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    LenderSpotlight named Product of the Year at the Mortgage Awards or Excellence. see more

    Tango Financial, a Fintech company supporting Canadian Mortgage Brokers, recently received a series of industry awards by three of their subsidiaries, LenderSpotlight, DocAssist and Premiere Mortgage.

    On May 3rd, LenderSpotlight ( was named Product of the Year at the Mortgage Awards of Excellence in Woodbridge, ON. This event celebrates leadership, achievement and the pursuit of distinction in Canada’s mortgage industry. The award is a particular honour because it’s chosen explicitly by Canadian mortgage brokers as a “unique product which has empowered the mortgage broker channel and has expanded the mortgage broker’s ability to be competitively differentiated in the marketplace.”

    “At a time when the mortgage industry is becoming more complex for brokers to navigate, we’ve built LenderSpotlight to make it more accessible than ever before,” said Ryan Stratton, CTO of Tango Financial, “By collaborating closely with mortgage brokers, we can quickly develop the features that brokers want to use.”

    LenderSpotlight’s platforms currently track almost 4,000 products and rates across 60 lenders. The application is used by about 40% of Canadian mortgage brokers, who perform approximately 40,000 rate searches and 20,000 policy guideline searches each month. “Encouraged by how passionate the industry is about LenderSpotlight, we’re investing significant resources into building exciting new technology for the mortgage industry,” commented Alan Harder, CMO at Tango Financial.

    Just two weeks prior on April 20th, DocAssist (, Tango Financial’s underwriting and back office service for mortgage professionals, was named Service Provider of the Year at the Canadian Mortgage Awards in Toronto -- for the second consecutive year. Kerry Butler, Director of Operations at DocAssist, reacted to the announcement by saying, “Receiving this recognition a second time from the leading independent awards event for the mortgage industry speaks to the value that this on-demand support system continuously delivers to brokers across Canada.”

    This year’s Mortgage Awards of Excellence also honoured Tango Financial’s Premiere Mortgage as the Regional Brokerage of the Year for Atlantic Canada. This award identifies one brokerage in each region that has achieved the most success and growth while delivering an exceptional experience.

    “Premiere Mortgage is thrilled to have been awarded the Regional Brokerage of the Year,” said Don MacVicar, President of Premiere Mortgage, “a reflection of the accomplishments of our incredible team of mortgage professionals. We are also proud to stand together with our family at Tango Financial, delivering cutting edge technology and services to the Canadian mortgage industry.”

    Tango Financial looks forward to providing more connections, resources, and innovations that will not only help their network of companies succeed, but also drive the industry forward.

    About Tango Financial

    Tango Financial focuses on delivering an era of change for the mortgage industry by developing advanced technology and uniting brokers who are best in class. Tango offers a range of products and services that help brokerages and agents streamline their business by leveraging innovative integrated technology-based services, including LenderSpotlight, DocAssist, PayAssist and STREAM5 Marketing.

    In late-2017, Tango came together with three other industry leaders, Premiere Mortgage ( in Atlantic Canada and Ontario, Paragon Mortgage ( in British Columbia and Alberta, and Compass Mortgage ( based in Kelowna, British Columbia. The merger process has resulted in the formation of the largest independent brokerage operation in Canada. Paragon and Premiere each have over 10 years of mortgage provision experience, while Compass has been in business for more than six years and proved itself to be one of the fastest growing brokerages on the West Coast. Tango’s MortgagePal ( has been operating for over six years on Vancouver Island and the mainland of BC.

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    A BC company has become the North American lead for a world-wide company shaking up online payments see more

    A B.C. company has become the North American lead for a world-wide company shaking up the global online payments system.

    Beanstream, which launched in 2000 to offer then-new online payments, enables businesses – from the smallest to the biggest – to receive and make payments online, in-store and in-app. It boasts the largest payment suite in an industry that grown with the explosion of web buying.

    Founded by Victoria technology entrepreneur and former armed forces officer Craig Thomson, who left the company late last year, Beanstream has retained its name, despite being acquired multiple times by ever-larger companies. It has been private, then public and then private again.

    It began with 20 employees and today has 70, and some 700 integrated partners who use its system.

    Its main area of business has been in Canada and the U.S., starting as a facilitator of online donations to charity and payments to software providers, which meant it facilitated cross-border online commerce. As an early entry in a new field, it grew – at first by white labelling with established payment systems providers, and then by itself with the market, which today is threatening to unseat traditional payment methods.

    Its newest owner, Bambora, has a vision to make it the centre of online payments processing for North America. It also expects a strong branding effort and robust sales process will lure tens of thousands of North American businesses to move from traditional bank-operated and paper-based payment systems.

    So, in May, Beanstream will change its name to Bambora to reflect its new role as one of a group of four worldwide online payments facilitators. Bambora retained Beanstream’s name throughout the transition because it had a strong presence in Canada and the U.S, said Ryan Stewart, Beanstream’s chief commercial officer.

    “Beanstream was one of the first gateway payments in Canada, and people couldn’t understand what we were doing, couldn’t believe we would last,” Stewart said. “We serve small-to-medium businesses and we are agnostic to systems so can work with most companies. And we have added services along the way: For example, three years ago, we started offering online applications for merchants – before they were done with paper, which was cumbersome. Now we have extended that to other areas.”

    The company’s entrepreneurial outlook and methodology made it a good candidate for Bambora’s plans to “change the payments game,” Bambora CEO Johan Tjarnberg said in a phone interview from Sweden.

    Bambora’s goal is to foster a “new world of commerce” that appeals to digital natives wanting online financial transactions rather than traditional bank or credit-card-based systems.

    To that end, it has been rapidly assembling entrepreneurial payment-processing companies. Begun in Stockholm in 2015, it now processes over US$47 billion per year.

    “Since we started with the purpose of changing the game, we identified Beanstream early,” Tjarnberg said. “We contacted them in 2014 and started talks the next year. We began integrating right away, but let the rebranding wait until now.”

    Bambora’s rollout is moving at breakneck speed. Earning 200 million Euros last year, it already employs 700 people in seven countries and provides payment processing to some 100,000 merchants, with 3,000 added every month, and has 10,000 partnerships with banks.

    “Last year was a big year for us,” Tjarnberg added. “Now we’re moving to leverage our positions in their markets, hoping to facilitate cross-border payments, and looking at getting into the mobile space.”


    Original Article on the Financial Post


    Written by Tony Wanless  -  a business writer and founder of Knowpreneur Consultants, which advises entrepreneurial businesses.

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    BCSC invites anyone involved in the BC Tech industry to complete the survey see more

    BCSC Seeking Input from BC Fintech and Tech Firms

    Vancouver - The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) today released an online survey, published a new tech industry webpage, and announced a dedicated Tech Team as a part of its ongoing outreach aimed at BC fintech and tech companies as well as other stakeholders active in these sectors.

    "The BCSC supports innovation and the adoption of new technologies in the financial services sector," said Brenda Leong, BCSC Chair and CEO. "We understand that early-stage companies need access to capital and a clear regulatory framework to operate in. Through our Tech Team's active outreach, we will broaden our knowledge and understanding of the impacts of regulation, and provide fintech and tech companies with resources and information to help them succeed."

    The BCSC invites anyone involved in the BC Tech industry to complete the survey. We are interested in hearing from all those willing to contribute their ideas and experience in an effort to learn more about this dynamic sector. The survey will be open until February 21, 2017. The BCSC will use information gathered from the survey and its ongoing outreach work to determine next steps.

    Fintech is growing in British Columbia and together with the broader tech sector is developing innovative approaches to delivering financial and other services. The online survey and new webpage build on the work the BCSC has been doing to support emerging investment advisory services, crowdfunding platforms, and online marketplace lenders.

    Currently, the BCSC has registered 10 robo-advisory firms, exempted seven firms from registration as crowdfunding portals, and registered a further nine portals as exempt market dealers. The BCSC also works with other Canadian securities regulators to support fintech industry growth by facilitating timely and harmonized reviews of registration and exemptive relief applications.

    "Our aim is to work with stakeholders to provide flexible and balanced regulation for innovative business models," Leong said. "We also need to assess whether securities regulations are keeping pace with the evolving tech landscape." 

    Those interested in taking the survey will find it on the new tech industry page, which consolidates guidance and resources the BCSC has produced over the years, and provides contact information for BCSC's Tech Team. The webpage is a good starting point for those seeking to learn more about how securities regulation intersects with BC's tech sector.

    About the British Columbia Securities Commission (

    The British Columbia Securities Commission is the independent provincial government agency responsible for regulating capital markets in British Columbia through the administration of the Securities Act. Our mission is to protect and promote the public interest by fostering:

    • A securities market that is fair and warrants public confidence
    • A dynamic and competitive securities industry that provides investment opportunities and access to capital

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