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    Land your dream job or learn to promote your own business with Alacrity's Marketing Bootcamp. see more

    VICTORIA, BC - November 28th

    This fall, Alacrity Canada ran their pilot digital marketing bootcamp with the support of the Ministry of Jobs, Trade & Technology at the Province of British Columbia. The program ran from September to November, concluding with 8 program graduates. Within two weeks of graduating, over 50% of the students found employment or contract work. The Alacrity Digital Marketing Bootcamp takes a unique approach leveraging industry experts, mentors, and hands-on experiential learning to provide students with industry applicable experience, turning them into career ready graduates.

    Digital marketing is a career field that is rapidly growing and in high demand, particularly within the tech industry which produces a staggering $5.22-billion annual economic impact in Victoria. Skills needed to enter this career field include writing copy and ad creative, search engine optimization (SEO), setting up ad campaigns, email marketing, creating websites and landing pages, and more. Dan Gunn, VIATEC’s chief executive, says that the thriving sector’s growth has been held back by a lack of seasoned talent and leadership. Alacrity Canada aims to help close this gap in the long term by providing students with the correct tools to jumpstart their careers in the industry, gaining crucial career experience.

    Alacrity Canada’s intensive and immersive bootcamp curriculum was created by Ania Wysocka, whose background includes running her own design agency and getting her award-winning panic attack and anxiety relief app ‘Rootd’ to to rank #1 in both the App & Google Play stores organically. The course is facilitated by Mike Williams, an experienced performance digital marketer who has co-founded and exited two local companies. Mike currently sits on the board at Victoria’s tech hub, VIATEC. 

    Commenting on the Victoria market, Mike William notes, “We need more digital marketers in Victoria. Digital marketing allows businesses to scale and grow rapidly, so the more trained digital marketing professionals there are the more fast-growing companies we’ll have in Victoria. We want to help students learn digital marketing skills to propel their careers and to help businesses scale and grow faster.”

    Liam Chang, a recent graduate of our program says, “I would recommend this course for anybody who is currently working in any kind of role where you’re dealing directly with your customers and marketing. I learned an incredible amount of useful information and have already been putting it to use at BC Shavers and Hobbies”.

    The Alacrity Canada Digital Marketing Bootcamp is aimed at recent graduates, individuals looking for a career change, or employers that would like their marketing employees to be on the cutting-edge of this ever-evolving industry. Alacrity Canada provides job placement support to all graduates in the form of introductions and a job board. The second cohort of the bootcamp will begin on January 14th, 2020. 

    Alacrity Canada has found a recipe for turning newcomers to the field into career ready graduates. They look forward to hosting the next local cohort in January 2020.

    To register for the winter cohort, please visit:


    About Alacrity Canada:

    Alacrity Canada facilitates success and economic growth in the Western Canadian technology sector by providing support and entrepreneurial mentorship to promising entrepreneurs, in addition to finding and connecting these individuals with the venture capital funding needed to develop thriving local tech companies. In 2019 Alacrity Canada founded Alacrity Academy, in conjunction with the Province of British Columbia. 



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    UVic provides FREE legal information to anyone with a business-related issue. see more

    University of Victoria’s Business Law Clinic:

    Free Legal Information for Your Business Needs

    The University of Victoria’s Business Law Clinic provides FREE legal information to anyone with a business-related issue. This includes entrepreneurs, innovators, and members of the technology sector in the Greater Victoria Area.

    Since 1998, the students that staff the Business Law Clinic have worked to meet the legal demands of the community, notably helping those who lack the resources to retain a lawyer. Every year, the Clinic services approximately 100 clients, each with their own unique business-legal needs. Law students of the Business Law Clinic work closely with clients to assess the inquiry, and provide legal information catered to the needs of the client. Previous topics have included:

    • Incorporation (eg. sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, etc)

    • Financing (eg. the different ways to obtain capital)

    • Charitable Registration (eg. the next steps for a society)

    • Intellectual Property Protection (eg. copyrights or trademarks)

    • Business Liability (eg. your exposure and risks)

    • Partnership Agreements (eg. necessity and expansion)

    • Employment Law (eg. the rights of an employer or employee)

    The Business Law Clinic offers important educational opportunities for students entering the legal profession. Students of the Clinic benefit from developing their practical skills on client-file management, conducting effective interviews, and examining the diverse legal issues affecting their community. The students will find guidance in Michael Litchfield, an experienced business lawyer and director of the Clinic, as well as from the lawyers across British Columbia that have volunteered to mentor their future colleagues.

    Students at the Business Law Clinic are not lawyers, and therefore cannot provide legal advice, legal opinion, nor assist in active litigation. Students may only provide legal information related to business. If you require business law information and are interested in our services, please contact the Business Law Clinic today!

    The Clinic operates year-round, except for the months of April, August and December. For more information, visit the Clinic’s website at To book an appointment, contact the Clinic at 250-472-4522 or

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    The first investor workshop of its kind on the island, CIN has partnered with Canada’s NACO. see more

    Capital Investment Network brings nationally recognized investor training to Victoria...

    to help boost investments in local start-up companies

    Victoria, BC (October 26, 2016) - Victoria is seeing a huge increase in startup and related entrepreneurial activity. The Capital Investment Network (CIN) recognizes that far more angel investments are needed to truly support these early-stage companies and move the needle for our region. Growth requires angel investors to buy into good companies but it is easy to lose money in these deals, especially when investors don’t know what they are doing. Angel investing requires an understanding of how deals work and risks are mitigated. CIN wants to educate investors so they can make smarter deals and invest in more solid companies.
    The first investor workshop of its kind on the island, CIN has partnered with Canada’s National Angel Capital Organization (NACO, Toronto), offering a specialized curriculum on Structuring Deals and Term Sheets, created and facilitated by Pieter Dorsman.  Dorsman, President & CEO of Redpeaks Management Inc., will be sharing 15 years of experience in this area and will summarize best practices to mitigate losses and position deals for healthy returns.
    “Upon completion of this session you will have a very solid understanding of how to structure and make angel investments, ensure your investment is protected and get you to a healthy return in what is considered to be a high-risk asset class.” Pieter says.
    This half day workshop, which has been presented all around the world, is essential for anyone making investments in private companies. This is not limited to IT, Biotech, Cleantech or Media. If you want to put money into your cousin's shoe business you need to apply the same deal structuring principles.
    Capital Investment Network (CIN) is a Victoria-based, non-profit organization dedicated to connecting, growing, and strengthening the local angel investor community. CIN’s mission is to offer investor-focused education, resources, and events to increase the level of sophistication and deal flow among local angel investors, explore different investment approaches, facilitate collaboration, and grow the local investment community.
    NACO Academy Workshop: Structured Deals and Term Sheets
    Monday, November 7, 2016.  8:00am-12:00pm
    Fort Tectoria (VIATeC)
    777 Fort Street, Victoria
    Cost: $150.00. Coffee will be available. Seats are limited.
    To register, go to:
    For more information on CIN, including other private investor events, go to or contact Chrystal Phan at

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    LlamaZOO wins Innovation Award at 2016 Greater Victoria Business Awards see more

    Victoria, BC - April 22, 2016 - LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. was named the Innovation Award winner at the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce’s 2016 Greater Victoria Business Awards.  This award recognizes LlamaZOO for its efforts to revolutionize education through the creation of an interactive 3D learning platform.

    “Innovation is interesting because it’s constantly advancing.” says Charles Lavigne, LlamaZOO’s co-founder and CEO. “For us, winning an innovation award represents that we’re still on the cusp of innovation. What we’re trying to do is incredibly difficult, and getting recognition along the way feels fantastic.”

    The Innovation category was narrowed down to only two finalists prior to the awards gala held at The Fairmont Empress - LlamaZOO and StarFish Medical.

    “To be alongside an amazing company like StarFish Medical is an honour, and testament to the vibrant high tech industry in our city,” says Kevin Oke, co-founder and VP of Sales.

    In addition to this Innovation Award, LlamaZOO has also been recognized as one of Douglas Magazine’s 10 to Watch in 2016, the only company in BC to receive the 2015 Futurpreneur Spin Master Innovation Fund, and Startup of the Year at the 2015 VIATEC Technology Awards. Having recently advanced to Round 2 of this year’s BCIC New Ventures Competition, LlamaZOO appears on track for even more recognition and success in the near future.

    About LlamaZOO

    LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. has set its sights on revolutionizing education by developing an e-learning platform that marries interactive 3D, with gamification, and teaching methods based on cognitive neuroscience. The first product built using the platform is “EasyAnatomy.” Catering to the fields of veterinary and animal science education, it features a fully interactive 3D canine model that can be manipulated and taken apart, layer by layer, organ by organ, on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

    Founded in 2014 and privately held, LlamaZOO is headquartered in Victoria, BC, Canada.

    Media Contact:

    Charles Lavigne


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    Victoria high school students will gain some real-world experience in video game development see more

    Source: CBC News

    Victoria students in Grades 11 and 12 to spend a week or two at local companies

    Victoria, BC - February 24, 2016 - This spring, a handful of Victoria high school students will gain some real-world experience in video game development in Victoria-based game studios.

    The Student Video Game Work Experience Program is a partnership between local game companies and the Greater Victoria School District.

    Nicola Priestley, the school district's career coordinator, says the program will give Grade 11 and 12 students the chance to spend a week or two working at a local game studio.

    "It's a way for us to expose our kids to another industry. They may love video games. They may love playing video games, but they don't look at it as a potential career pathway," she told On The Island host Gregor Craigie.

    "Within this industry, there's so many career paths … so I think it's a win-win for them."

    Andrew-Wynn Williams of  Codename Entertainment, one of the participating companies, added that video games are an important hook to get students into computer science.

    "We want a growing tech industry. We want coding in school, and these are all things we agree are important focuses," he said. "There's no Grade 8 student in a school today going, 'I want to learn coding so I can code a giant industrial freezer.' They want to work in video games. And so we are kind of like the gateway."

    Williams says kids in the program usually gravitate to coding, art or are a little unsure of what they want to do, so do a more general industry immersion.

    The program is in its second year, and Williams says he's hopeful that more companies will get on board than the six that did last year. Greater Victoria School District students can apply for the program at their schools.

    Click to hear the full interview: Victoria students to become (work)-Space Invaders at local video game companies

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    Lighthouse Labs is launching their lauded programs for aspiring developers in Victoria. see more

    Starting in March, Victorians will be learning the skills they need to pivot into coding careers with Lighthouse Labs’ Web Development Bootcamp and Intro to Web Development course.

    VICTORIA • FEBRUARY 23, 2016. In addition to successfully established locations in Vancouver and Toronto, today Lighthouse Labs is launching their lauded programs for aspiring developers in Victoria. With a curriculum that emphasizes hands-on experience, the 8-week Bootcamp and 6-week Intro to Programming courses offer a dynamic education for people of all coding levels.

    With an expanding tech scene, the need for new developers has created a bottleneck for further growth in Victoria. The program has gained the support of local tech organizations including: VIATEC, Emplomacy, Metalab and Ladies Learning Code.

    "Having programs like Lighthouse Labs has been invaluable to our business. It has allowed us to open up even more opportunities for people wanting to kick-start their careers without having to go to university for four years, which is really awesome to be able to do. They walk into MetaLab with all the right foundational pieces to be successful after an intense 2-month bootcamp." says Tim Wilkinson, COO at Metalab.

    The Web Development Bootcamp boasts unprecedented employment rates for their job-seeking graduates, while the Intro to Web Development course gives students a comprehensive introduction to software development. The part-time Intro to Web Development course starts on March 14th and the full-time Web Development Bootcamp begins on May 23rd. Potential students are encouraged to attend the Info Session at Fort Tectoria on March 3rd. Both programs will take place at Fort Tectoria.

    “When the demand for technical talent continues to increase at a rate that learning institutions can't keep up with, Coding Bootcamps like Lighthouse Labs allow for an accelerated entry into a career with incredible opportunity. Demand for technical talent far outpaces our ability to fulfill those roles, so it's not a level playing field ­ choosing to build your coding skills just expands your options.” says Erin Athene, Victoria Director at Lighthouse Labs.

    Having graduated over 350 students in just two years, Lighthouse Labs has established themselves at the forefront of tech education and has helped fill the tech talent gap with similar programs in Montreal, Calgary and the Okanagan.

    The fundamental belief of Lighthouse Labs is that coding is a craft and should be taught as a trade. The program boasts agile curriculum that focuses on the most relevant skills, industry professionals as teachers, keeps small classes with a 1 to 7 teacher to student ratios and uses a hands on approach where students spend over 75% of their time in class building real-world software.


    About Lighthouse Labs: Founded in 2013, Lighthouse Labs is an immersive, modern approach to teaching web and mobile software development. With a hands on curriculum built by a community of industry experts, Lighthouse Labs focuses on transforming passionate people into agile programmers. Lighthouse Labs maintains unprecedented employment rates and has graduated over 350 students into amazing careers. For more information, visit


    For Inquiries:

    Topaz Glazer

    Brand Strategist Lighthouse Labs | 778-788-7027

    Jonathan Wallace

    Satellite Coordinator, Lighthouse Labs | 416-804-2974

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    MetaLab is bringing world renowned developer trainers to Victoria March 10-11 and 14-18 see more

    MetaLab is bringing world renowned developer trainers to Victoria March 10-11 and 14-18. Big Nerd Ranch (they train Facebook and Apple developers in iOS) will provide an intense iOS + Swift bootcamp to cross train a large group of MetaLab engineering staff in iOS... And MetaLab has 5 spots left for VIATEC Members to purchase! It's incredibly hard to find people with the right iOS skills, so they thought, hey, why don't we just train everyone and invest the time and money to do it properly?

    Course outline:

    MetaLab has 5 spots left in the course, and they want them to go to VIATEC Members.

    Typical cost is $5,200 USD, not including getting to their ranch in California or Atlanta. MetaLab is selling the seats for $5,000 CDN* each, which, if you consider how rare and sought after iOS skills are in Victoria, is an absolute drop in the bucket compared to impact of having iOS skills in-house!

    Interested Parties can contact Elexa Styan (

    *Quick Note about Job Grants BC: You'd be unable to apply for this grant unfortunately due to MetaLab hiring BNR directly.

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    Thinklandia Festival is 7 days of creative speakers, artists, CEOs, physicists and storytellers see more



    Thinklandia Festival Speaker Line Up 2015
    September 11 to 17
    Yates St. Parkade Rooftop • 575 Yates St.
    NIghtly • Doors at 5:00pm • Event at 7:45pm • Free

    Brought to you by Telus, Rifflandia, the City of Victoria, Atomique Productions, VIATEC, InterArts, Fort Properties, and Stream of Consciousness


    Thinklandia Festival is 7 days of creative speakers, artists, CEOs, physicists and storytellers sharing their creative experiences and wisdom in an interactive venue created from converting a parkade rooftop in downtown Victoria. Events are bright, vibrant, open, and entirely free, with dozens of speakers sharing thoughts and conversations with thousands of engaged people.

    Check out a huge new interactive environment by Scott Amos & David Parfitt (Money C), audio visual installations by Toni & Arya of EMP Productions, incredible speakers nightly, the launch of the inaugural Mayor's Medal, unveiling new arts installations and exhibitions, beer by Phillips, food, music, and a new kind of creative festival in Victoria.





    Jill Doucette • Synergy Enterprises
    Rande Cook • Visual Artist
    Lisa Helps • Mayor of Victoria
    hosted by Iain Russell

    Plus we will present the inaugural Mayor's Medal Awards (nominations open now at



    “Edge of Knowledge”

    Edge of Knowledge is an exploration spanning through of years and billions of miles, from ancient wisdom known and taught for generations, to emerging notions of reality and the nature of existence, to aspects of reality that elude us still.


    Derek Muller • Veritasium, Australia
    Dr. Heather Berlin • Neuroscientist, NYC
    Baba Brinkman • Rapper, NYC
    hosted by Joey MacDonald




    ILLEGAL explores the contingencies, eccentricities, and everyday actions that exist outside of the typical realm of law, as well as the motivations and barriers experienced by those actively operating outside of the system.


    Stephen Reid • Author, bankrobber
    Sarah Smith AKA Ginger Kittens • PEERS, Burlesque dancer
    Hector Espinosa • Street artist, Mexico
    hosted by Ken Gordon



    "Stories We Tell"

    A conversation among luminaries, mediums of history, crafters of culture, and interpreters of truth. This panel focuses on the power of storytelling, its role in history, the joys and dangers of fiction, and

    how the past informs the future through stories.


    Roy Henry Vickers • Visual artist, storyteller
    Susan Musgrave • Author, poet
    hosted by Missie Peters

    Also featuring Story Slam - an open invitation to submit your 4-5 minute story, and tell it to everyone at Stories We Tell. Got a fantastic story? Send us a note at and tell it at Story Slam.



    PERSPECTIVE explores the ability to approach common problems from an independent frame of reference, and the incredible new ideas generated from the simple practice of seeing differently. Perspective aims to reframe emerging discussions around broader opportunities for communication.


    Bif Naked • Musician, activist
    Rae Spoon • Musician, activist
    Jason Verners • Illusionist
    hosted by Sarah Kramer





    Jordan Bower • Digital Storyteller
    Shaun Verreault • Wide Mouth Mason Lead Singer
    TEDxVictoriaSalon • Tiffany Poirier, a Vice Principal in SD61 • Jeff Hopkins, Founder of the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry
    hosted by Iain Russell



    Concurrent events:

    “Building A Creative City”
    Thinklandia HQ • 1001 Blanshard St
    Doors at 4:30pm • Event at 5:00pm • Free


    Jessica Hopper • Senior Editor, Pitchfork Magazine
    Kathryn Calder    • Singer/Songwriter
    Leeroy Stagger • Singer/Songwriter



    This event is in partnership with Experience Tectoria

    Yates St. Parkade Rooftop • 575 Yates St.
    Doors at 5:00pm • Event at 7:45pm • Free


    Peter Nowak • Award Winning Technology Journalist, Syndicated Blogger & Columnist
    Lauren Friese • Founder,
    hosted by Ian Hoar


    Contact Details

    Joey MacDonald
    Creative Programming Director, Thinklandia

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    The goal of this proposal is to extend the students’ experience beyond the classroom while... see more

    UVic offers up course to improve your requirements collection process

    Gathering, analyzing and communicating requirements is a key activity that can make or break a software project. At UVic we are teaching a course in which the students learn techniques for such activities. They typically apply them in student projects, gaining some insight into the difficulties but also strategies to overcome in the requirements engineering process. The goal of this proposal is to extend the students’ experience beyond the classroom while attempting to benefit the local industry in Victoria. 

    This project:

    1. Provides UVic’s graduates with the opportunity to learn about requirements engineering practices at Victoria’s software companies as well as
    2. Enhances the relationship between UVic’s Software Engineering entity and Victoria’s software industry

    ​Proposed involvement in this partnership
    The UVic students are enrolled in a Requirements Engineering course at UVic’s BSENG Program (Bachelor of Software Engineering) and conduct a course project. 

    In the second part of their project, this partnership allows them to also analyze a software company’s methods/processes to gather, analyze and communicate requirements with their customer base. The students are then tasked to produce a report on these practices. The report (1) reflects upon these practices relative to the techniques learned in the classroom and (2) recommend areas for improvements in the company’s processes/methods. 

    The software company agrees to be contacted by a group of students in the course (typically 5-6 students) and coordinates a number of visits to the company (as appropriate) during which the students learn about their methods/processes for requirements gathering, analysis and communication to their customers. 

    Period of involvement

    The UVic course runs for 13 weeks between January and beginning of April 2017.
    The students will be expected to conduct this study with the software company for about 6 weeks during mid February and late March. The companies are then invited to a final course presentation of all groups in the course and receive their report.

    Software companies who are already participating in this project include: BeanStream, sendwithus, SierraSystems, Checkfront and Referral Saasquatch. 

    We are looking for registrations no later than January 15th. To register, please contact Rob Bennett at 

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    BC's tech sector has broken an employment record with more than 101,000 ppl now working in its ranks see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Andrew Duffy

    B.C.’s tech job force bigger than mining, oil and gas, forestry

    British Columbia’s technology sector has broken an employment record with more than 101,000 people now working in its ranks.

    Data Wednesday from the province show the tech sector — which employs about 20,000 in Greater Victoria — employs more people around B.C. than the mining, oil and gas, and forestry sectors combined.

    According to B.C. Stats’ Profile of the British Columbia Technology Sector: 2016 Edition, technology employs 101,700 who earn a weekly average salary of $1,590 — 75 per cent higher than the average wage in B.C. and higher than the Canadian technology sector average of $1,480 per week.

    “For the fifth year in a row, B.C. has seen significant growth in its diverse technology industry. We have more technology companies than ever, with more technology workers earning higher wages than the Canadian average,” said Amrik Virk, minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services.

    “Our strategy is further creating the conditions that are helping the sector continue to grow and thrive.”

    B.C.’s tech sector, which has more than 9,900 companies, also leads the country in terms of job growth. Employment in the sector rose 2.9 per cent over the previous year, surpassing B.C.’s overall employment growth of 2.5 per cent and national tech-sector employment growth of 1.1 per cent.

    Technology now employs about 4.9 per cent of B.C.’s workforce and is the third-largest tech workforce in Canada.

    The gross domestic product of the province’s tech sector grew by 2.4 per cent in 2015, contributing $14.1 billion to B.C.’s overall economic output. At the same time tech revenue increased five per cent to a record $26.3 billion.

    “I think it is wonderful news and a long time in the making,” said Victoria tech veteran Eric Jordan, CEO of Codename Entertainment. “This didn’t happen overnight, but is the result of decades of effort from many people and organizations in our community.”

    Jordan said Victoria’s tech community has a lot going for it. “Victoria continues to be a great place to build technology companies, including video-game companies. We are large enough to have a variety of critical supports, such as educational institutions like UVic and Camosun, as well as easy access to key hubs such as Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto and San Francisco,” he said.