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    STN CEO Matthew Watson discusses the power of local publishers via The Wall Street Journal see more

    SendtoNews CEO Matthew Watson discusses the power of local publishers and platforms like SendtoNews in encouraging people to vote, via The Wall Street Journal.

    Some campaigns and political-action committees have also worked to target voters based on the home pages they visit and the videos they watch online, which are logged by web-tracking tools. For instance, SendtoNews, a video distribution platform for news and sports sites, lets political ad-buyers target users in Georgia, said CEO Matthew Watson.

    “Local online publishers and platforms like ours serving online local publishers should benefit [from the races and social-media bans],” Mr. Watson said. “If you’re encouraging voters to get out and vote, you don’t need Google and Facebook for that.”

    Facebook to Allow Political Ads for Georgia Runoffs
    Social-media giant to maintain broader blackout on political ads unconnected to Jan. 5 Senate races
    By Emily Glazer and Patience Haggin Dec. 15, 2020

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    Adams Publishing, a Leader in Community Newspapers Selects SendtoNews as OVP see more

    SendtoNews (STN), North America's leading independent Online Video Platform, announced that it has been selected as the exclusive online video platform by the Adams Publishing Group. SendtoNews gives Adams Publishing Group and their sites access to 5000 new videos a day and a library of over 1 million videos from premium brands like MLB, NFL, NBA, Bloomberg, Rolling Stone, Condé Nast, and up to 200 others at zero cost.

    With more than 30 dailies and 100 non-daily publications in 20 states, Adams Publishing Group is a leading provider of community newspapers serving more than 34 million people. The STN online video platform will provide Adams Publishing Group with video content spanning all categories including sports, news, business, entertainment, lifestyle, weather, travel, and more.

    The SendtoNews Online Video Platform includes STN Smart Match, an AI feature of its player that identifies keywords in Adam’s editorial content then automatically embeds the most relevant video into the article upon publishing, reducing the time and costs associated with bringing premium digital video content to its readers.

    “Being a community newspaper, the quality of content on our sites is critical,” said Michael Martoccia, VP Digital Sales and Marketing, Adams Publishing Group. “With SendtoNews, the experience will be improved with contextually relevant, premium video content that our communities and readers will enjoy.”

    “Adams Publishing Group plays an important role in the communities they serve,” said SendtoNews Director of Publisher Success, Kyle Orr. “SendtoNews will help them grow and thrive with premium content, technology and monetization all at no cost, while providing significant revenue.”

    SendtoNews has helped over 1800 publishers like Adams publishing by shouldering the time, cost and complexity of sourcing, hosting and monetizing premium video content with their online video platform so that they can focus on writing engaging content that serves their community.

    SendtoNews also has helped publishers learn more about digital video strategy for increasing revenue and building user engagement over the next 12 months at their inaugural Digital Video Leadership Series.

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    SendtoNews will allow Future plc to extend their reach across over 1800 digital publishers see more

    SendtoNews (STN), North America's largest independent Online Video Platform, has announced it has entered an agreement to add Future plc's digital video content from their leading brands, including TechRadar, GamesRadar,, and Tom's Guide.

    Future plc is a global multi-platform media company with successful brands in specialist consumer and B2B sectors, including technology, gaming & entertainment, music, creative & photography, home interest, education, and television. Future will leverage the SendtoNews online video platform to add to their existing audience of over 260+ million worldwide viewers passionate about their expert content.

    "This agreement with SendtoNews extends the reach of our most popular video content to entirely new audiences," says Claire MacLellan, Chief Operating Officer, Future plc. "By teaming with STN, we're excited to bring an even more powerful experience to our audience, and in turn, grow our brand through contextually relevant editorial placements on their platform."

    Future plc is the latest content partner to join STN's platform of over 200 providers, including MLB, NBA, Associated Press, Bloomberg, Conde Nast, Rolling Stone, Variety, and more.  STN delivers this content to over 1800 digital publishers across North America, helping content providers extend audiences for their video content beyond their owned and operated properties.

    "Helping our content partners reach new and unique audiences has always been a strategic offering of SendtoNews," says Biagio DeCesare, Director of Content Operations, SendtoNews. "Future's content delivers amazing quality for our publishing partners, and we are excited to help them extend their brand across our platform. We are confident both our publishers and their audiences will enjoy this quality video content."

    The SendtoNews online video platform helps content providers get their brand in front of a +90% unique and incremental audience by delivering their video in contextually relevant editorial environments. SendtoNews Smart Match AI-powered video player intelligently matches editorial content with the most relevant video in the STN library and instantly produces it upon publishing the article.  This allows publishers to get video into their articles seamlessly and intuitively while providing more opportunities for brand extension to content providers.

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    STN Selected as the Primary OVP of the Las Vegas Review-Journal see more

    Source: MediaPost by Sara Guaglione: SendtoNews is partnering with the Las Vegas Review-Journal to provide video coverage of the Las Vegas Raiders football team’s inaugural season, with official content from the NFL.

    SendtoNews will also supply the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s digital properties with video in news, business, entertainment, lifestyle, weather and travel categories.

    The company will provide tech and monetization solutions to the daily newspaper brand. 

    The two companies have worked together for over five years, but now SendtoNews will be the publication's primary (but not exclusive) video provider.

    The Raiders football team was previously based in Oakland, California, but relocated to Las Vegas in January. They are the first NFL team based in the state of Nevada. Home games will be played at the new Allegiant Stadium once the 2020 NFL season kicks off on September 10.

    The Las Vegas Review-Journal will also become one of the first digital publishers to provide original content to SendtoNews’ online video platform.

    That includes over 18,000 videos from the Las Vegas Review-Journal on the city's business, news, UFC, MMA, boxing and the Las Vegas Golden Knights ice hockey team.

    SendtoNews' content providers also include the Associated Press, Bloomberg, Conde Nast and organizations like the NBA, MLB and NFL.

    SendtoNews has more than 1,800 publisher partners, including the New York Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle and Baltimore Sun, that use its services to help increase revenue, time spent and total page views.

    SendtoNews has an archive of over 1 million videos, with up to 5,000 new videos every day, according to the company. Publisher partners can draw from the company's video library to complement their reporters' own coverage.

    SendtoNews also provides an AI-powered video player that scans a publisher's article for keywords and automatically embeds the most relevant video in its library into the article.

    The platform can monetize the resulting views and share revenue with the publisher. 

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    Working with IRIS.TV will allow to offer brands and agencies the best contextually relevant video see more

    IRIS.TV, a video intelligence platform, today announced the introduction of SendtoNews to the company’s Contextual Video Marketplace. With this integration, STN's online video platform of premium content will be contextually segmented by a growing list of leading data providers including Oracle Data Cloud, Comscore, GumGum, and Spectrum Media Services. Marketers will now be able to contextually target STN’s over a billion monthly video views across thousands of trusted publishers in a privacy-first and brand-suitable way.  

    The SendtoNews video platform delivers a contextually relevant experience for publishers’ articles by providing premium relevant video content along with increased monetization from video advertising. Premium content includes video from Associated Press, Bloomberg, MLB, Rolling Stone, Conde Nast, Variety, the NFL and hundreds of others.  

    Recently, SendtoNews worked with their league content partners like MLB, the NBA, NFL and PGA Tour to receive “Best Of” packages that include hundreds of pieces of video content, including the Washington Nationals 2019 World Series Run, Highlights of Michael Jordan’s Career, the Top All-Time NFL Rookie Performances and much more. Several Fortune 100 brands have already leveraged this content for their previously paused sports ad spend and are now reaching local audiences in contextually relevant environments.  

    “We’re thrilled to have SendtoNews integrated into our Contextual Video Marketplace,” said Richie Hyden, COO & Co-founder of IRIS.TV. “It’s great to partner with an innovative team that shares a mission of enabling the world’s leading publishers and brands to maximize the value of video in a cookieless world.” 

    “Working with IRIS.TV will allow us to offer brands and agencies the best contextually relevant video experience,” said Matthew Watson, CEO of SendtoNews. “We are excited for the value this partnership will bring to brands, and, concomitantly, our publishers.” 

    IRIS.TV’s contextual video marketplace simplifies the complexity of the video ecosystem across CTV, web, and mobile video to enable context and brand-safety targeting capabilities for the first time. The marketplace has simplified thousands of integration points into a single ecosystem bringing together publishers, contextual data partners, ad servers and SSPs into a marketplace that enables publishers’ video content to be analyzed and categorized into industry-accepted brand-safety and brand-suitable segments that can be purchased by marketers through any DSP for direct, private marketplace and open auction buying.

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    SendtoNews saw 120% growth in video viewership see more

    This May, US Comscore All Devices Viewership report saw SendtoNews reach record highs in Videos Viewed, surpassing the one billion mark. 

    SendtoNews publishers delivered content to over 47,444,000 unique viewers, totaling 1,041,295,000 video views across the United States for May 2020. This puts STN at #13 and #21 in video views and unique viewers, respectively. STN remains #1 in the sports category for desktop viewership in both metrics. 

    SendtoNews saw 120% growth in video viewership from May 2019. This was thanks in part to initiatives like STN’s “Reliving Sports” smart video player, which gave publishers an easy way to deliver official sports content from leagues like MLB, NBA, NFL, PGA Tour and more to their users during a lull in regular season play. This milestone reflects the trust our partners have in SendtoNews to deliver the best in digital video content, technology and monetization opportunities to local audiences at nationwide scale. 

    SendtoNews owns and operates the leading digital video distribution platform in North America, supplying more than 1800 digital publishers with revenue, premium content and advanced video player technology. SendtoNews is the video distribution platform for over 100 content creators, including the NFL, Associated Press, MLB, Bloomberg, Rolling Stone, NBA, PGA Tour, Variety, NHL and MLS, complementing their efforts to grow and engage their digital audience while providing additional revenue opportunities for their advertisers and sponsors. 

    SendtoNews’ video platform and AI-powered Smart Match player has become an indispensable resource in content, technology and monetization to publishers across North America, making SendtoNews a key partner to industry leaders like Hearst, Gannett, Tribune, McClatchy, USA Today and thousands of other newspaper.coms, broadcast.coms, radio.coms and native digital sites. 

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    Premium Video from SendtoNews has helped digital publishers deliver in a challenging time see more

    Publishers like Hearst, Tribune, New York Post and TribLIVE have found a new way to engage users and drive revenue during a turbulent time. By partnering with SendtoNews to supply their readers with premium, engaging and revenue generating video content, publishers have seen an over 1000% increase in revenue from SendtoNews in certain cases, while at the same time enhancing workflow and cost savings.

    As audiences are spending more time online, SendtoNews has enabled publishers to not only keep their users engaged longer but generate more revenue by delivering video cost free from premium providers like the Associated Press, Bloomberg, MLB, Rolling Stone, Conde Nast, Variety, the NFL and over 100 others. Combined with the publisher’s article editorial, the SendtoNews video platform delivers a contextually relevant experience for their readers alongside increased monetization from video advertising sold by STN. The resulting revenue is shared with the publisher.

    SendtoNews is a lifeline to publishers looking for a turnkey digital video platform of content, technology and monetization. Publishers who have leveraged the entirety of the STN platform have yielded tremendous results in terms of engagement, revenue and cost savings. Year over year numbers show increases in revenue of over 1000% and over 20x growth in video viewership from SendtoNews.

    Pittsburgh’s TribLIVE, who saw a year over year increase of 215% in revenue and 202% in video impressions from SendtoNews, are thrilled with the platform’s performance.

    “It’s never been more important to get accurate and up-to-date information to our audiences,” said Jennifer Bertetto, president and CEO of Trib Total Media, TribLIVE’s parent company. “The Trib has been very pleased with the audience and revenue that our partnership with SendtoNews has brought, and the Smart Match technology has allowed us to target the information our readers are seeking. With its turnkey video platform, SendtoNews has transformed our ability to provide site-wide, contextually relevant video, making SendtoNews one of our most valued partners.”

    SendtoNews’ goal has always been to deliver real solutions to help publishers improve their workflow with digital video while maintaining editorial integrity and enhancing user experience. The workflow enhancements have come in the form of an AI powered video player, which matches a publisher's written editorial with the video content in the STN library of over 600,000 videos. Another solution that has helped publishers deliver relevant and up-to-date video to their users is a player dedicated to COVID-19 Coverage, which automatically refreshes with the latest news every 20 minutes, delivering clips from STN’s 5000+ daily videos. The player sees up to 10 million video plays per day, as publishers are eager to ensure their audience stays updated and informed.

    “We want publishers to be able to offer the most current and relevant video content on their site to help their audience through turbulent times both to inform and to entertain,” says SendtoNews CEO Matthew Watson. “We constantly strive to find ways to ensure that their users remain informed and engaged, while providing an enhanced source of revenue that is needed in the industry – now more than ever”.

    One example is SendtoNews’ “Reliving Sports” initiative. SendtoNews worked with their league content partners like MLB, the NBA, NFL and PGA Tour to receive “Best Of” packages that include hundreds of pieces of video content, including the Washington Nationals 2019 World Series Run, Highlights of Michael Jordan's Career, the Top All-Time NFL Rookie Performances and much more.  The content supplied to publishers lets them engage their audiences when league play is on hold, while offering an attractive destination for brands looking to allocate ad dollars previously earmarked for sports. Several Fortune 100 brands have already leveraged this content for their previously paused sports ad spend, and are now reaching local audiences in contextually relevant environments with a thirst for these videos.

    “SendtoNews’ Reliving Sports initiative is an amazing opportunity for any advertiser looking to reach audiences in trusted and brand friendly environments.” Says Craig Sloan, EVP of Home Team Sports. “It provides a premium avenue for brands looking to capture the excitement, passion and emotional connection fans have to these memories while league play is on hold.”   

    SendtoNews’ initiatives in publisher-focused digital video content, technology and monetization solutions have yielded record viewership for the company and their publishers. In the recent release of March’s US Comscore rankings, SendtoNews ranked 9th out of the top 100 digital video properties with nearly 600 Million views on desktop alone.

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    SendtoNews nominated for Product of the Year and Technology Company of the Year see more

    SendtoNews nominated for Product of the Year and Technology Company of the Year

    SendtoNews (STN) has been selected as a double finalist in the 19th Annual VIATEC Awards for Technology Company of the Year and Product of the Year. The awards celebrate the achievements of technology companies responsible for making Greater Victoria the fastest growing technology region in BC, as well as the leaders, creators and innovators that have driven the local tech sector to $4.06 billion in annual sales and $5.22 billion in economic impact.

    SendtoNews was selected as a finalist for the Technology Company of the Year Award (11-29 employees) for the company’s continued growth. This past year has seen huge advancements in both SendtoNews’ technology and partnerships with the company overtaking ESPN to be the #1 sports video platform in the Comscore desktop rankings in the USA, extending partnerships with MLB, NFL and PGA Tour, and adding partnerships with Major League Soccer and NASCAR, and launching the company’s first live stream at THE PLAYERS Championship in coordination with the PGA TOUR and Tribune Publishing. 

    “It’s been a truly amazing year for SendtoNews thanks to the efforts of our staff and our partners,” said Matthew Watson, CEO of SendtoNews. “The innovative and driven Victoria tech community continues to create value for the province and beyond, and it’s an honor to be recognized once again for our team’s contribution.”

    SendtoNews was also selected as a finalist for Product of the Year for its innovative video distribution platform and AI-powered Smart Match video player technology (STN Smart Match). SendtoNews provides publishers with an incomparable three-sided platform that combines content, technology, and monetization at no cost, giving publishers the opportunity to take advantage of a growing video advertising market without needing to invest any resources. SendtoNews’ video platform has continually proven to increase engagement generating more impressions/views, longer time spent on page, more social shares, and more page views which in turn drives additional revenue for publishers.

    Winners will be announced at the Awards Gala on June 14th at the Royal Theatre. To learn more about SendtoNews’ video distribution platform, please visit