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    Latitude has signed a 3 year contract to provide flight data analytics to Ornge for their fleet of.. see more

    Latitude and Ornge sign contract to supply Flight Data Analytics Services

    Victoria, BC (November 1, 2016) - Latitude Technologies is pleased to announce the company has signed a three-year contract to provide flight data analytics services to Ornge for their fleet of Leonardo AW139 helicopters. Utilizing existing onboard SSQARs, Latitude will assist in developing an HFDM program whereby digital flight data generated during line operations is collected and analyzed to provide greater insight into the total flight operations environment. The information and insights provided by FDM can also be used to reduce operational costs and significantly enhance training effectiveness, operational procedures, maintenance and engineering procedures.

    Latitude will supply software to download the data from the aircraft and the means to securely transfer it electronically for analysis. The information will be run against an industry accepted data set of AW-139 parameters and limitations for exceedances as well as alert levels built into the monitoring system to capture exceedance events. "Expanding our long term relationship with Ornge into the HFDM analytics field is very important to us" stated Tim Curtis, VP Information Services Latitude Technologies, "We have supplied Iridium Satcom voice, flight following and data services to them since 2007 and feel that we can enhance existing services with this new partnership."

    Latitude will be displaying at the National Business Aviation Association annual trade show in Orlando, November 1-3 at booth #2641.


    About Ornge

    Ornge, a not-for-profit organization, co-ordinates all aspects of Ontario's air ambulance system, the critical care land transport program, paediatric transport program and the authorization of air and land ambulance transfers between hospitals. Ornge performs more than 18,000 patient related transports in Ontario each year. For more information about Ornge, visit www.ornge.caor call 1-647-428-2005.


    About Latitude Technologies

    Latitude Technologies Corp., headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, is an aerospace parts manufacturer and provider of flight data monitoring, flight following, and satellite data and voice communications equipment and services. Latitude's SkyNode® products are the most versatile and economical-to-operate aeronautical communication devices in the world. The company's IONode™ is the industry'sforemostadvanced data acquisition unit, capable of real-time event and exceedance alerts and automated post-flight wireless data transfer. Latitude's DL150 FANS 1/A+ Data Link is the first TSO'd lightweight multi-function SDU on the market. Latitude provides reliable and secure aviation data and communication options for crew safety, fleet logistics, and operations and maintenance efficiencies with the WebSentinel™ flight tracking and Latitude Flight Data Analytics™ web-based data management platforms for desktops, dispatch centers, and mobile devices. For more information about Latitude's flight data and satcom solutions, or call 1-888-966-5599.

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    How VIATEC Member, Whiteboard Law, rocked the largest Okanagan deal see more

    March 16, 2016 - As many settled in for a cozy 2015 Christmas dinner, VIATEC member Whiteboard Law, was busy working away on a transaction valued at over $100 million. Whiteboard Law represented its client, Immersive Media (based in Kelowna), as it was being acquired by Digital Domain Holdings. This transaction was the largest deal to come out of the Okanagan since Club Penguin was acquired by Disney in 2007.

    Surprisingly the deal wasn’t done in one of the tall towers in Vancouver, but rather; quietly, efficiently and as planned by an innovative, virtual law firm. Whiteboard Law, founded by Jim Mutter, is an entrepreneurial firm with a focus on helping their clients build their businesses. The firm focuses on value based pricing and outcomes as opposed to time spent covering overhead. It uses leading edge technology to create maximum efficiencies, speed and quality. When setting up the firm Jim Mutter wanted to put the law firm model in a wind tunnel, anything that was not absolutely necessary for the functioning of a firm blew off. The outcome was a firm lean in size and flexible in service, allowing for more time with clients, getting to know their needs and offering solutions for their evolving businesses. 

    It is transactions like this that are the lifeblood of our technology community and economy. Deals like this happening in our province raise the profile, bringing greater awareness and ability to raise capital and attract talent.

    The fact that a transaction like this can be closed by a virtual firm utilizing technology to the fullest extent to provide efficient and broad services, means that technology companies can now have the benefit of top tier legal services in a way that makes sense to growing a business.    

    About Immersive Media
    Founded in 1994, Immersive Media is a digital imaging company specializing in spherical immersive video. Immersive Media creates fully immersive video experiences for companies like Disney ABC, American Express, Converse, Turner Broadcasting and Mountain Dew.

    Digital Domain Holdings Limited is the parent company of visual effects studio, Digital Domain, the creative computer generated images force behind some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, including Iron Man 3, the Transformers trilogy, Maleficent, the X-Men franchise and Titanic.

    In 2010, Immersive covered some of the Vancouver Olympic Games for NBC, most notably webcasting The Today Show live for two hours daily in full 360-degrees. In 2011, Immersive Media partnered with Livestream to produce the worlds’ 1st live 360 stream of the Black Eyed Peas Concert from Central Park, New York City.

    Read the press release here