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  • Sadie Evans posted an article
    Canadian indies join forces to bring a cult classic from the big screen to your mobile phone see more

    VICTORIA, BC (December 6, 2019) - In a truly Canadian production, Kano (Victoria, BC) has partnered with East Side Games (Vancouver, BC), and BT Productions (Calgary, AB) to bring cult favourites, Terry and Deaner, back for their first ever mobil game, FUBAR: Just Give'r


    FUBAR: Just Give'r picks up where the movies left off, with Terry and Deaner embarking on a quest to beat the world record for longest part streak all while warding off antagonists like cops, landlords, and ex-girlfriends trying to kill their buzz. 

    FUBAR: Just Give'r is a narrative clicker idle game with card collection mechanics. With an extended storyline, new characters, and weekly in-game events, there will always be something around the corner for players to be excited for. 

    Players will help Terry and Deaner expand on their money-making schemes through building and upgrading businesses in Terry's house and hiring other characters to run them. Players will take part in events, complete challenges, and earn big bucks as a result. Once they have earned enough cash for the day, it is time to party! Keeping the upgrades they have made, players will continue to grow their businesses in the subsequent days to keep the streak alive! 


    As Terry and Deaner say, "Remember, there ain't no participation ribbon! At day's end, you gotta give'r to your liver!".


    FUBAR: Just Give'r is now available for pre-registration on Google play and will launch worldwide on January 8, 2019. Follow the game on all socials to stay updated: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and play now! Just Give'r!


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    Companies interested in being part of the matchmaking program should register by January 11, 2017. see more

    Matchmaking program deadline approaches for Game Developers Conference 2017

    This year again, Canada will be at the Game Developers Conference 2017 (GDC) between March 1 and March 3, 2017. Similar to last year, Canada will have a physical presence on the GDC Play show floor where Canada will be partnering with the Government of British Columbia,  the Government of Quebec,  Atlantic Canada and New Media Manitoba.

    This year Canada will have a matchmaking program which will consist of:

    1. Inclusion in a directory of Canadian companies which will be distributed across the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) network, including Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United States;
    2. Matchmaking with international buyers organized by those trade commissioners in advance of GDC 2017;
    3. Access to our 5 closed meeting rooms for B2B meetings for meetings organized through the TCS;
    4. Other services by the Trade Commissioner Service as appropriate.

    Companies interested in being part of the matchmaking program should register via the Canada GDC 2017 website by January 11, 2017 at the very latestWe encourage you to register as early as possible.

    For any questions regarding Canada@GDC or your registration please contact David Marshall:

    For enquiries regarding BC’s activities at GDC 2017, please contact Karen Lam:


    Best regards,

    The Canada@GDC Team