoria. Moreover, TELUS Ocean will enrich Victoria’s unique historical core with stunning, world-class architecture, and enhanced public spaces that create a truly welcoming destination for our team members, the community and indeed all British Columbians.”

    For more information visit: or



    For More Information:

    Bill Eisenhauer

    Head of Engagement

    City of Victoria


    Richard Gilhooley

    Manager, Communications





    TELUS Ocean Project Winning Proposal to Bring Office and Innovation Centre to Victoria  


    Project Timeline


    • In April 2017, the City initiated a public competitive procurement process to evaluate proposals for the sale and development of the City-owned property at 749 to 767 Douglas Street (known as the Apex site), through a Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI).


    • The RFEI contained a number of development objectives approved by Council, reflecting the City’s goals in developing the property, and against which submissions were evaluated:


    1.            The use should remain primarily commercial and should be a commercial anchor for Douglas Street South.


    2.            The proposal should advance at least one, and preferably more, of the following engines in the City’s economic action plan namely:

    • Technology
    • Advanced Education and Research and Development
    • Entrepreneurship, Start-Ups and social enterprise, as well as Arts and Culture
    • Ocean Marine Sector
    • Experiential Tourism


    3.            The project should seamlessly tie into the public space between the site and the Crystal Garden to turn this under-utilized area into a high-quality, welcoming, and vibrant space using placemaking and high-quality urban design principles.


    4.            The project should be a sustainability and green building showcase.


    5.            The project should realize a land value for the site at or near that defined as its highest and best use.


    6.            Offers a high-quality pedestrian experience.


    7.            Proposes uses that are compatible with adjacent residential buildings.


    • The City received six responses to the RFEI that were evaluated against the Council-approved development objectives. The TELUS Ocean Project was selected by the City because it best aligned with the development objectives and scored the highest.


    • Following the selection of the TELUS Ocean Project, the parties undertook due diligence, site studies and comprehensive contract negotiations through 2018 and 2019.


    • Negotiations were completed with TELUS and terms of the final agreement was approved by the City on March 26, 2020.


    TELUS Ocean Project Proposal


    • The TELUS Ocean Project proposes a leading-edge commercial office and retail building that will become TELUS’s regional headquarters for approximately 250 employees and home to an innovation hub that will showcase advanced communications and information technology.


    • TELUS’s operations will occupy a significant portion of the building, with the remainder of the space proposed for commercial office, retail and restaurants, as well as programmed events and gatherings.


    • In addition to enhancing and animating the adjoining public plaza, the development is anticipated to create new opportunities and economic spinoffs for the Victoria Conference Centre and surrounding downtown businesses with TELUS anticipating that hundreds of will be anchored in the downtown core once the project is completed.


    Purchase Agreement


    • Under terms of the agreement, TELUS is required to submit its land use application to the City’s land use application process within 18 months of execution of the agreement.


    • The agreement is conditional upon TELUS obtaining all necessary municipal land use approvals to proceed with the project within 32 months of execution of agreement.


    • Should TELUS not receive the land use approvals necessary for their project, TELUS or the City have the option to terminate the sale. If the project does not proceed within agreed timelines, the City has the option to terminate the sale.


    Next Steps


    • TELUS and its local community development partner, Aryze Development, plan to initiate a community engagement and consultation program related to the TELUS Ocean Project at the end of June 2020.


    • TELUS plans to submit a land use application to the City’s planning process within the next few months after conducting initial public engagement.


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    Victoria, BC listed as one of the top Canadian tech hubs see more

    Author: Ilya Brotzky

    Victoria, BC, October 21, 2019: Toronto and Vancouver get the lion’s share of attention on the Canadian tech scene. And it’s no wonder! Startup founders, investment and innovation naturally cluster in the big cities. But the truth is that innovation is happening all across our country.

    From Victoria to Kelowna, Halifax and a lot of places in between, tech hiring and investment are up.

    We reached out to the experts at the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), who helped us run the numbers on how some of the tech hubs are punching above their weight. From Montreal to Saskatoon, and our own nation’s capital, ecosystems across Canada are definitely in a growth phase.


    By the numbers

    Here, we can see how much these areas have been hiring tech professionals from 2014 to 2019 (for those who prefer bar graph visualizations, we’ve got that, too.)

    Number employed in the tech sector for 2018 (companies under a tech industry code):

    Date 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

    Montreal 121,496 121,976 127,218 132,941 135,791 139,220
    Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo 18,308 18,745 18,817 20,592 21,360 22,209
    Winnipeg 11,887 11,314 10,842 11,746 13,726 14,199
    Calgary 32,914 33,490 33,838 36,195 36,760 37,657
    Saskatoon 3,970 4,067 4,159 4,222 4,277 4,352
    Halifax 10,083 11,256 11,474 11,382 10,956 11,118
    Kelowna 2,218 2,333 2,526 2,753 3,160 3,310
    Victoria 7,264 7,292 7,962 8,507 8,893 9,194
    Ottawa-Gatineau 44,430 47,482 48,660 50,456 52,960 54,302

    ICTC large

    And all of these jobs translate into major economic activity on the ground. Let’s look at capital expenditures overall in some of these tech hubs:

    Total capex value (CAD) by city:

    City 2018 2019

    Kelowna 371.1 211.5
    Saskatoon 56.5 321.8
    Halifax 181.4 224.7


    • Kelowna capital expenditure projects include Barn Owl Brewing, GTEC Holdings, KF Aerospace, etc.
    • Saskatoon projects include Morris Industries, Empire Parkour, Midtown Plaza, etc.
    • Halifax projects include Canada Computers, Coloursmith Labs, Murphy Hospitality Group, etc.


    Let’s delve a bit deeper into some of these top Canadian tech hubs you might not know about!


    Tech Hub Halifax

    When the fisheries dwindled in Atlantic Canada, a lot of east coasters moved inland to Alberta to work in the oil and gas sector. That was the pipeline to jobs. Today, the coast if focused on tech-powered sustainable development. “In early 2018, the Government of Canada launched the Innovation Supercluster Initiative,” explains Alexandra Cutean, Senior Director of Research and Policy at ICTC. “Focused on creating strongholds of research, innovation, economic growth and job creation across Canada – essentially a “cluster” of this activity – this public-private undertaking is bound to make a splash in the Atlantic.”

    But it’s not just government support that’s making a difference. Halifax has many advantages: generous R&D tax incentives, lower cost of living, competitive business costs and access to talent. Large companies on the local tech scene include NNT Data and Mitsubishi UFG, which is expanding in Nova Scotia. Particular growth sectors include digital media, financial services, and information communication technology.

    The bounty of the sea fed Halifax’s workers in a different time, but clearly, tech is on the rise here.


    Tech Hub Kelowna

    Seeking a balanced lifestyle and an escape from the high cost of Vancouver, “real estate refugees” from the west coast are working with innovative folks from the Okanagan to create a growing tech hub here. Kelowna had 3,310 tech employees by 2019.

    That’s an outstanding figure for a place that was known for agriculture and wineries up until about 5 minutes ago. A pleasant place for retirees to sit back on the porch is increasingly a place where millennials are moving in to take up tech jobs. Kelowna has the central hub for Okanogan Tech: Accelerate Okanogan – and their job board is the most complete in the region.

    Some highlights cited by ICTC: Data Nerds, a real estate and property API provider, is expanding to the US. Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. (AEM), a manufacturer of aircraft communication systems is being acquired by Australian company Structural Monitoring Systems after many years of partnership. Hyper Hippo Games seems hungry-hungry for growth, too.


    Tech Hub Saskatoon

    On a bright prairie day, the wind whips up waves and currents in fields of wheat that stretch to the horizon — but there’s a lot more to Saskatoon than grain and potash.

    As ICTC notes, tax incentives and cheaper land prices are helping to boost growth in the tech sector. Saskatoon’s world-class technology park, Innovation Place, offers mentorship and affordable office space for technology companies. They’ve got over 1,500 people working in the park now and many of the companies are hiring tech talent. For instance, Tiny Eye, an image search app, recently won acceptance into a scale-up program to fast-track team growth.


    Tech Hub Victoria

    The capital of BC used to be known almost exclusively as a government town. That’s changing. [VIATEC runs Victoria's] technology hub called Fort Tectoria, which is a coworking space that houses startups and hosts events. [VIATEC also facilitates a series of accelerator programs facilitating leadership and growth in the Victoria tech community].


    Tech Hub Winnipeg

    Over a recent five-year span, tech employment in Winnipeg grew nearly 60 percent, according to Real Estate company CBRE.

    That’s incredible growth! Meanwhile, the millennial population increased by 15 percent between 2009 and 2014. That’s faster than any tech market in Canada. And Amazon just opened up a large office there for its AWS Thinkbox services.

    What’s spurring the rapid rise of this prairie tech hub? Generous tax credits for tech investing and R&D spending, to start. It has also encouraged partnerships between startups and government institutions, including labs and hospitals, to aid research. It’s a tech hub to watch!


    Canadian tech hubs are hiring from abroad, too

    Many tech professionals from abroad are entering these tech hubs via Global Talent Stream visas. We can at least provide the numbers to give you an idea of how VanHack helped put them there — in places you might not be thinking about (e.g., over 17 percent of our recruited international tech professionals went to… Winnipeg. Yes, Winnipeg).

    Why are all of these tech hubs growing away from the big cities?

    The big US companies like Amazon and Microsoft that are setting up branch offices in Canada have created a role-reversal. Since they’re sucking up a lot of the local tech talent, small towns that boast a balanced lifestyle and lower real estate costs are increasingly attractive to tech professionals from Canada or anywhere else in the world.

    It’s also easier now, thanks to the Canadian government’s Global Talent Stream, to bring in talent from abroad to fill critical tech roles. That holds true for small towns as much as for big cities. It’s even an advantage for smaller centers, which offer a “great outdoors” experience that senior developers from abroad can prefer, to give their families a better quality of life.

    The big story here? Innovation is everywhere. For those working in tech, you’ve got opportunities across Canada to pursue your dream.

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    AOT Technologies in the list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies see more

    – Canadian Business unveils annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies –

    Victoria, BC (September 18, 2019) Canadian Business and Maclean’s today ranked AOT Technologies No. 74 on the 30th annual Growth 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. AOT ranked No. 7 in Canada and No. 1 in British Columbia in the category of Information Technology. Produced by Canada’s premier business and current affairs media brands, the Growth 500 ranks Canadian businesses on five-year revenue growth. Growth 500 winners are profiled in a special print issue of Canadian Business published with Maclean’s magazine and online at and

    AOT Technologies made the 2019 Growth 500 list with a five-year revenue growth of 1300%.

    We’re honoured to be on the Growth 500, say George Philip and Praveen Ramachandran, AOT co-founders.  Our growth is a direct result of our customer-centric focus, our investments in innovation, and the dedication of our team.  Each of us at AOT want to take this opportunity to thank our clients and partners who have helped to fuel our growth.

    AOT is an IT consulting and software development partner for start-ups, large enterprises, and government agencies.  The company’s core service offerings are application integration, analytics, and Internet of Things.

    Visit website:

    Visit LinkedIn:

    About the Growth 500
    For over 30 years, the Growth 500 has been Canada’s most respectable and influential ranking of entrepreneurial achievement. Winners are profiled in a special Growth 500 print issue of Canadian Business (packaged with the October issue of Maclean’s magazine) and online at and For more information on the ranking, visit

    Media Contact
    Rob Abbott, Marketing and Communications Senior Manager 778-433-1268

  • Article
    Placing seventh overall, Victoria is shown to be a well-balanced City for youth to live. see more

    Greater Victoria Tops in Youth Education and Creative Arts


    VICTORIA, BC — For the first time, Greater Victoria has been included in the YouthfulCities Index placing number one out of 22 Canadian cities for education and creative arts for youth. 

    Placing seventh overall, Victoria is shown to be a well-balanced City for youth to live (8th place), work (9th place), and play (8th place). Additionally, the City was in the top five for employment, diversity and gender equity.

    The YouthfulCities Index is the first public, national comparable urban index, measuring 121 indicators spanning 20 areas in which data has been collected by youth across the country. The Index is intended to create credible data for decision-makers, provide inspiration for urban innovation efforts, launch a network of young urban decoders, and provide national exposure for Canadian cities.

    “We’re building a city where young people feel that they have a place and a voice,” said Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps. “That’s why we are investing more than $1 million every year in programs that directly support youth and taking action to make Victoria a more affordable place live, raise a family, start a business and grow. What we learn from this national survey will help us plan how we can do even better.”

    Through a partnership, the City of Victoria and the South Island Prosperity Partnership (SIPP) worked with Youthful Cities to have Victoria included in this year’s Index.

    “It’s essential for the region to be an attractive and viable location for young people to stay here, or move here, and grow roots. The next generation of residents will be the driving force in our local economy, but we need to ensure we can continue to attract them here. The data from the YouthfulCities Index provides valuable insight about where we need to improve, but the findings also help us promote Greater Victoria and work collaboratively with organizations, like the Victoria Foundation, on youth-related initiatives, said Bruce Williams, Interim CEO of SIPP.

    “As a recent graduate living and working in the region, the findings were definitely in line with the aspects of the city that my peers and I love about living here, but it also shines a light on some of the things we are frustrated with,” says Veronica Plihal, Chair of SIPP’s Youth Liaison Taskforce. “Our region needs to address issues like affordability, transportation, and access to well-paying career options.”

    For More Information:

    Bill Eisenhauer

    Head of Engagement, City of Victoria



    Taryn Malcolm

    Marketing and Communications Specialist, SIPP



    About South Island Prosperity Partnership

    The South Island Prosperity Partnership (SIPP) is the economic development organization for Greater Victoria, B.C., comprised of 50+ members, including 10 local governments, seven First Nations, three post-secondary institutions, seven industry associations and non-profits, and more than 20 major employers, all working together to bolster the region’s economic and social prosperity. For more information:

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    A pod of life sized Orca replicas are put in as a part of the "Pop up at the Square Design Comp." see more

    Follow the Pod

    WildVision Edutainment Inc and Envision Designs & Development are proud to introduce Follow The Pod to the City of Victoria. Follow The Pod brings whale-sized replica play-pieces to Centennial Square, showcasing members of the locally endangered Southern and Northern Resident Killer Whale populations.

    The designs of each life-sized model are based on real-life members of the Southern Resident Killer Whale population. Follow The Pod honours the memory of deceased Southern Residents, as well as celebrates the lives of those who continue to prevail, despite constant threats to their survival.

    With only 78 members left alive, Southern Residents will only get the protection they need if all Canadians work together to raise awareness and reduce threats. Follow The Pod will bring to light the importance of conservation through the power of edutainment.

    To stay in the loop on this project, go visit it in person at Centennial Square or visit!


    Below is a news clip from Kool 107.3fm from a few weeks ago.

    Source: Kool 107.3km

    Centennial square is getting some new residents today, as a pod of life sized Orca replicas are put in as a part of the "Pop up at the Square Design Competition."

    Christopher Porter, creator of the Orcas, says the idea behind "Follow the Pod" is a way to educate the public, while having a great place in the heart of the city for people to interact with the animals. 

    "We included an RFID tag within the eyes of the killer whales, so people will be able to come up with their smartphones and devices, and they will be able to hear a story from that whale through their device, and actually get an updates about where the real killer whales are traveling." 

    All of the life-sized sculptures in Centennial square are based off of resident killer whales, and were designed by a Vancouver Island based team led by WildVision Edutainment Inc. and Envision Designs and Development.

    Porter says there are only 78 southern resident killer whales in British Columbia, and hopes this will raise awareness about the endangered species. 

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    WildVision Edutainment Inc and Envision Designs & Development are proud to introduce FOLLOW THE POD! see more

    VICTORIA BC - Viatec Members WildVision Edutainment Inc and Envision Designs & Development are proud to introduce Follow The Pod  to the City of Victoria.

    FOLLOW THE POD will bring whale-sized replica play-pieces to Centennial Square, showcasing members of the locally endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale population. Follow The Pod will honour the memory of deceased Southern Residents, as well as celebrate the lives of those who continue to prevail, despite constant threats to their survival.

    With only 78 members left alive, Southern Residents will only get the protection they need if all Canadians work together to raise awareness and reduce threats. Follow The Pod will bring to light the importance of conservation through the power of edutainment!

    Please visit for ongoing updates and further information.


    Congratulations to the winners!

    Grab your binoculars! A pod of life-sized orca replicas will be popping-up in Centennial Square this summer. 

    Selected from 33 submissions, ranging from design concepts from a local secondary school to as far afield as Indonesia, Mexico and Poland, the jury selected ‘Follow the Pod’ as the overall winner of the Pop Up @ the Square Design Competition. The ‘Follow the Pod’ play structure aims to raise awareness of the threatened Southern Resident Killer Whale population by allowing visitors to play and interact with the life-sized sculptures. 


    The winning design was submitted by a Vancouver Island-based team led by WildVision Edutainment Inc. and Envision Designs and Development. The winning team will receive a $5,000 award, and up to $50,000 for the design, construction and installation. ‘Follow the Pod’ will be installed in Centennial Square in early July. 

    Complete List of Winning Submissions:

    • Overall Winner:‘Follow the Pod’ (WildVision Edutainment and Envision Designs and Development) #13
    • People’s Choice Award Winner ($1,000 cash prize): ‘Game Plan’ (Waymark Architecture) #32
    • Honourable Mention:‘Under the table and dreaming’ (Cascadia Architects Inc.) #9
    • Honourable Mention:‘Spindle Whorl Playscape’ (Yiwen Ruan and Bo Lu) #24


     Overall Winner



    People's Choice



    Honourable Mention



    Honourable Mention



    About the Design Competition

    In early 2017 urban designers, industrial designers, architects, landscape architects, contemporary artists and creative types were invited to apply to create a playful pop-up installation for kids of all ages in Centennial Square, in the heart of Victoria’s vibrant downtown.

    Location: Centennial Square is located downtown next to Victoria’s City Hall, at Douglas Street and Pandora Avenue.

    Jury Details: A panel of qualified jurors judged submissions based on the following criteria: play value, relationship to events, local context, robustness, feasibility.


    About Centennial Square

    Centennial Square is located in Downtown Victoria. The Square is bordered by Victoria’s heritage City Hall, the offices of the Capital Regional District and the MacPherson Playhouse Theatre. It is directly adjacent to Victoria’s Chinatown district, the oldest Chinatown in Canada.

    Centennial Square is one of the City’s most popular outdoor event and festival venues. On average, there are programmed activities in the Square 130 days each year, ranging from food truck festivals and dance classes to outdoor markets and concert performances. Creating the opportunity for daily play and vibrancy while allowing the Square to continue to function as a primary outdoor event venue is a key objective of this design competition.

    The City is coordinating a renewal of Centennial Square through a master plan. This long term planning exercise will begin in 2017, and guide future renovations to the Square.

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    NACO will hold its Regional Summit in Victoria in February of 2018 as a direct result. see more

    Capital Mission Nets Big Results

    VICTORIA, BC (April 21, 2017) – The City of Victoria’s 2017 Capital Mission has already started producing significant returns on investment for the region’s technology sector.

    The Capital Mission is an opportunity for angel and venture capital investors with an interest in early stage innovative technology companies to visit Victoria. The event was held in February for the second consecutive year hosted by the City of Victoria, VIATEC and the Capital Investment Network (CIN).

    As a direct result of the mission, the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) will hold its Regional Summit in Victoria in February of 2018. The Summit is expected to attract 100 Angel investors and NACO members to the city exposing those investors to Victoria’s thriving and dynamic tech industry.

    “It is thrilling to see that in only two years our Capital Mission has attracted national and international attention”, said Mayor Helps. “We look forward to a large mission next year with the 100 investors at the NACO Summit kicking it off.”

    "Through our accelerator and building on three decades of developing strong investor relations and awareness of Victoria’s tech sector, VIATEC was well positioned to expose hundreds of startups applying to the program with investors from far and wide,” noted Dan Gunn, CEO of VIATEC.  “In recent years VIATEC, now 552 members strong, has benefitted greatly from the added support of our city.  We are pleased that these efforts have culminated in a vital organization like NACO recognizing the vibrancy and potential of our region," added Gunn.

    NACO is excited to join the Capital Mission in Victoria with the 2018 Western Regional Angel Summit.  “This is an opportunity to continue our work to improve access to risk capital for early-stage Canadian companies.  At the Summit, Angel investors meet face-to-face to share experiences and best practices,” says Yuri Navarro, NACO’s CEO.  “Those conversations lead to meaningful connections that are imperative for building community and fueling the local and regional startup economies.”

    "Angel investing is increasingly common and more accessible through education and connecting investors,” said Peter Elkins, Co-Founder of CIN.  “Adding NACO as a partner for Capital Mission 2018 is an honour for Victoria."

    Invitees for the 2017 Capital Mission experienced first-hand the city’s highly sought after quality of life, including how easy it is to travel to and from Victoria, the vibrancy of our innovative business community and the depth of our local deal flow. This year was fully subscribed once again, and 100% of attendees said they would refer the mission to someone in their network.

    For more information on the Capital Mission visit

    For More Information:

    Rebecca Penz
    Citizen Engagement Advisor
    City of Victoria
    Office: 250.361.0263
    Mobile: 250.661.0085