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    Eric's passion and voice for the video game sector HAD to be heard in The Zone... see more

    Author: Jon Williams

    Talking Victoria’s video game industry with Eric Jordan

    I first met Eric Jordan at the Discover Tectoria event in Crystal Gardens last year. The Boss said I was going to broadcast The Midday Zone from the event for four hours, and good luck trying to meet all the amazingly talented people that will be gathered there.

    He was right! What an amazing event, that I might add is completely free to attend. Discover Tectoria is a one-day exposition of more than 70 Greater Victoria technology firms and research agencies [which is this February 24th].

    Eric Jordan is the head of Codename Entertainment. Doesn’t he look good in that kilt :).

    His passion and voice for the video game sector had to be heard in The Zone. So as we approach the Discover Tectoria 2017 event, I had to get him in for a chat about his world, and how others can get involved in it.


    Here’s our natter.

    With regard to our chat, here is some further information that Eric sent me...

    Student Work Experience Program Details
    Runs: April – May 2017
    Each week placement will run Mon – Thur.
    Hours will be 9:30 am – 3 pm
    Open to grade 11 and 12 students only.
    Details HERE.

    Tsukino Con – this is an anime convention at UVic on Feb 17-19. Eric will be moderating a panel discussing working in the video game industry.
    Details HERE.

    LANTasy is a local gaming convention that takes place at Perks Arena on Mar 18-19. There will be a panel discussing working in the video game industry, plus there will be a booth which once again showcases various facets of the industry in Victoria. Details HERE.

    In terms of local resources that folks can check out, Eric suggests IGDA Victoria. This is the local chapter of the International Game Developer Association. They have regular events (several a month), plus 2 big game jams a year: Global Game Jam and OrcaJam. Details HERE.

    In terms of tech stats, according to VIATEC’s 2014 Economic Impact Study, tech in greater Victoria has $3.15 billion in annual revenues from 884 local tech companies which employee a total of 15,000 people, plus another 8,000 people who work to support the tech industry or in tech focused jobs in other industries. Details HERE.

    Recently (last week), C Stat’s released their “Profile of the British Columbia Technology Sector: 2016 Edition”. This showed that for the first time the total number of people working in technology has exceeded 100,000 (which is more than the employment of all natural resources combined). Combined tech revenue reached a new record of
    $26.3 billion and the tech industry average salary is 75% more than the average BC wage. Details HERE.

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    Companies interested in being part of the matchmaking program should register by January 11, 2017. see more

    Matchmaking program deadline approaches for Game Developers Conference 2017

    This year again, Canada will be at the Game Developers Conference 2017 (GDC) between March 1 and March 3, 2017. Similar to last year, Canada will have a physical presence on the GDC Play show floor where Canada will be partnering with the Government of British Columbia,  the Government of Quebec,  Atlantic Canada and New Media Manitoba.

    This year Canada will have a matchmaking program which will consist of:

    1. Inclusion in a directory of Canadian companies which will be distributed across the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) network, including Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United States;
    2. Matchmaking with international buyers organized by those trade commissioners in advance of GDC 2017;
    3. Access to our 5 closed meeting rooms for B2B meetings for meetings organized through the TCS;
    4. Other services by the Trade Commissioner Service as appropriate.

    Companies interested in being part of the matchmaking program should register via the Canada GDC 2017 website by January 11, 2017 at the very latestWe encourage you to register as early as possible.

    For any questions regarding Canada@GDC or your registration please contact David Marshall:

    For enquiries regarding BC’s activities at GDC 2017, please contact Karen Lam:


    Best regards,

    The Canada@GDC Team

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    Local indie dev featured in App Store. see more

    Today, The Frosty Pop Corps launched their new game Walls & Balls, a golf-pinball-pong hybrid with a Swiss design aesthetic, only on the Apple App Store. 


    The first game in founder Faisal Sethi's ball trilogy, Walls & Balls is currently featured in "New Games We Love" sections of the Apple App Store, and is featured in over 440 App Store lists accross the world. 


    This is The Frosty Pop Corps's 10th feature on the App Store, and the first from their new home in Victoria, British Columbia. 


    "It's exciting to be living in such a vibrant gaming community here in Victoria, " said Sethi. "Although I am new on the scene, at some point I hope to represent the Victoria gaming community on a global level with the same creative reputation as Kano Apps, Tiny Mob, Codename, and many, many others."


    Walls & Balls can be downloaded at:




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    Victoria high school students will gain some real-world experience in video game development see more

    Source: CBC News

    Victoria students in Grades 11 and 12 to spend a week or two at local companies

    Victoria, BC - February 24, 2016 - This spring, a handful of Victoria high school students will gain some real-world experience in video game development in Victoria-based game studios.

    The Student Video Game Work Experience Program is a partnership between local game companies and the Greater Victoria School District.

    Nicola Priestley, the school district's career coordinator, says the program will give Grade 11 and 12 students the chance to spend a week or two working at a local game studio.

    "It's a way for us to expose our kids to another industry. They may love video games. They may love playing video games, but they don't look at it as a potential career pathway," she told On The Island host Gregor Craigie.

    "Within this industry, there's so many career paths … so I think it's a win-win for them."

    Andrew-Wynn Williams of  Codename Entertainment, one of the participating companies, added that video games are an important hook to get students into computer science.

    "We want a growing tech industry. We want coding in school, and these are all things we agree are important focuses," he said. "There's no Grade 8 student in a school today going, 'I want to learn coding so I can code a giant industrial freezer.' They want to work in video games. And so we are kind of like the gateway."

    Williams says kids in the program usually gravitate to coding, art or are a little unsure of what they want to do, so do a more general industry immersion.

    The program is in its second year, and Williams says he's hopeful that more companies will get on board than the six that did last year. Greater Victoria School District students can apply for the program at their schools.

    Click to hear the full interview: Victoria students to become (work)-Space Invaders at local video game companies

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    Have a listen to some of the on location interviews at Discover Tectoria! see more

    On February 19th Jon Williams of the Zone@91.3fm broadcasted live from Discover Tectoria to get the inside scoop and share the best with Zone listeners. 

    Click the image below to hear interviews from:

    • Scott Amos, Monkey C Interactive
    • Eric Jordan, Codename Entertainment
    • Andrew Wynn-Williams, Codename Entertainment
    • Alan Deciantis, FTS
    • Justin Love, Limbic Media
    • Paul Kovacs, Checkfront

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    The Kongregate Launchpad team is excited to announce the release of their new program, Launchpad X see more

    The Kongregate Launchpad team is excited to announce the release of their new program, Launchpad X. This program is dedicated to funding game developers who aren't afraid to take risks, push boundaries, and break genres -- paving the way for new ones.

    When the original Launchpad program released in 2015 it began funding new games with high polish and production values. Launchpad X is taking a different approach, funding games with often less than a month of development time, really focusing on core mechanics and innovation (think game jam++). They’re funding the titles from scratch to completion, and offering larger publishing agreements if games are successful in their early states. Launchpad X developers can choose whether or not their games actively monetize through opt-in ads or in-game purchases.

    Launchpad X will coexist happily alongside Launchpad, both coming with Kongregate’s level of publishing services like analytics, game design expertise, UI/UX expertise, backend support, monetization support, and other benefits. Both programs target Kongregate’s web platform,, with opportunities to expand to other platforms.

    More information and applying to get funding for Launchpad games can be found at

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    Codename Entertainment has found “it” — the secret to the success of idle gaming. see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Andrew Duffy

    Somewhere between the ones and zeros, buried within the world of heroic fighters and imaginative villains, Codename Entertainment has found “it” — the secret to the success of idle gaming.

    Just don’t expect a concrete definition of what “it” is. While the success of the company’s most recent game, Crusaders of the Lost Idols, has meant the Victoria studio is expanding its ranks and is on the hunt for more office space, chief executive Eric Jordan admits nailing down the reason is difficult.

    “No one really knows why it works so well, but we all have our theories,” said Jordan.

    Crusaders of the Lost Idols follows a group of fighters that take on a variety of villains, including a giant panda with lobster claws.

    Jordan believes idle games tend to resonate with players because of the gaming loop they offer. A player gets gold, levels up, gets more gold, becomes more powerful so they can get more gold, then they can level up again and so on.

    Idle games allow players to put as much time and effort as they wish into a game as they do not require “active play.” Players can leave them to idle and play themselves.

    “What sets our game apart from others in the genre is you can either take it as it comes and be very simple or spend a lot of time with it and get into the complexity of the game. Either way you can feel really good about your progress,” Jordan said. Another feature of these games is there’s little or no downside to making a wrong move.

    It’s hard to argue it has appeal.

    Earlier this year, Crusaders debuted at top spot on’s (the largest dedicated webgaming site in the world) idle gaming chart and since then it has expanded its reach to more than five million unique plays on Kongregate, Armor Games and Facebook.

    It remains the top-rated idle game on Kongregate and was recently launched on Steam, the largest PC gaming platform in the world.

    There are plans for a mobile version to be launched early next year.

    While Codename does not divulge revenue, the success of the game has meant the company has doubled its monthly revenue, which translated into expansion from 11 staff to 14 with plans to add to that number.

    “We are bursting at the seams here, and our lease is up early next year so we are probably looking at new space,” said Jordan.

    The gaming sector in Victoria has been growing. A Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology & Entrepreneurship Council study in 2014 found 20 studios employing about 250 people.

    “It’s still a young sub-sector of tech in Victoria, but it has developed quickly,” said VIATEC chief executive Dan Gunn. “The 20 or so companies are really good at working together to support each other and to address shared challenges. This has allowed them to do a very effective job of telling their story which has increased awareness and interest.”

    Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps suggested Codename is an example for other firms to follow.

    “Successes like this breed further success and help our city become even more of a hub for this kind of independent game development,” she said.

    To celebrate the success of the game, Codename is held an invite-only event on Saturday, October 24 at Fort Tectoria, featuring a presentation from provincial Technology Minister Amrik Virk and entertainment from local band Towers and Trees, which composed the music used in the game.

    “In today’s ever-evolving music world, you're always on the hunt for cool new ways to push yourself as an artist and reach new audiences. Art and music are such a huge part of the video game industry so the partnership feels very natural,” said Adrian Chalifour of Towers and Trees.

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    The video game industry in Greater Victoria is booming. see more

    Click here to download assessment.

    The video game industry in Greater Victoria is booming. With 19 studios, 240 jobs and an estimated $24 million in local annual  spending, this sector is a growing hotbed of activity for the Capital Regional District. 

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    Support for BC companies to attend the Mobile Games Forum in Seattle taking place October 20-21,2015 see more

    The Government of British Columbia, Creative BC and the Consulate General of Canada in Seattle, are proud to announce the support for BC companies to attend the Mobile Games Forum in Seattle taking place October 20-21,2015

    The Mobile Games Forum attracts top speakers and attendees from global mobile companies. This event will provide a great opportunity for BC companies to connect with potential clients and showcase their games. 

    The following program elements are available to BC companies attending the Mobile Games Forum:

    • Great B2B meeting opportunities; speaker and panel sessions including Next Level Indie Forum; and networking parties
    • Want to demo your game at the event? Leverage the Canada Booth to showcase your product at MGF
    • Heavily discounted passes for only $99 (regularly $599)
    • Travel support to BC companies may be possible through the Creative BC’s Passport to Markets program. The program is not intended to cover all costs but it assists with transportation, accommodation, registration, and marketing material costs. 

    Interested candidates can reply by email to

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    Codename Entertainment announced the global launch of Crusaders of the Lost Idols. see more

    Victoria, British Columbia, August 4, 2015 - Today, veteran games studio Codename Entertainment announced the global launch of Crusaders of the Lost Idols, the next evolution of idle gaming. The game debuted at number 1 in the Idle Games charts on - the largest dedicated web gaming site in the world.

    Crusaders of the Lost Idols puts players in charge of a band of fighters set in the fantasy world of Bush Whacker 2. Their mission is to form a mighty group of adventurers to take on waves of enemies as they rid the world of evil-doers, bad guys, terrible T-Rex, irritable escargot and Panda Claw. Yes, that’s right, a giant panda with lobster claws.

    In a unique twist to the new Idle Games category, Crusaders is the only game to include a unique formation feature. Players must now learn to master the art of organising their band into the most powerful formation possible. 

    The position of each fighter in relation to his or her companions will have a significant effect their attack strength. Combined with their equipped buffs and upgrades, this unique feature adds deep complexity to the idle genre.

    Another key feature of the game is the chance to earn the chests filled with rewards. As your heroes clear each level, they'll be matched-up against a boss character. If your Crusaders win, they'll be rewarded with gold, buffs and equipment to level-up their abilities.

    Only those players who develop the best combination of formation, characters, buffs and upgrades will survive.

    “We’re delighted to enable gamers around the world to play our latest game,” said Eric Jordan, CEO of Codename Entertainment. “Our beta player feedback was very positive with some players saying they were losing sleep because they were so hooked. We’re looking forward to more players trying Crusaders and also losing sleep because they can’t stop playing.”

    Currently the top-rated Idle Game on, the game is available now:

    Codename Entertainment was founded in 2008 in Victoria, B.C. by David Whittaker and Justin Stocks with the successful launch of their first title, "Egg Breaker". Egg Breaker's success hatched three successive games, Egg Breaker 2, Egg Drop and the current title in the series, Egg Breaker Adventures. Created in 2010, the classic Bush Whacker appealed to adventurers who were looking to smack some shrubbery and see what popped out. Following its success, Bush Whacker 2 was released in 2012 and celebrated its third anniversary earlier this year with much cake. It was not a lie. In 2014, the company launched Shards of Titan for players looking for an epic role-playing adventure through a fantasy land shattered long ago by a terrible cataclysm. 

    Codename Entertainment, Shards of Titan, Crusaders of the Lost Idols, Egg Breaker, Egg Breaker 2, Egg Breaker Adventures, Bush Whacker, and Bush Whacker 2 are trademarks of Codename Entertainment Inc. All other products named herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

    Media Contact

    Name: Eric Jordan

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    This site gives information on the Student Video Game Work Experience Program see more

    VicVideoGames website launches is now live! This site gives information on the Student Video Game Work Experience Program and allows students to register, and keep track of their work weeks. 

    The Student Video Game Work Experience Program provides students with the opportunity to learn what it is like to work in a video game company.

    For more information please visit

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    TinyMob Games has just released their brand new video game, M.E.R.C. see more

    TinyMob Games launches M.E.R.C.

    TinyMob Games has just released their brand new video game, M.E.R.C. 

    M.E.R.C. is a game that allows users to step into the world of non-stop, real-time tactical engagements with a 4-person squad. You can upgrade and recruit units, learn and enhance special abilities, while acquiring better weapons and gear. You can also take your toughest and bravest recruits into action in co-op multiplayer to kick some serious "Manta butt" and save the world.

    Users that enjoyed TonyMob Games' X-COM and Syndicate, should also enjoy M.E.R.C. It's available for purchase on Steam for $21.99.

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    Orca Jam 2017 took place at Fort Tectoria Oct 13-15, 2017 see more

    Source: CHEK News

    Orca Jam 2017 "Make a game in 48 hours" [Video]

    Orca Jam 2017 took place at Fort Tectoria Oct 13-15, 2017 where dozens of coders got together to create their best "1980s" themed video game... in just 48 hours. 

    Watch the newscast below at the 11:20 mark to learn more.