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    Starting on Wednesday, October 2nd (and repeating each Wednesday for 6 weeks) see more

    Mind Strength Balance focuses on issues of thought, growth, and identity, and is owned by Lincoln Stoller, PhD, CHt. Lincoln has experience in science, business, project management, teaching, biofeedback training, and hypnotherapy and is excited to bring a new course offering to Victoria.

    Starting on Wednesday, October 2nd (and repeating each Wednesday for 6 weeks), Mind Strength Balance will be offering a 6-session workshop on the Psychology in Business. The workshop will focus on awareness, effectiveness, and insight into people and their conduct of business. 

    "Most people are incompetent as entrepreneurs because they are poorly trained and untested," explained Stoller. "I find this at all levels. The prime reason most new businesses fail is that people make decisions that are not aligned with their goals, they make no decisions, they cannot communicate, or they have no goals. Of all the skills in which people are most lacking, the primary lack is an understanding of oneself and others."

    Mind Strength Balance takes a three-part approach with its clients: remediate, enlighten, and enhance. Sessions 1 and 2 will focus on "multiple aspects of your personality: conflict, passive aggression, and change," sessions 3 and 4 will be on "taking risks, failing productively, engaging chaos, and supporting conflict," and finally, sessions 5 and 6 will be on "destroying, selling out, re-purposing, creating, and re-creating."

    "Business is the crucible of experience," continued Stoller. "That light you see at the end of the tunnel is not daylight, and because most people fail to develop these skills they do not fare well. The primary tools that get you through these situations are your emotional skills, first, and your ability to reason, second. That’s psychology."

    Those interested in taking the 6-session workshop can find more information (including registration and a VIATEC Member discount), right here.

    For more information on Mind Strength Balance, please visit www.mindstrengthbalance.com.

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    July 6th: topics will range from personal empowerment to education you can use for your own business see more

    Connecting Curious Minds: Entrepreneurial Expo & Conference coming to town

    VICTORIA, BC (April 4, 2018) - On July 6th, Genesa CPA Corp from Vancouver is partnering with Your Entrepreneurial Society of Victoria to bring to you an entrepreneurial expo and conference. The event is an all-day conference taking place at the Da Vinci Centre.

    The event will consist of exhibitors, workshop facilitators, and guest speakers; topics will range from personal empowerment to education you can use for your own business. All exhibitors, workshop facilitators, and guest speakers will be entrepreneurs from Vancouver Island and Vancouver; all which have unique personal stories of entrepreneurship and out-of-the-box visions for their business.

    If you're looking for inspiration, a shift in mindset, and valuable business education - this is the right event for you. Student, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, we invite you to come connect with other like-minded individuals.

    Genesa Corp. is a unique accounting firm in Vancouver that operates on the premise of empowerment through personal leadership and building genuine relationships. Through corporate culture building and freedom of creativity in their work culture; they want entrepreneurs to feel the importance of playing big with your vision. With a positive but gradual shift in how businesses are choosing to operate – they are here to share with you the power of this shift.

    Between April 4-8, Genesa Corp will be in Victoria meeting with interested entrepreneurs to become an exhibitor, workshop facilitator, and/or guest speaker: info@genesacpa.com or 250-532-0989

    To get tickets: www.connectingcuriousminds.eventbrite.ca
    Instagram: @connectingcuriousminds
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/214664112613997/

    **VIATEC Members receive Gold Priority Seating! Email tectoria@viatec.ca for the promocode. **

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    Event will feature stories & insights of business professionals, entrepreneurs & women in technology see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Andrew Duffy

    SheBiz at St. Margaret’s School to expand horizons

    As many as 200 young women will get a chance to peer into their own futures on Friday as St. Margaret’s School in Saanich plays host to SheBiz, a day-long program designed to expand the horizon for promising young students.

    The program, which is being overseen by the Victoria chapter of Women in Capital Markets — a network of women in the Canadian capital markets — is in its sixth year and is making its first stop in Victoria.

    According to Tamara Bonn, co-chair of WCM Victoria’s steering committee, the day will feature the stories and insights of business professionals, entrepreneurs and women in the technology sector. The hope is that it will open the eyes of young students to what is available to them beyond the traditional courses of study in university.

    “Studies have shown that while young girls have really strong skill sets in STEM [science, technology, engineering and math], the reality is they are not going into those fields in university,” said Bonn, portfolio manager at TD Wealth. “One of the problems is they may not have female role models, or mentorship, to illustrate what a real-life career would look like for them.

    “We want to make sure their eyes are open to the various options. And the skill sets women have are so desirable in our world right now, but it still seems like there are huge barriers for them.”

    The event will run at St. Margaret’s for young women in Grades 10 and 11 from 10 area high schools.

    There will be presentations from accomplished women from a wide variety of businesses, many of which might not have been on the radar for these students.

    Cathy Thornicroft, head of St. Margaret’s School, said events like this are critical in giving young people a broader view of what might be possible.

    “I think our young girls need direct contact with role models who have been successful in the fields of finance. I don’t think we are well represented in that field,” she said, adding that this is equally true of technology and entrepreneurship.

    “I’m not sure if that’s due to confidence or the fact people haven’t told girls they are capable … and should be looking at these careers.”

    Thornicroft said bringing together both finance professionals and the entrepreneurial set is uniquely Victorian.

    “I think Victoria is different than places like Vancouver and Toronto, which have strong finance bases. Here there are huge opportunities for entrepreneurs, that’s the spirit of Victoria,” she said. “And if we can capture [the students] a bit earlier, we may be able to open their eyes to other opportunities.”

    Bonn said events like this make a huge difference.

    When she was starting out in Vancouver, having completed a finance and economics degree, she felt her options were limited.

    “And I knew my skill set wasn’t aligned with accounting, but I didn’t feel like there was a lot of choice,” she said.

    She kept asking questions of people in the finance industry, looking for pathways to different careers and learning what it would take to succeed.

    It’s the kind of thing not taught at university, she said, noting that through her inquiries, she gained insight into what was required for her to forge a new career path.

    “At 21, the next five jobs I had, I had never heard of before,” she said, adding it came down to finding role models who could light the way.

    SheBiz, she said, is about passing that knowledge on. Bonn hopes that by sharing her story and telling students about the chances and risks she took, they might see what’s open to them.

    “Sometimes the biggest thing they lack is not knowing what’s available to them,” she said.

    Bonn admits that it’s difficult to judge the efficacy of things like SheBiz, though she said there has been some improvement in her own corporate world.

    “Generally speaking, I do find myself the only female in the room a lot of the time,” she said.

    “But it’s a little better now in the role I am in, now [that] it’s a senior role.”