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    Crowd Content announces achieving industry-leading performance metrics. see more

    Victoria, BC, November 5, 2018: Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, reported today on key performance metrics from their proprietary content marketplace.

    Perhaps most impressive, Crowd Content has reported that the average turnaround time for a 432-word content order is only one hour.

    The company also shared that the average rating from customers per order is 4.15 out of a possible 5.0.

    These numbers were taken from a sample of the latest 300,000 orders to move through the company’s proprietary content marketplace.

    “It’s exciting to share these numbers,” said Crowd Content CEO, Clayton Lainsbury. “Based on our own research, we believe this to be the fastest turnaround time for custom content creation on the Web. More importantly, though, we’re able to do it without sacrificing quality. The fact that our customer ratings remain high across such a large sample of orders shows that the content is matching and exceeding customer expectations.”

    Aside from a meticulous selection process when accepting new writers, Lainsbury attributes a mature gamified technology platform to the above-average performance. “From day one, we’ve leveraged technology and gamification to improve the experience at Crowd Content. The platform is designed to maximize performance in key areas like speed, quality and reliability. For clients, this results in faster turnaround times, higher-quality content and fewer missed deadlines.”

    When asked if these performance metrics are translating to financial success, Lainsbury indicated that the company saw 85% revenue growth in Q3 2018 over the same period in 2017. “We’re performing in areas that make a difference for customers, and that makes it easy for them to stay with us. When you combine that with our recent investments in customer acquisition, it sets a foundation for growth that we expect to continue into and throughout 2019.”






























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    Crowd Content Media reports 56% revenue growth in 2017. see more

    Victoria, BC, January 23, 2018: Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, reported today that 2017 revenue grew 56% over 2016.

    “We’re very excited to see another strong financial year to follow up from the 57% revenue growth we saw in 2016,” said Clayton Lainsbury, Crowd Content’s Founder and CEO. “Topline revenue was driven by sharp increases in enterprise business after acquiring several new Fortune 500 customers.”

    The content creation company has been able to penetrate a retail segment where its services are desperately needed. Customers such as Bloomingdale’s, Michaels and 3M, to name a few, use Crowd Content to create compelling content at scale for their product pages. These large brands often have hundreds of thousands of SKUs, making it impossible for in-house teams to write, review and manage product copy on a consistent basis. Crowd Content’s enterprise service lets these brands offload those tasks and focus on their core competencies.

    “Two things we’ve learned are that the world’s best brands can’t waste time managing content and can’t afford to publish subpar content,” stated Lainsbury. “Customer retention has been exceptionally high because our focus is on delivering publish-ready content. For customers, this means they save time and money by not having to review, edit and revise content before it goes live. It also means they can trust that published content is accurate and designed to sell their products.”

    Lainsbury credits the company’s mature technology and refined production process for the success in attracting and retaining large accounts. “For the past two years, we’ve made it our goal to be the best at helping brands create publish-ready content at scale,” he said. “It’s really been a team effort from our development and production teams. They’ve built the platform to handle the volume while adding key layers of quality review throughout the process. It all comes together to create a smart content engine that works for both writers and customers.”

    In a recent press release, Lainsbury stated that with its production capabilities running at full speed, Crowd Content will be investing more resources into sales and marketing for 2018. Considering the company has been primarily focused on R&D to this point and hasn’t had a formal marketing effort in place, it expects to see growth increase as customer acquisition campaigns are implemented.

    About Crowd Content: Crowd Content is a content creation company based in Victoria, BC that helps brands and agencies create online marketing content at scale. The company is backed by well-known angel investors including Todd Dunlop (founder of Neverblue Media and RingPartner) and James DeGreef (founder of GenoLogics and Tectoria Venture Partners). For more information, visit


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  • Just in time for summer, the District of Saanich’s new website has been released into the wild. see more

    Some may say that we are bloomin’ crazy at Atomic Crayon - and we might even agree - but we love to change the landscape of municipal web design. Just in time for summer, the District of Saanich’s new website has been released into the wild.  


    The District of Saanich is the largest municipality on Vancouver Island with more than 110,000 people and without a doubt one of its most beautiful. The community cultivates urban and rural neighbourhoods with 169 parks, more than 100 km of trails, four recreation centres, numerous beaches and amenities for all ages.  It truly showcases the island's incredible natural beauty at its finest.


    When the District let us know we'd won this project, we didn't beat around the bush. We dove right in, pruning the information architecture to make a lean website that would still be able to easily grow in the future.   


    The design team focused on the mixture of urban, suburban and rural elements and cultivated one of our freshest designs to date. The new site also showcases a wealth of powerful features, including a new harvest of our expansive modules that is saturated with award-winning accessibility, social media integration, online submissions, District spotlights, event calendar, tender opportunities and much, much more. This is no garden variety website!


    We also integrated of a number of custom applications, including a Carbon Fund Calculator, Webcam integration, Online Submissions and Searchable Libraries.


    The website utilizes our enterprise-level content management system, ElementCMS. After providing the District staff training on this robust CMS, they are now able to update the website themselves, thereby ensuring content is fresh as a daisy.


    The site is live and our work is done. Time to hit the hay!



    This project brought to you by Atomic Crayon

    Press release available here