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    10 startups will pitch to take home a $500,000 equity investment award powered by Panache Ventures. see more

    Fundica Roadshow Announces Finalists Pitching for $500,000 Equity Investment

    On July 12, the Fundica Roadshow will host a grand finale, where 10 startups will pitch to take home a $500,000 equity investment award powered by Panache Ventures.

    Taking place at Bonsecours Market in Montreal, the Fundica Roadshow finale will also feature several keynote speakers including Theresa Laurico, the founder of SociaLIGHT conference; Damien Steel, a managing partner at OMERS Ventures; and Eric Migicovsky, a partner at Y Combinator.

    Since April, Fundica has hosted pitch events in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. The finalists from each city that will pitch at the finale include:

    • InVivo AI, which is using AI to streamline the development of new drugs.
    • ProcedureFlow, which is developing a platform to help turn companies’ processes and expert information into management tools.
    • Semeon, which enables brands to extract customer intelligence from public sources such as social media, blogs, and news sites.
    • ChatterHigh (FROM VICTORIA!), which has developed a platform that provides teachers with web-based features such a classroom dashboard to track, monitor, and assess student participation and progress, and students with a mobile game to help them explore higher education options.
    • Lumen5, which has developed an AI-powered video creation platform that turns blog posts into engaging videos.
    • ViewsIQ, which has developed an end-to-end digital pathology solution that allows users to scan, store, and share their slides.
    • Cybeats, which has developed a solution to protect enterprise and critical infrastructure IoT devices from cybersecurity threats.
    • GoMaterials, which aims to connect landscape contractors and vendors to simplify the purchasing process.
    • FleetRover, which has developed a fleet tracking intelligence platform that gives businesses the ability to take orders on route, track hours of service, and view GPS and speed events for drivers.
    • Pitstop, which has developed a predictive maintenance platform for the automotive industry.
    • FZ Engineering, which enables OEMs to integrate 3D printed metal and polymer components into their supply chains by improving the surface roughness and dimensional precision of printed parts using innovative post-processing systems.

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    Fundica announces pitching Startups for Vancouver stop, including 4 from Victoria (VIATEC Members) see more


    Fundica announces pitching Startups for Vancouver stop, including 4 from Victoria (VIATEC Members)

    We’ve chosen our Montreal City Winners, but there are still two city-stops to go—and many additional finalists to find—before our finale on July 12th. At our next event in Vancouver, an all-new roster of startups will compete for their chance to win the $500,000 investment award. Come cheer them on at our beautiful, new venue, the Goldcorp Stage at the BMO Theatre Centre. Read about them below!

    Hypernose (from Victoria), developed by Alphatron Technology, is a nano-technology electronic device that uses a novel, patent-pending microelectrochemical technology, as well as advanced data fusion and machine learning software, to selectively detect hazardous gases while ignoring benign VOC compounds.

    QiiQ Healthcare is developing a system for tracking, analyzing, reporting, and improving workflow in hospital emergency departments. They are using the latest in indoor tracking, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, as well as their in-depth knowledge of the domain, to help drive deadly emergency wait times down to zero.

    Youneeq (from Victoria), is a Knowledge Discovery platform that uses its proprietary A.I. to deliver organizations’ existing knowledge—in its content, data, and product forms—in an effective, automated, user-focused manner.

    Skylite Labs Inc enhances quality of life by recommending smart home devices that are compatible and centralized.

    Biointeractive Technologies Inc.’s wristband, TENZR, protects hands from hand injuries and enables speedy recovery from existing hand injuries using a proprietary sensing technique that detects tendon and muscle movement at the wrist.

    LearningBranch Inc is a platform for the automated, voice or chat-based assessment of soft skills that replaces checkbox application forms and expensive face-to-face interviews. Customizable and scalable, the platform transforms the recruitment and onboarding processes.

    SafetyTek Software Ltdis a comprehensive safety management suite that helps construction companies eliminate work stoppages, reveal the true value of safety, and invest in their reputation.

    ChatterHigh (from Victoria), inspires students to be personally engaged about their post-secondary aspirations by gamifying the post-secondary research experience.

    RallyEngine is a Resilience-as-a-Service platform that alerts groups, rallies teams, reports tips, and enhances the overall safety and business continuity of campuses, companies, and cities while effectively minimizing the costly impact of disruptive events.

    VitalSines creates hardware and software solutions that help people live longer and healthier lives. Their first product, iHeart, has been in the market for three years and has over 10,000 users in 65 countries worldwide.

    Plurilock (from Victoria), delivers preventative, instantaneous, and continuous solutions for endpoint security and visibility. Its software strengthens workplace cybersecurity using patented behavioral biometrics to identify authorized users and neutralize threats.

    Fusion Genomics Corp. is a precision medicine for infectious diseases company. Their pan-pathogen test can identify any known human pathogen (~1,400). It provides accurate diagnosis based on genomic information, which is needed to guide treatment, detect antibiotic resistance, and identify host disease susceptibility markers in a cost-effective and timely manner.

    Morfus Mixed Reality helps turn 2D floorplans and 3D architectural designs into fully interactive mobile VR walkthroughs that can be accessed on an app.

    ViewsIQ Inc. is a medical technology company that is digitizing patient samples microscopically to disrupt the pathology practice. Designed to integrate seamlessly into the laboratory's existing workflow, ViewsIQ's Panoptiq pathology imaging solution allows clinicians to share patient samples digitally, comfortably, and with the complexity of their own microscopes.

    Responsive offers a digital hybrid wealth solution to private managers and banks. Our solution enables client-focused service excellence and actionable insights that grow wealth and build trust.

    Lumen5 is a video creation platform powered by artificial intelligence that allows brands and businesses to produce engaging video content for marketing purposes at scale through intelligent automations.


    Want to see these startups live? Come to our Vancouver event. Limited tickets remain!

    Vancouver, May 31st, 2018: Tickets here

    Toronto, June 28th, 2018: Tickets here

    Finale, Montreal, July 12th, 2018: Tickets here