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    Interview tips from a FreshWorks developer see more


    Author: Rachit Khare 


    My name is Rachit and I’m a developer at FreshWorks Studio working from our offices in Victoria, BC (we actually have three offices now - the others are in Vancouver and Seattle, so sometimes I’m there too). If you’ve never heard of us before, we’re software developers specializing in iOS and Android apps (follow us on Facebook and Twitter!). We’re constantly growing, and always in search of passionate developers to join our team, but sometimes some really amazing people come in for a tech interview and don’t really know what to expect. Since I’ll be the one testing your technical know-how from a developer perspective, I thought I’d share what we’re looking for in candidates, so that when you get the call, you’ll already have an idea about how to wow us. Ready to learn the inside secrets to how we‘re making a kick-ass team with some of the best and brightest in the business? Here’s where it starts:

    The FreshWorks Hiring Process

    Like most companies that want to make sure they’re hiring the right people for the job, FreshWorks has 4 hiring rounds: a pre-screening call, a technical interview, a take home selection test and then a final interview with our HR Manager and one (if not both) of the founders. We take the time to really get to know those who interview with us, and we really try to make sure a potential new member is introduced to a few team members during the interview process because we want you to be as excited about us as we are about you, and we want to make sure both parties feel the fit is right before any contracts get drawn up.

    I personally tend to jump in at the technical interview stage to provide feedback and decide if you’re ready to be sent a technical project for a web application.

    And since you need to impress me in order to show off your skills on a technical project, I thought I’d share how I, a developer, approach tech interviews along with some tips on how you can really shine during the process:


    1. Show That You’re Ready to Become Part of a Team

    We’ll be spending a lot of time together on some really cool projects, so I always ask myself this question during the interview: are you someone I can work with?

    Collaboration is key at FreshWorks, and that starts right in the tech interview. Don’t turn our time together into a Q&A! Rather, ask for clarity on questions, follow up and expand on ideas, and get engaged. Think of the interview as a conversation with lots of back and forth. 

    Also, show you are malleable and humble.  There may come a time when you and your interviewer might disagree (sometimes passionately) on a topic. Different perspectives are always encouraged (in the end, seeing things from different angles end up helping us solve problems and find innovative solutions), but keep an open mind that humility is a core value at FreshWorks. 

    If you are a technical candidate, don’t forget to put a link to a sample repository on GitHub/Bitbucket on your resume. I will get a copy and I will look for this! I’ll work to validate what you’ve written in the interview and I prefer to do as much pre-research on you as you’ve done on us. It will give me a good idea of where to start and what questions to ask, and you’ll know coming in that your sample repository will be part of the conversation, which will take some pressure off of wondering where the interview will go and what might be covered. 

    Another core value at FreshWorks is excellence. Whatever you give us, whether it’s a resume or a project, make it easy for us to absorb. If your resume is targeted more towards the pre-screening with HR (as it should be) your Github repo is the chance to make an impression on your tech interviewer. Clear instructions in the and comments on your code will go a long way. In fact, if you just do those 2 things, I’m personally 70% of the way there to recommending you to the next round.  Now, how easy was that?


    2. Know What Your Role Entails

    I’m typically involved in hiring Junior and Intermediate developers. If you come across 2 job postings, one for each of those positions for full stack development, and don’t know where you quite fit in, keep in mind this is what I end up looking for:

    I look for enthusiasm in junior programmers. Show me you’re inquisitive. If I bring up a technology you haven’t heard of before, ask me about it. I’d love to tell you more. We’re passionate about tech at FreshWorks and we’re specifically looking for people who are excited about technology and ready to ask questions (and collaborate!) as they learn and grow.

    When it comes to intermediate developers I’m looking for both breadth and depth of knowledge. At the intermediate level, I’m looking for you to know your stuff across the software development cycle. I may not be expecting you to know specific technologies or stacks but I will expect you to know which realm they’re in. For example: If you don’t know much about docker, you should at least know about virtual machines. You don’t need to know anything about Laravel and Eloquent but you need to know what an MVC framework or an Object Relational Mapper (ORM) is and you should have used one before. On the front-end side of things, if you haven’t worked with one of React/Angular/VueJS, get ready for an uphill battle.


    3. Know How to Answer Questions

    Interviews can be stressful, and sometimes interviewees try to hurry through, or don’t take the time to expand on their knowledge to give me insight into how they think or what they know. 

    I learned something valuable from our HR manager that I think interviewees can really benefit from when stepping into any interview: always answer questions using the STAR approach. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. For example, if I ask if you have developed a full MVC application before, you could answer with a simple “Yes”. But a better answer might be: “Yes, I built a blog app using a MEANstack”. 

    If you really want to impress me, try for a STAR answer:

    “Yes. When I was applying for jobs and writing my resume, I took the time out to make a sample project to showcase my abilities and stand out from the competition. I chose a blogging application which captures the basics of what I wanted to demonstrate like CRUD operations, authentication, and authorization. I used a LAMP stack and deployed it on AWS. My MVC Framework was Laravel with VueJS and Bootstrap 4 on the front-end. I began by defining the data model with associations and then incrementally built up the Controllers and Views as I went along. The project includes RESTful API’s along with Unit Tests using PHP Unit. You can view it on Github — the link is there in my resume.”

    Now that’s an answer we can have a real conversation about! What I like about this is that it takes care of some of the other questions I would have asked such as “Have you worked with AWS before?” but more importantly now it’s a chance to dig deeper into your experience. A range of opportunities has presented itself for us to carry on from this point. I can talk about unit testing, or thoughts on VueJS. If I were to look at your repo right now I might have an idea of where I’m most likely to find bugs, and so much more.

    It may take a bit more time and preparation, but get ready to answer questions in depth, with examples, so we can really dig into your knowledge sets. It will make things much more interesting for both of us. 


    4. Be Ready to Also Ask Questions. Lots of them.

    I always give time at the end for an interviewee to ask me any questions they may have. This is your opportunity to make an impression; and if the interview went badly, to salvage things. But don’t feel you have to hold all of your questions until the end - also feel comfortable enough to ask questions along the way. For me, the best questions are those that are beneficial to the both of us. They also don’t have to be strictly technical in nature. I’ve had many people ask me about “how is it like working there?” or “what do you love most about working at FreshWorks?” These are good questions and I’ll answer them enthusiastically.  

    I love working at FreshWorks, and I want to continue to grow a team that’s as passionate about putting out the best work in the industry – and that starts with open communication and a readiness to grow and collaborate together in a supportive, fun environment.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you know absolutely everything about every program under the sun, I’ll be assessing if you have what it takes to be a part of our team – and if you’re excited about what we do.

    In summary, if you’re reading this as a first step in prepping for your interview, don’t forget to:

    • Treat our meeting like a conversation,

    • Understand the role you’re applying for and approach our conversation accordingly,

    • Use questions as an opportunity to tell stories about your past work, and

    • Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions yourself.

    Good luck, and I’ll see you soon!

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    Meet the next generation: the 400 boldest businesses in the country see more

    Meet the next generation: the 400 boldest businesses in the country

    Founded in 2019, the Report on Business list of Canada’s Top Growing Companies ranks participating private and public businesses on three-year revenue growth. To be considered, companies must apply using an online ballot. We accepted entries for this year’s list from March through May 2019.

    “The 400 companies on the inaugural Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies ranking demonstrate ambition, innovation and tremendous business acumen,” says Phillip Crawley, Publisher and CEO of The Globe and Mail. “Their contributions to the economy help to make Canada a better place, and warrant commendation.”

    Six local Victoria companies made the list of 400:

    1. Freshworks Studio (20th on the list!)
    2. Flytographer (84th)
    3. SendtoNews (110th)
    4. Encore FX (136th)
    5. StarFish Medical Inc. (266th) 
    6. First Light Technologies (327th)

    To see the full list, click here

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    In six short years, Sam Mod has gone from newcomer student to Canadian tech success story. see more


    Sam Mod, Co-Founder of FreshWorks Studio, receives Entrepreneur Award in RBC's Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards 

    Newcomers face multiple challenges settling into their new lives in Canada, including language and cultural barriers. Those who choose to start a business can experience even greater challenges, breaking through roadblocks to gain credibility and to establish themselves in their industry.

    In six short years, Sam Mod has gone from newcomer student to Canadian tech success story.

    While studying for an MBA at the University of Victoria, the ambitious young entrepreneur co-founded app company FreshWorks Studio with a business partner, Rohit Boolchandani.

    Mod admits it was hard to juggle both his studies and a new business.

    “I moved to Canada in 2013 and was very new to the culture. In fact, this was the first time I had travelled internationally in my life. My intention was to get a job here so I can pay my tuition fees. However, the plan changed when I started the entrepreneurial journey and then I struggled to get going on many fronts. I had no network or connections, no money, no peers or support group and essentially had a lot of failures in the beginning.”

    Today, he serves as CEO of the growing design and development company, which has offices in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton and Seattle, and 56 employees. FreshWorks has built more than 85 applications for an impressive list of clients, including complex projects in Blockchain and AI.

    “I live by the motto: ‘Persistence trumps everything,’” Mod says. “The early failures humbled us and we believe in humility. When the going is tough, you got to do what you have to do. I was resilient, persistent and patient. These attributes coupled with my technical skills and education helped me overcome struggles and achieve success.”

    Mod has come a long way and was named a Top 30 Under 30 last year by BC Business magazine.

    “As a Canadian, I feel like there is a tremendous opportunity in business here and the sky is the limit. Companies like Slack and Shopify are living examples of the kind of impact Canadian companies can make on the world.”

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    On the list of 2019 TIAs Finalists - Victoria-based FreshWorks Studio and Sierra Systems. see more

    Source: BC Tech Association

    FreshWorks Studio and Sierra Systems announced as Finalists for the 2019 Technology Impact Awards (TIAs) 

    Congratulations to Victoria-based tech companies, FreshWorks Studio and Sierra Systems for being chosen as Finalists for the 2019 TIAs!

    VANCOUVER, April 26, 2019 — The BC Tech Association (BC Tech) is proud to announce the finalists for the 2019 Technology Impact Awards (TIAs).

    “The TIA finalists are each excellent examples of companies, organizations and individuals who are fuelling new levels of growth and global competitiveness across British Columbia,” said Jill Tipping, BC Tech President and CEO. “Recognizing and celebrating these innovators is part of BC Tech’s mission to make BC the best place to grow and scale a tech company and the recognition that today every company is a tech company.”

    This year, the province’s largest and longest-running technology awards program features a pair of new categories that address what BC Tech and the community identify as key priorities:  delivering more home grown scale and anchor companies; and educating, attracting and retaining top talent.

    The new “Spirit of BC Tech — True Grit” award celebrates bold entrepreneurship, pioneering spirit, and displays of true grit in the face of business challenges such as talent retention and boosting market share. “Excellence in Global Export,” meanwhile, rewards growth and success on the world stage through the export of technology developed in B.C.

    “The 2019 TIA finalists include companies from across the province— from Victoria to Rossland, and represent outstanding achievements in a diverse array of industries,” said Raghwa Gopal, CEO of Innovate BC, the Provincial crown agency responsible for technology and innovation.

    Another highlight of the TIA gala on 27 June  will be the granting of six BC TechScholarships to Grade 12 and post-secondary students who are passionate about tech. (The application deadline was recently extended to April 30.)

    The winners of the 26th-annual TIAs will be announced on Thursday, June 27, as part of the annual gala celebration at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

    The 2019 Technology Impact Award Finalists are:

    Company of the Year – Startup Success

    The 2019 Company of the Year – Startup Success award is presented in partnership with Microsoft.


    Company of the Year – Growth Success

    The 2019 Company of the Year – Growth Success award is presented in partnership with Osler.


    Company of the Year – Scale Success

    The 2019 Company of the Year – Scale Success award is presented in partnership with SAP.


    Company of the Year – Anchor Success

    The 2019 Company of the Year – Anchor Success award is presented in partnership with EY.


    Excellence in Global Export

    The 2019 Exellence in Global Export award is presented in partnership with Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster.


    Spirit of BC Tech – True Grit

    The 2019 Spirit of BC Tech – True Grit award is presented in partnership with Safe Software.


    Tech Culture of the Year

    The 2019 Tech Culture of the Year award is presented in partnership with Harbour Air.


    Excellence in Technology Adoption

    The 2019 Excellence in Technology Adoption award is presented in partnership with Accenture.


    Excellence in Technology Innovation

    The 2019 Excellence in Technology Innovation award is presented in partnership with MDA.


    Person of the Year

    • Kim Kaplan
    • Thomas Ligocki
    • Greg Malpass
    • Lisa Shields

    The 2019 Person of the Year award is presented in partnership with BDC.

    About the BC Tech Association

    Making B.C. the best place to grow and scale a tech company has been the mission of the BC Tech Association since 1993. While our members focus on growing their businesses, BC Tech has been providing opportunities for our industry members to collaborate, learn, and grow together. We are dedicated to connecting companies, developing talent, and advocating so our industry and our province thrive. To learn more visit

    Media assets are available here including photos and videos from last night’s finalist celebration. 

    Media Contact

    Kathleen Reid

    T: 604-724-1242


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    FreshWorks nailed down a $1.5-million contract with the province of BC in just 17 days thanks to... see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Carla Wilson

    Bidding for provincial government tech contracts just got easier

    Victoria’s high-tech FreshWorks Studio nailed down a $1.5-million contract with the province of B.C. in just 17 days, thanks to a new system aimed at helping firms do business with the government.

    FreshWorks’ job is to improve technological systems supporting regulatory oversight for B.C.’s mining sector. The contract is also helping propel growth at Sam Mod’s company and create new jobs.

    By year’s end, the FreshWorks chief executive officer anticipates having close to 60 employees, up from three in 2016.

    The bulk of his staff works at 100-736 Broughton St., and the company has opened offices in Vancouver and Seattle.

    FreshWorks is among 58 technology companies that have registered with the B.C.’s Sprint With Us procurement process for contracts of $2 million or less. It’s the first to win a contract under that system.

    Sprint With Us is aimed at companies able to provide software products within a specific time period.

    This program “makes it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to do work with government,” Citizens’ Services Minister Jinny Sims said at FreshWorks’ Victoria office on Wednesday.

    B.C.’s procurement system, which enables the province to buy goods and services, was “very complex,” she said. During consultations around B.C., the government heard from companies that it was expensive to bid and took too long.

    She tried the B.C. Bid system herself and said: “It was a nightmare.”

    So the province is replacing the B.C. Bid system with something that is “far more agile,” Sims said.

    She said tech sector representatives told the province: “Procurement takes so long [that] by the time procurement is over, the needs of the ministry and the marketplace have changed dramatically.”

    The Sprint With Us program does not apply to larger and more costly projects, however. In the past, all projects had to go through the same process, Sims said.

    “When you ‘right-size’ and you look at the different factors, you can start to very much personalize those procurements — and that is exactly what we did.”

    Smaller businesses will no longer have to spend huge amounts of money to bid for a $1.5-million contract, Sims said. During the consultations, she heard that it could cost $500,000 to compete for a $1-million contract.

    Between the time the request was issued and the approval granted to FreshWorks, only 17 days had passed, Sims said. The approval included an interview and testing of the firm’s technology knowledge. Everything was done digitally.

    In the past, that process could have taken close to a year-and-a-half, Sims said.

    “We now have a procurement system where small and medium-sized businesses, and large businesses, play on an even playing field. No one was excluded from submitting a proposal,” Sims said.

    The proposal that best met the criteria was selected, she said.

    Said Mod: “The fact that we were able to win the contract makes us believe even more in ourselves and in our abilities.”

    The contract means FreshWorks can hire senior experienced staff and train more junior workers straight out of university, he said.

    Mod, 30, came to Canada from India to earn a masters in business administration at UVic. He said he was able to customize his assignments at school into company development. He graduated from UVic in 2015.

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    FreshWorks Studio wins "Best Immigrant Entrepreneur" at Small Business BC Awards see more

    Sources: and
    Author: Samarth Mod

    FreshWorks Studio wins "Best Immigrant Entrepreneur" at Small Business BC Awards

    Blog from Samarth Mod (February 25, 2018) - It takes a lot of work, courage and determination to run & grow a business as we have a new opportunity and a new challenge almost every day. The challenges used to bog me down but now I have gotten better at dealing with them. I try to stay positive & use humor when appropriate to destress else 60-80 hour work weeks would unsustainable.

    We won the 2018 Small Business BC "Best Immigrant Entrepreneur" award last night. I have been told that the audience enjoyed our fun & humorous victory speech on the link below. Please check it out and hope you enjoy it too.

    Best Immigrant Entrepreneur - Finalists in 2017 to winners in 2018

    We are incredibly grateful to Canada for embracing us and we are giving back by growing FreshWorks Studio from 3 employees to over 45 employees in last 2 years. It is an amazing feeling to have won this award and getting recognized in front of an amazing audience. We are fortunate to have selected University of Victoria for our MBA and VIATEC for our incubation at an early stage. 

    We would like to thank Praveen Varshney for helping us out in the beginning stages with his social capital and Ian Bailey for mentoring us in the public sector space.

    Finally, we would like to thank Government of British Columbia for their mandate to use small companies and startups for application development. Lastly, we have an amazing team at FreshWorks Studio and you are invited to visit our HQ in Victoria to see our culture and meet our hard working team.

    We have been down and out multiple times in the past but hard work, persistence, patience, positive attitude, good heart and right connections helped us through the tough times. Here's to everyone who is working hard to make their dreams a reality.

    Click below to see their acceptance speech:



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    They have a new head-office space downtown and satellite offices in Vancouver and India. see more


    Young Innovators: Samarth Mod and Rohit Boolchandani of FreshWorks Studio

    For 29-year old Samarth Mod, “persistence trumps everything.”

    Mod founded FreshWorks Studio — a mobile and web application company, in Victoria — with his long-time friend, Rohit Boolchandani (also 29), while the two were still working on their MBAs at the University of Victoria.

    “There were times when we could have folded,” Mod says. “Running the company and doing the MBA, time and money were very tight, it was hard on us … but it prepared us for the battles we are doing now.”

    Given that FreshWorks is rated third in the category for top app developers in Canada by Clutch, a research company that specializes in identifying leaders in the software field, their “battlefield” has expanded well beyond Victoria’s borders. Clients include BC HydroBC Ferries and Along with their new head-office space downtown, the company has satellite offices in Vancouver and India. Their staff has grown to 32 employees. And expansion into the U.S. is on the horizon...



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    Local e-commerce site partnered with local tech start-up FreshWorks see more

    Source:  Victoria News
    Author: Kristyn Anthony launches new mobile app

    Local e-commerce site partnered with local tech start-up FreshWorks is about to make your life even easier.

    The free local classified website has launched their new app, allowing users to buy, trade and sell used items more efficiently. Users will be able to browse items based on region or proximity, or search in multiple regions at once. A new in-app chat feature will allow buyers and sellers to communicate with each other directly, and privately for more secure transactions. was launched in 2005 by Mark Rainer and Stephen Chan who had hoped to address landfill problems in Vancouver by recycling unwanted goods. By 2008 the site was recording 55 million page views per month and in 2014, the mobile site launched.

    “It has been a long road to creating an app that provides our loyal users with a streamlined mobile experience,” said Lacey Sheardown, president and director of marketing at

    The Victoria-based company kept it local, developing the app with FreshWorks, a Victoria tech start-up that specializes in developing and designing on mobile platforms.

    “We pride ourselves on being a part of the fabric of our communities,” Sheardown said. “So it only made sense to partner with a company from within our community on this project. The team at FreshWorks have demonstrated a level of professionalism and technical expertise beyond their company’s young tenure.” has launched in 84 communities across Canada, from Victoria to P.E.I. focusing on families, sustainability and safety. The new app is available for download now.

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    Winners include 4 VIATEC Members see more


    2017 Greater Victoria Business Award Winners Announced

    Winners include 4 VIATEC Members!

    Congratulations to all of the incredible businesses who were nominated, the finalists and ultimately the winners of this year's 2017 Greater Victoria Business Awards. 

    If you weren't able to join us for the gala event at The Fairmont Empress, you will be able to enjoy the evening vicariously. Watch these great videos of the finalists here. To obtain a copy of the program guide check out our May Business Matters in print or online in early May. 

    And the winners are...

    Business Leadership; sponsored by Coast Capital Savings
    Western Interior Design Group Ltd   —   video
    Finalist: Fort Properties Ltd.   —  video

    New Business; sponsored by Peninsula Co-op
    Freshworks Studio   —  video [VIATEC Member]
    Finalist: Loomo Marketing   —  video

    Business of the Year (1-10 Employees); sponsored by City of Victoria
    Balance Home Cleaning   —  video
    Finalist: BC Hazmat Management   —  video

    Business of the Year (11-39 Employees); sponsored by CHEK News
    Orca Spirit Adventures   —  video
    Finalist: Proline Management Ltd.   —  video

    Business of the Year (40+); sponsored by Times Colonist | Capital Magazine
    Beanstream   —  video [VIATEC Member]
    Finalist: Peninsula Co-op   —  video

    Outstanding Workplace; sponsored by CPHR British Columbia & Yukon
    Smart Dolphins IT Solutions Inc.   —  video [VIATEC Member]
    Finalist: Checkfront Inc.   —  video [VIATEC Member]

    Innovation; sponsored by University of Victoria, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
    Flytographer   —  video [VIATEC Member]
    Finalist: Coastal Community Credit Union & Insurance   —  video

    Outstanding Customer Service; sponsored by Innvo8 Digital Solutions Inc.
    STS Pain Pharmacy   —  video
    Finalist: Outlooks for Men   —  video

    Sustainable Business Practices; sponsored by Sierra Club of BC and Horne Coupar
    Bernhardt Contracting Ltd.   —  video
    Finalist: City Green Solutions Society   —  video

    Business Person of the Year; sponsored by United Way of Greater Victoria
    Mandy Farmer, Accent Inns | Hotel Zed   —  video
    Finalist: Scott Burley, 2 Burley Men Moving Ltd.   —  video

    Young Entrepreneur of the Year; sponsored by Royal Roads University
    Rachel Paish, Passion & Performance   —  video
    Finalist: Glen Smethurst, Van Isle Paint and Island Digital Marketing   —  video

    Non-Profit of the Year; sponsored by Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island
    Lifetime Networks   —  video
    Finalist: Our Place Society   —  video 

    Chamber Member of the Year; sponsored by Air Canada
    Dan Dagg, Hot House Marketing   —  video

    Governors' Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

    Mel Cooper

    TELUS Victoria Community Board - video

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    The winners were announced at an awards ceremony on April 4 at The Leonardo Da Vinci Centre see more

    Top New Island Businesses Announced at 10 to Watch Awards

    Including two VIATEC Members!

    April 5, 2017 (News Release) VICTORIA — Douglas magazine is proud to announce the winners of their eighth annual 10 to Watch Awards for 2017. These awards highlight the very best of Vancouver Island’s new businesses.

    The winners were announced at an awards ceremony on April 4 at The Leonardo Da Vinci Centre in Victoria, B.C. and were selected by an independent panel of judges that included local business owners and representatives of the University of Victoria Peter B. Gustavson School of Business and Royal Roads University School of Business.

    The 2017 10 to Watch winners are:

    On April 5, you can read more about the 2017 winners here.  

    “We celebrate each of these innovative 10 to Watch winners for their entrepreneurial spirit and courage to leave the comfort zone,” says Lise Gyorkos, co-owner of Page One Publishing, which produces Douglas magazine. “A 10 to Watch Award is a strong vote of confidence from the experts, and these are businesses who demonstrate sound business models, scalability, talent and great market potential.”

    Now in their eighth year, the 10 to Watch Awards recognize Vancouver Island’s best new companies, which have been in business for three years or less. Previous winners include: LlamaZoo, DeeBees Organics, Flytographer, Indochino, Rumble Energy Drink, Elate Cosmetics and Stocksy United.

    Douglas is Vancouver Island’s business magazine, published by award-winning Page One Publishing. Page One also publishes YAM magazine, Victoria’s lifestyle magazine.

    The 10 to Watch Awards are made possible by the generous sponsorship of Title Sponsor Peninsula Co-op and supporting sponsors.

    Douglas Editor-in-Chief, Kerry Slavens and select winners will be available for interviews, upon request. 

    For further information and interviews, contact:

    Kerry Slavens, Editor-in-Chief, Douglas Magazine

    Cell: 250-516-0152

    Phone: 250-595-7243





    The only commercial laboratory in Canada to use laser ablation for biological tissues to answer questions regarding health, nutrition and metal exposure.

    Roll.Focus. Productions

    A video production company that combines a journalistic approach with simple digital marketing strategies, striking the balance between budget and value for its small-business clients.

    Cultured Kombucha

    The maker of kombucha — a probiotic beverage made of fermented tea — which uses organic ingredients and sells it primarily on tap and by bulk-fill, leaving a low environmental footprint. 

    FreshWorks Studio

    A tech firm that uses a collaborative team approach to develop elegant and sophisticated mobile apps for private- and public-sector companies, on both iOS and Android platforms.

    Studio Robazzo

    A multi-faceted design firm that takes on everything from interior design to graphic design to websites to industrial design to retail displays and even stage sets. 

    Angela Cote Consulting Inc.

    A franchise consultant and business-growth specialist who helps business owners convert to the franchise model, and assists established franchisors take their business to the next level.

    SOHO Victoria

    An annual one-day conference and networking event for small companies and home-based businesses that includes speakers, workshops, round-table discussions and one-on-one expert advisor sessions.

    Miiko Skin Co

    A natural skincare line that focuses on using high-quality local ingredients, delivering its products with education and keeping its environmental footprint low.

    Rep Lab Communications

    A public relations and marketing company that enhances its clients’ reputations in the good times but whose grounding in crisis management can also help when issues arise.

    Victoria Soda Works

    Maker of handcrafted, small-batch soda pop, available in 16 different flavours sweetened with cane sugar, as well as a line of sugar-free selzers.

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    The company has more than doubled in size since last fall and now has 25 employees. see more

    Source: Times Colonist

    Freshworks Studio hits Vancouver

    Just over a year into its business life, Victoria mobile application developer Freshworks Studio has expanded to Vancouver.

    The company, founded by Samarth Mod and Rohit Boolchandani, has more than doubled in size since last fall and now has 25 employees.

    “We wanted to set our foundation in Victoria first and have a strong base before we moved there,” said Mod, noting the Vancouver move makes sense for a company with big plans in its future. “The business in Vancouver is probably 10 times that in Victoria, and we had been hearing that for more than a year.”

    The company already has several Vancouver-based clients, and expects that to increase significantly now that it has a presence at 543 Granville St.

    “Right now there seems to be a barrier to have [clients] come to Victoria for an office visit,” Mod said. “We want to remove that barrier for them and, hopefully, grow our business.”

    The ultimate goal is to expand to the U.S. The company intends to set up a Seattle office within the next two years.

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    Without having looked at the app, Mod responded that he had found a few bugs and would be willing... see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Andrew Duffy

    After-work networking has been a blessing for a new local software firm that was just recognized as one of the best mobile application developers in Canada.

    FreshWorks Studio, named by technology research firm Clutch to a top-10 developers in Canada list based on market presence, portfolio and client satisfaction, can trace its early success to a few networking meetings and a beer-inspired social media conversation with one of its new contacts.

    “I just wanted to catch his attention,” Samarth Mod says of a late-night note sent via Facebook to tech veteran James DeGreef, founder of ChatterBlock. Mod and business partner Rohit Boolchandani had been struggling with their company, AirSenze Solutions. Mod responded to DeGreef’s social media request for feedback after ChatterBlock launched a mobile app.

    Without having looked at the app, Mod responded that he had found a few bugs and would be willing to share his findings with DeGreef, who he had met briefly at a VIATEC networking event.

    The ChatterBlock CEO offered to meet and provided an incentive — a pint or restaurant item — for each bug Mod could find.

    For Mod and Boolchandani, it was a case of having nothing to lose, but knowing they had something to offer to the Victoria tech scene as application developers.

    The pair did manage to find bugs, had the meeting and the pair ended up working on ChatterBlock’s app for Android devices. DeGreef was impressed and invested in what would become FreshWorks.

    “It was the jockeying, not necessarily the horse,” he said. “Rarely do you find more than one guy who is really awesome [in a company], but I found two who had worked together a long time and had complementary skills. Both were very smart strategically and both were hustlers.”

    DeGreef also saw opportunity in mobile applications, and the fact Mod and Boolchandani had a stable of engineers they could source work to in India, while keeping the design and project management in Victoria.

    The bet has started paying off. Apart from recognition by Clutch, which Mod said immediately translated into clients and new business leads, the nine-month-old firm has more than $500,000 in work booked this year and has grown to a team of eight employees.

    Some of the mobile apps created so far include work for the City of Victoria, B.C. Highways, Vancouver International Wine Festival and provincial ministries.

    It all seems to have started with a few beers.

    Mod and Boolchandani came to Canada, and the University of Victoria, to do their MBAs.

    Boolchandani, chief operating officer and co-founder, was the first to come in 2012, choosing UVic because of the climate, affordability and the people.

    “[In India], we were making an application for RBC Royal Bank and for Bank of America and Barclays, but there was always something nice about talking to Canadians,” he said of his old job.

    So when the pair decided they would leave India to establish their own firm, Canada moved to the top of the list. That was solidified, said Boolchandani, when they realized visas, immigration and being able to start their own business would have been much more difficult in the U.S. Mod came to Canada a year later.

    He said most of the advice he was given suggested he needed to immerse himself in the tech scene. That meant networking whenever possible.

    “My first email was to Rob Bennett at VIATEC and he said come down to an event, and that he would be the tallest guy serving beer,” said Mod. Bennett, an industry veteran who is as well connected as anyone in the city, introduced Mod to a few people. One of them was DeGreef.

    Mod said the networking sessions showed him there was an opportunity in mobile applications, and that there was a shortage of software developers. “We thought there was a real opportunity.” While the pair admit they made plenty of rookie mistakes, they also kept learning from other company leaders. “And we didn’t quit. We just started to listen more,” said Mod.

    Their eyes are on serious growth, defining a niche within the mobile application space and cracking the U.S. market.