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    Engaging more users boils down to making infographics relevant, legible & easy to access. see more

    Author: Sarah Stasik 

    Our recent post on infographics covered best practices and tips for choosing the right format to get your message across. Once you’ve done the work to create quality content and paired it with smart, relevant images and your social media infographics are still not getting traction, it might simply be an issue of legibility.

    Building Social Media Infographics for Specific Platforms

    According to a Vennage study, infographics and other original visual content perform much better than GIFs, memes and stock photos when it comes to engagement. They even outpace videos, presentations and charts, making them something many content marketers want to integrate into social media strategies. The problem is that complex visual elements don’t always play well on social platforms, partly because of image size limitations.

    If you want to upload an entire infographic to a social network, realize that the platform may crop or resize it. Platforms that don’t rely on a square image typically resize the image to fit a required width and then proportion the height accordingly.

    On Facebook, for example, if you upload an image that’s 1024 x 512 pixels, it’s converted to an image that’s 470 x 235 pixels. Most of the time, the difference isn’t a big deal. Infographics filled with images and icons, though, might be hard to read when uploaded to social.

    To avoid this problem, start your infographic design at the appropriate width for each site.

    Optimal Widths for Social Media Infographic Images

    • Facebook – 470
    • Twitter – 506
    • LinkedIn – 350
    • Google Plus – 426
    • Instagram – 1080
    • Pinterest – 736

    On some platforms, you can make an image as long (or high) as you like. If you go too far, though, it could impact readability. Instagram recommends a height of 1350 pixels to go with its recommended width. Pinterest simply gives aspect ratios as ranging between 2:3 and 1:3.5. Choose a height that seems to fit the layout of your infographic, but test as you design it to ensure its legibility.

    What About Infographics from Blog Posts, Web Pages or other Platforms?

    When sharing an infographic, it’s best not to upload the same image across all profiles and call it a day. First, it’s kind of lazy — and lackadaisical content marketing doesn’t cut it in today’s market. Second, it can frustrate your followers. An image that appears perfect on Pinterest could leave Facebook or Twitter users squinting, scrolling or facing a sudden cutoff.

    For best results, don’t try to share all of it at once. Snip the most important bits — enough to share at least one fact, but not the entire story. Then post that image to social media with a link back to the full graphic. This is especially helpful if the purpose of your social marketing is to drive traffic to a site. Sharing only part of the infographic follows that advice about not giving the cow away for free.

    For marketers who do want the entire cow on social, try the album or multi-pic features. Upload small sections of your infographic in an order that lets users see the story unfold as they click through.

    A Few More Hacks Before You Go

    • Expand your social media infographic’s reach by tagging any person or company that’s involved in any way. If you used a stat from a HubSpot study or the infographic was inspired by a recent post from an industry influencer, for example, tag them.
    • Consider “micro infographics” for social media sharing. These are more concise infographics that are typically smaller in size and cover a very narrow topic.

    social media infographics

    In the end, getting your social media infographics to engage more users boils down to making them relevant, legible and easy to access.

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    Crowd Content selected as a finalist for VIATEC's Scale Up of the Year aware which recognizes busine see more

    Victoria, BC, May 7, 2019: Crowd Content Media, a leading content writing service helping businesses create content at any scale, shared today that it has been selected as a finalist for the Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council’s (VIATEC) Scale-Up of the Year Award.

    The 19th annual VIATEC Awards recognize technology companies based in Victoria, BC that are excelling in their spaces and contributing to the growth of the tech industry in the region.

    The Scale-Up of the Year award is focused on highlighting established companies in the Greater Victoria tech scene that are rapidly scaling operations and revenue. 

    “I’m thrilled to be recognized as a finalist for the Scale-Up of the Year award,” said Crowd Content CEO Clayton Lainsbury. “We did a ton of work in 2018 to drive 48% revenue growth compared to 2017, and it’s really rewarding to be recognized by our peers for those results. We’ve been active in the VIATEC community since Crowd Content was founded in 2010. We support their goal of growing the tech industry in Victoria, and it’s just a tremendous honour to have them recognize us with this nomination.”

    Asked to comment on what was most interesting about his firm’s scale up, Lainsbury stated it’s that the growth has been diversified. “I think the best part of our growth in 2018 was that you can chalk it up to many different factors. Our self-serve marketplace brought on a lot of new clients and added some great new features that helped clients scale their content creation. On the enterprise side of our business, we started working with multiple Fortune 500 companies and saw year-over-year revenue growth of 230%. I’m really proud of these accomplishments, and I’m even prouder that every member of our team contributed to them.”

    About Crowd Content: Crowd Content is a content creation company based in Victoria, BC that helps brands and agencies create online marketing content at scale. The company is backed by well-known angel investors including Todd Dunlop (founder of Neverblue Media and RingPartner) and James DeGreef (founder of GenoLogics and Tectoria Venture Partners). For more information, visit

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    Crowd Content reports it achieved 138% revenue growth in January 2019 compared to January 2018... see more

    Victoria, BC, February 28, 2019: Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, reported today it achieved 138% revenue growth in January 2019 compared to January 2018. 

    The company shared that both its enterprise content division, which provides some of the world’s largest brands with fully-managed content creation services, and its self-service platform, which lets marketers connect directly with with over 6,000 professional writers, contributed to this growth. 

    While both divisions saw substantial growth, CEO Clayton Lainsbury highlighted that significant platform upgrades currently being beta tested by select clients have enabled publishers to scale their content in a big way on the self-service platform.

    “We’re moving several key power features from our enterprise division to our self-service platform,” stated Lainsbury. “Traditionally, these tools were used only by our in-house managed services team. Now, self-service clients have direct access to these tools and it’s helping them scale their content creation efforts similar to what we’ve been doing in-house on the enterprise side.”

    One of these features lets customers create structured templates and converts them to a content editor that writers work within. It allows customers to create highly detailed content at scale because each field within the template can be accompanied with specific instructions, character counts, word counts and SEO requirements. The system performs automatic quality checks to ensure all requirements are met before writers submit the work to the client.  

    Lainsbury also highlighted Crowd Content’s bulk upload tool which lets clients order hundreds of content items in minutes, as well as a robust API that lets publishers instantly publish content to their content management systems. “Across these three tools, we’re able to provide publishers a solution that lets them order large volumes of content, ensure their requirements are met and then instantly publish it to their site. I’m not aware of another content service that can offer that.” 

    When asked to quantify how this helps publishers, Lainsbury shared that one client was able to publish over 2,500 posts in less than a year across multiple properties. “We’re seeing small publishers scale up in big ways using our ecosystem, and I’m excited to bring these new features to all our clients very soon.”

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    Crowd Content announces achieving industry-leading performance metrics. see more

    Victoria, BC, November 5, 2018: Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, reported today on key performance metrics from their proprietary content marketplace.

    Perhaps most impressive, Crowd Content has reported that the average turnaround time for a 432-word content order is only one hour.

    The company also shared that the average rating from customers per order is 4.15 out of a possible 5.0.

    These numbers were taken from a sample of the latest 300,000 orders to move through the company’s proprietary content marketplace.

    “It’s exciting to share these numbers,” said Crowd Content CEO, Clayton Lainsbury. “Based on our own research, we believe this to be the fastest turnaround time for custom content creation on the Web. More importantly, though, we’re able to do it without sacrificing quality. The fact that our customer ratings remain high across such a large sample of orders shows that the content is matching and exceeding customer expectations.”

    Aside from a meticulous selection process when accepting new writers, Lainsbury attributes a mature gamified technology platform to the above-average performance. “From day one, we’ve leveraged technology and gamification to improve the experience at Crowd Content. The platform is designed to maximize performance in key areas like speed, quality and reliability. For clients, this results in faster turnaround times, higher-quality content and fewer missed deadlines.”

    When asked if these performance metrics are translating to financial success, Lainsbury indicated that the company saw 85% revenue growth in Q3 2018 over the same period in 2017. “We’re performing in areas that make a difference for customers, and that makes it easy for them to stay with us. When you combine that with our recent investments in customer acquisition, it sets a foundation for growth that we expect to continue into and throughout 2019.”






























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    Crowd Content Media reports 56% revenue growth in 2017. see more

    Victoria, BC, January 23, 2018: Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, reported today that 2017 revenue grew 56% over 2016.

    “We’re very excited to see another strong financial year to follow up from the 57% revenue growth we saw in 2016,” said Clayton Lainsbury, Crowd Content’s Founder and CEO. “Topline revenue was driven by sharp increases in enterprise business after acquiring several new Fortune 500 customers.”

    The content creation company has been able to penetrate a retail segment where its services are desperately needed. Customers such as Bloomingdale’s, Michaels and 3M, to name a few, use Crowd Content to create compelling content at scale for their product pages. These large brands often have hundreds of thousands of SKUs, making it impossible for in-house teams to write, review and manage product copy on a consistent basis. Crowd Content’s enterprise service lets these brands offload those tasks and focus on their core competencies.

    “Two things we’ve learned are that the world’s best brands can’t waste time managing content and can’t afford to publish subpar content,” stated Lainsbury. “Customer retention has been exceptionally high because our focus is on delivering publish-ready content. For customers, this means they save time and money by not having to review, edit and revise content before it goes live. It also means they can trust that published content is accurate and designed to sell their products.”

    Lainsbury credits the company’s mature technology and refined production process for the success in attracting and retaining large accounts. “For the past two years, we’ve made it our goal to be the best at helping brands create publish-ready content at scale,” he said. “It’s really been a team effort from our development and production teams. They’ve built the platform to handle the volume while adding key layers of quality review throughout the process. It all comes together to create a smart content engine that works for both writers and customers.”

    In a recent press release, Lainsbury stated that with its production capabilities running at full speed, Crowd Content will be investing more resources into sales and marketing for 2018. Considering the company has been primarily focused on R&D to this point and hasn’t had a formal marketing effort in place, it expects to see growth increase as customer acquisition campaigns are implemented.

    About Crowd Content: Crowd Content is a content creation company based in Victoria, BC that helps brands and agencies create online marketing content at scale. The company is backed by well-known angel investors including Todd Dunlop (founder of Neverblue Media and RingPartner) and James DeGreef (founder of GenoLogics and Tectoria Venture Partners). For more information, visit


    Media Contact: 

    Eric Hoppe

    Director of Marketing

    Crowd Content Media


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    Crowd Content appoints content industry veteran Eric Hoppe as Director of Marketing. see more

    Victoria, BC, January 12, 2018: Crowd Content Media, a company that helps businesses create content at any scale, announced today that it has appointed Eric Hoppe as Director of Marketing. The hire supports the company’s strategy to recruit top talent in the content marketing industry and to invest in sales and marketing throughout 2018.

    With more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing, Hoppe fills an important gap on the Crowd Content team. With six of those years spent as a key player at competing content firm Constant Content, Hoppe brings a relatively large amount of experience and insight in an industry that, while growing quickly, is still young.

    “The first thing you notice about Eric is his passion for the content space,” said Crowd Content founder and CEO, Clayton Lainsbury. “It’s contagious. That energy combined with his analytical approach and digital marketing expertise makes him a valuable asset to our company. We’re lucky to have him in a leadership position as we continue to expand.”

    When asked about joining Crowd Content, Hoppe stated, “I’ve always admired Crowd Content for its intuitive platform and its unmatched commitment to producing quality content. The word ‘quality’ gets tossed around a lot in this space. But with Crowd Content, you can truly see they’ve put the R&D resources into building a world-class platform, ensuring clients get an exceptional experience and quality content that performs. It’s exciting to be a part of that.”

    Up until this point, Crowd Content has primarily relied on word of mouth and organic search traffic to attract new customers. Hoppe will be the first dedicated marketing leader in the company. “The development of our technology and production process has always been top priority, and that’s where we’ve put our resources,” said Lainsbury. “We really feel that now those two components are the best in the industry, so we’ll be investing more into sales and marketing for 2018.”

    Despite not having a formal marketing effort in place previously, Crowd Content managed to grow revenues year-over-year by an average of 60% in 2016 and 2017. By shifting its strategy to customer acquisition, Lainsbury expects to surpass that rate by the end of 2018.

    About Crowd Content: Crowd Content is a content creation company based in Victoria, BC that helps brands and agencies create online marketing content at scale. The company is backed by well-known angel investors including Todd Dunlop (founder of Neverblue Media and RingPartner) and James DeGreef (founder of GenoLogics and Tectoria Venture Partners). For more information, visit