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    CrackerJackFlash unites strategic and visually driven services to help grow your business. see more

    CrackerJack Marketing + Design has recently merged with JackFlash Photography + Video to creatCrackerJackFlash: a one-stop-shop that unites strategic and visually driven services under one roof.

    This combination of services is unique to Victoria because it offers a marketing “agency alternative” that is nimble and flexible enough to work with budgets of all sizes, getting straight to the talent you need most without additional layers. So whether you’re a budding start-up, or an established tech firm, CJ*F and its customized team of freelance associates can adapt to your project’s needs and have the experience to get your brand noticed.

    And with the recent addition of in-house photography and video services, CJ*F’s founder Jack Adamson can take a more holistic approach towards visual execution, ensuring your story will truly resonate with your audience.

    So if your company needs help growing its business through marketing, conceptual design and copywriting, photography or video services, CJ*F has an award-wining track record of generating stories that are more authentic and memorable in nature.

    To learn more, call Jack at 250.580.SNAP or check out CJ*F’s new website today.

  • While we at Atomic Crayon might not have been “perfect students” when we were younger see more

    While we at Atomic Crayon might not have been “perfect students” when we were younger – our most glowing review was a “Less disruptive than last semester” from Ms. Wormwood in grade six - it turns out all those hours reading books in detention after school has really paid off with our latest project: A re-design for the amazing Grande Prairie Public Library!


    The Grande Prairie Public Library promotes and provides library materials and services that meet the educational, cultural, informational and recreational needs of the people of Grande Prairie. The GPPL has proudly served the community since 1939.  The Grande Prairie Public Library also serves as a resource centre for the libraries in the Peace Country, providing reference and interlibrary loan services.


    After winning the contract to re-design the GPPL website, we read between the lines that their website required a completely overhauled web strategy and that a new design was overdue.  The new site needed to illustrate the ease of access to the physical and digital content in an interactive and customer-focused interface. This included showcasing the extensive programs, services and events for all age groups in addition to a complete visual redesign.  We needed to make sure we had everything covered!


    We catalogued their requirements used our encyclopaedic knowledge of website fundamentals to create a unique portal for the library. Once that was completed, we took off our jackets and dove into the information architecture, and then sorted their services based on their target audiences.


    Using a few tricks we had up our sleeve, we seamlessly integrated third party services that can be customized to generate audience-based Booklists, Programs, Movies and more. We also incorporated custom blogs, Book a Room and Ask a Librarian services in order to allow users to interact with the library.    That should help get us in their good books!


    The new design took a page from the creativity and innovation of the library itself, to create a site that accurately reflects the vibrant community it serves, a community that is looking forward to a very bright future.


    The new website is bound to be a success! Go online and check it out.


  • Just in time for summer, the District of Saanich’s new website has been released into the wild. see more

    Some may say that we are bloomin’ crazy at Atomic Crayon - and we might even agree - but we love to change the landscape of municipal web design. Just in time for summer, the District of Saanich’s new website has been released into the wild.  


    The District of Saanich is the largest municipality on Vancouver Island with more than 110,000 people and without a doubt one of its most beautiful. The community cultivates urban and rural neighbourhoods with 169 parks, more than 100 km of trails, four recreation centres, numerous beaches and amenities for all ages.  It truly showcases the island's incredible natural beauty at its finest.


    When the District let us know we'd won this project, we didn't beat around the bush. We dove right in, pruning the information architecture to make a lean website that would still be able to easily grow in the future.   


    The design team focused on the mixture of urban, suburban and rural elements and cultivated one of our freshest designs to date. The new site also showcases a wealth of powerful features, including a new harvest of our expansive modules that is saturated with award-winning accessibility, social media integration, online submissions, District spotlights, event calendar, tender opportunities and much, much more. This is no garden variety website!


    We also integrated of a number of custom applications, including a Carbon Fund Calculator, Webcam integration, Online Submissions and Searchable Libraries.


    The website utilizes our enterprise-level content management system, ElementCMS. After providing the District staff training on this robust CMS, they are now able to update the website themselves, thereby ensuring content is fresh as a daisy.


    The site is live and our work is done. Time to hit the hay!



    This project brought to you by Atomic Crayon

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