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    Land your dream job or learn to promote your own business with Alacrity's Marketing Bootcamp. see more

    VICTORIA, BC - November 28th

    This fall, Alacrity Canada ran their pilot digital marketing bootcamp with the support of the Ministry of Jobs, Trade & Technology at the Province of British Columbia. The program ran from September to November, concluding with 8 program graduates. Within two weeks of graduating, over 50% of the students found employment or contract work. The Alacrity Digital Marketing Bootcamp takes a unique approach leveraging industry experts, mentors, and hands-on experiential learning to provide students with industry applicable experience, turning them into career ready graduates.

    Digital marketing is a career field that is rapidly growing and in high demand, particularly within the tech industry which produces a staggering $5.22-billion annual economic impact in Victoria. Skills needed to enter this career field include writing copy and ad creative, search engine optimization (SEO), setting up ad campaigns, email marketing, creating websites and landing pages, and more. Dan Gunn, VIATEC’s chief executive, says that the thriving sector’s growth has been held back by a lack of seasoned talent and leadership. Alacrity Canada aims to help close this gap in the long term by providing students with the correct tools to jumpstart their careers in the industry, gaining crucial career experience.

    Alacrity Canada’s intensive and immersive bootcamp curriculum was created by Ania Wysocka, whose background includes running her own design agency and getting her award-winning panic attack and anxiety relief app ‘Rootd’ to to rank #1 in both the App & Google Play stores organically. The course is facilitated by Mike Williams, an experienced performance digital marketer who has co-founded and exited two local companies. Mike currently sits on the board at Victoria’s tech hub, VIATEC. 

    Commenting on the Victoria market, Mike William notes, “We need more digital marketers in Victoria. Digital marketing allows businesses to scale and grow rapidly, so the more trained digital marketing professionals there are the more fast-growing companies we’ll have in Victoria. We want to help students learn digital marketing skills to propel their careers and to help businesses scale and grow faster.”

    Liam Chang, a recent graduate of our program says, “I would recommend this course for anybody who is currently working in any kind of role where you’re dealing directly with your customers and marketing. I learned an incredible amount of useful information and have already been putting it to use at BC Shavers and Hobbies”.

    The Alacrity Canada Digital Marketing Bootcamp is aimed at recent graduates, individuals looking for a career change, or employers that would like their marketing employees to be on the cutting-edge of this ever-evolving industry. Alacrity Canada provides job placement support to all graduates in the form of introductions and a job board. The second cohort of the bootcamp will begin on January 14th, 2020. 

    Alacrity Canada has found a recipe for turning newcomers to the field into career ready graduates. They look forward to hosting the next local cohort in January 2020.

    To register for the winter cohort, please visit: https://www.alacritycanada.com/digital-marketing-course/


    About Alacrity Canada:

    Alacrity Canada facilitates success and economic growth in the Western Canadian technology sector by providing support and entrepreneurial mentorship to promising entrepreneurs, in addition to finding and connecting these individuals with the venture capital funding needed to develop thriving local tech companies. In 2019 Alacrity Canada founded Alacrity Academy, in conjunction with the Province of British Columbia. 



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    Introducing: BC JobConnect. see more

    New Tool Brings Together BC Employers with Qualified Individuals New to Canada

    Introducing: BC JobConnect. This tool brings together BC employers who are seeking qualified individuals to fill specific roles with newcomers currently residing in BC, who have lived in Canada for less than 5 years, and have their permanent resident status. The tool is free for BC employers and they're encouraged to sign-up to search for the appropriate candidates. Watch the video here.

    Files Attached:

    • BC Job Connect Initiative Information
    • Onboarding Refugees Toolkit                                                 

    Here are profiles of possible candidates looking for career in the IT sector and are open to moving to the Island:

    *Register on BC JobConnect to view the candidates profile in full. Watch a 42 seconds video on BC JobConnect Tool by clicking here entitled “We Make It Easy for Employers”.

    https://goo.gl/cX6Xgp   - SAP BW Consultant

    https://goo.gl/yyRP96   - IT Engineer

    https://goo.gl/uL7aLb   - Design Consultant

    https://goo.gl/qXZKxc  - Research Engineer/Backend Developer/Senior Algorithm Engineer

    https://goo.gl/n4EsTX  - Software Base Subscription (SBS) Project Manager

    https://goo.gl/sYSVuN  - Senior Consultant

    https://goo.gl/vuKskD  -  Engineering Manager

    https://goo.gl/1uC9po   -  Manager IT

    https://goo.gl/HgCenr  - Project Analyst

    https://goo.gl/85Ex4Q -  Software Developer

    https://goo.gl/2fqRrz  -  Programmer Analyst

    https://goo.gl/id7LJr  -  Web Design Assistant

    This is an opportunity for hiring managers to search for candidates through the platform and screen most suitable. Once you have reviewed the tool, you can set the “monitor search” to send alerts to your email every time a new candidate profile has been entered into the system matching your filter criteria. This feature is very productive - saving time and costly overheads to find talent. If a suitable candidate has been found, please click “Request Candidate Contact” and our project lead will forward you further information and connect you to the candidate.

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    VIATEC has entered into a partnership with BCJobs.ca and BCtechjobs.ca see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Andrew Duffy

    Victoria technology companies will now be fishing in a much bigger pond for technical talent thanks to a deal the Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council signed with Western Canada’s largest job marketplace.

    VIATEC has entered into a partnership with BCJobs.ca and BCtechjobs.ca to have its popular job board included among the listings on the 15-year-old Vancouver-based employment board.

    “This is a great chance for us to take the 100 or so job postings we have at any time to make sure a broader audience nearby that is able to work in Canada, understands the Pacific Northwest and knows where the Island is and what Victoria has to offer might consider it,” said VIATEC executive director Dan Gunn.

    Victoria tech companies have paid to list their jobs on the VIATEC job board, which has 96 postings for positions ranging from engineers to information officers.

    But they won’t be paying anything extra to advertise openings to an audience across the Lower Mainland and beyond.

    “They don’t pay more, but that posting goes a lot further,” said Gunn. He added there could be fertile ground in places such as Vancouver, where the cost of living is constantly increasing and it’s becoming difficult to retain talent.

    “The reality is Victoria is growing fast as a tech community and, like any city, recruiting talent is our No. 1 challenge. But we have a lot of advantages over places like San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver — livability, lifestyle and affordability,” he said.

    Gunn said they would be keeping an eye on the process, which starts this month, because the success of the VIATEC job board depends on the quality of applicants.

    Gunn may have done some work attracting new talent and companies to the city during a recent speaking tour courtesy of Startup Canada.

    The three-year-old organization, a network of entrepreneurs pushing the start-up culture, has been meeting with groups of entrepreneurs across the country. They’re looking for guidance and advice on how to grow their businesses.

    During his sessions, Gunn has been talking about the tech-community model Victoria has established. “We think it’s quite effective in showing how you build community and support entrepreneurs,” he said.

    “Not only do we get to show them what works here. We get to show how it’s worked in Victoria, they get to see how big and vibrant the tech sector has become in Victoria.”

    An economic impact study commissioned by VIATEC and released last year showed the sector has 900 companies, directly employs 15,000, plus another 3,000 consultants and advisers. Another 5,000 people work in technology for companies outside the high-tech sphere.

    Gunn said the aftermath of his talks have him fielding questions and talking with people who are either considering relocating to Victoria or wanting to enact the growth template in their own communities.

    He suggested the secret to Victoria’s success is having learned to overlap the innovation and entrepreneurial culture with the arts and creative culture.

    “The blending is the character of Victoria and it’s allowing us to excel beyond what you see in other cities,” he said. “Victoria works because of its combination of restaurants and beer and coffee and music and culture mixing with innovators, disruptors and creators. It is the magic formula.”

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    Greater Victoria has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada at 3.8%, a level last seen in 2008 see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Carla Wilson

    Greater Victoria leads Canada with lowest unemployment rate

    Greater Victoria has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada at 3.8 per cent, a level last seen here in 2008.

    The number of people working full-time in the capital region moved to 143,400 in March, up from 137,900 in the same month in 2016, Statistics Canada said on Friday. Part-time employment climbed to 46,200 from 41,500 over the same period.

    Employers are turning out in force at job fairs in the hopes of hiring workers in sectors ranging from hospitality and technology to construction. The Canadian Coast Guard recently announced a hiring blitz and is using social media to attract staff while a tourism job fair attracted a healthy crowd last weekend at Ogden Point ahead of what is expected to be a record season for visitors.

    Greater Victoria’s unemployment rate tightened up from 4.4 per cent in February, Statistics Canada said in its monthly labour report.

    Quebec City is in second place nationally at 4.1 per cent, with a third-place tie between Vancouver and Brantford, Ont., at 4.7 per cent.

    With an election approaching on May 9, B.C. is holding onto its status as the province with the lowest unemployment rate in Canada. That’s despite the fact it moved to 5.4 per cent in March from 5.1 per cent in February.

    “B.C.’s labour market maintained a positive trend through March, but showed mild signs of deceleration with slower employment growth and a slight uplift in the unemployment rate,” said Brian Yu, deputy chief economist at Central 1 Credit Union.

    Total provincial employment rose by 0.2 per cent from February. The medium trend forecast “still points to a strong pace of hiring in B.C.,” Yu said.

    Greater Victoria’s unemployment rate was last at 3.8 per cent at the end of 2008 when the global financial crisis exploded. The region’s rate had been even lower, at 2.8 per cent, in May of that year, but it began climbing as the recession set in.

    Another bright spot in Greater Victoria was the increase in youth (15 to 24 years) employment as numbers rose to 31,100 last month, from 26,200 the year before.

    Employment in the age 25-to-54 group climbed to 119,000 from 112,900 year-over-year.

    There was a slight drop in the 55-year-old plus category with 38,700 working last month, down from 40,300 a year ago.

    Phil Venoit, president of the Vancouver Island and District office of B.C. Building Trades, said the construction sector is becoming stronger all the time. “Things are starting to ramp up around the city, so it is positive,” he said, pointing to major office and multi-family projects that are going up. He is looking forward to the jobs created by the upcoming $765-million sewage treatment plant.

    Employment in the capital region’s construction sector rose to 15,600 in March, from 12,100 the same month a year ago — an increase of 28 per cent, a Statistics Canada official said.

    Building permits in Greater Victoria in February fell by 37.2 per cent to $77.8 million from 124.7 million in Feb. 2016. However, those figures reflect only what happens in one month, not the overall construction activity underway in a particular region.

    Finance, insurance, real estate and leasing experienced a 33 per cent leap in jobs year-over-year to 10,400 from 7,800. Public administration jobs climbed by 26 per cent to 20,800 from 16,500. Business, building and other support services also saw a 26 per cent boost, to 9,600 last month from 7,400.

    There were few job categories with major losses. Education dropped by 17 per cent to 12,800 in March, down from 15,400 the same month in 2016.

    Greater Victoria’s technology sector has been performing well, although job numbers slipped somewhat year-over-year to 18,100 from 19,600.

    The nation’s labour market stayed hot last month, pumping out another 19,400 net jobs — and the vast majority of the new work was full-time, Statistics Canada said.


    A quick look at March employment (previous month in parentheses):

    Unemployment rate 6.7% (6.6)

    Employment rate 61.5% (61.4)

    Labour force participation rate 65.9% (65.8)

    Number unemployed 1,313,700 (1,286,100)

    Number working 18,308,000 (18,288,600)

    Youth (15-24) unemployment 12.8% (12.4)

    Men (25 plus) unemployment 6.0% (5.9)

    Women (25 plus) unemployment 5.4% (5.2)


    Newfoundland 14.9% (14.2)

    Prince Edward Island 10.1 (10.0)

    Nova Scotia 8.6 (8.1)

    New Brunswick 8.4 (8.9)

    Quebec 6.4 (6.4)

    Ontario 6.4 (6.2)

    Manitoba 5.5 (5.8)

    Saskatchewan 6.0 (6.0)

    Alberta 8.4 (8.3)

    British Columbia 5.4 (5.1)


    St. John’s, N.L. 8.9% (9.1)

    Halifax 6.5 (6.1)

    Moncton, N.B. 8.0 (8.2)

    Saint John, N.B. 6.7 (7.9)

    Quebec 4.1 (4.3)

    Trois-Rivieres, Que. 6.6 (6.6)

    Montreal 6.6 (6.7)

    Ottawa 5.0 (5.1)

    Kingston, Ont. 6.1 (6.1)

    Oshawa, Ont. 6.0 (5.7)

    Toronto 7.1 (7.1)

    Hamilton, Ont. 5.9 (5.9)

    Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont. 5.6 (5.5)

    Brantford, Ont. 4.7 (4.2)

    London, Ont. 6.0 (6.2)

    Windsor, Ont. 5.2 (5.1)

    Barrie, Ont. 6.8 (7.2)

    Sudbury, Ont. 7.4 (7.9)

    Thunder Bay, Ont. 5.8 (6.0)

    Winnipeg 6.5 (6.7)

    Regina 4.8 (5.2)

    Saskatoon 7.5 (7.0)

    Calgary 9.3 (9.4)

    Edmonton 8.4 (8.3)

    Kelowna 6.4 (7.4)

    Abbotsford 6.3 (6.1)

    Vancouver 4.7 (4.7)

    Victoria 3.8 (4.4)

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    The Ministry of Technology and Infrastructure (MOTI) is looking to create an enhanced camera and... see more

    Ministry of Technology and Infrastructure seeking IoT Developers


    The Ministry of Technology and Infrastructure (MOTI) is looking to create an enhanced camera & sensor information system. Within the ministry, a trial program has been created to evaluate the use of open source technology for Internet of thing (IoT) software stacks to provide a connectivity layer for sensors and communication interfaces for applications. Focus is on building and evaluating an open IOT platform approach for collecting, managing and distribution sensor data.  The end goal is to replace a set of existing camera and sensor systems with a flexible IoT platform that is more responsive to changing business needs and technology advancements.

    The immediate need is to build an IoT demonstration. This will be done by leveraging the open source Kapua/Kura IoT platforms from the Eclipse foundation, the project team will be demoing the flow of the data from a source sensors (simple simulated sensor data, open 511, weather sensor data, camera images) using websockets and MQTT communication protocols into the Kapua platform.  The project team will also be demonstrating the consumption of the data from the Kapua platform and into a database for a dashboard to illustrate the data movement.


    Developer will assist in the development and configuration of virtualized devices that communicate with an IoT broker to simulate the creation of data into the IoT Platform.  Sources of the virtualized devices may range from random data to existing data sources (web services, CSV files, text files, JSON, etc).

    Developer may also assist in the development and configuration of APIs that utilize the data in the broker and expose the data through a user interface, such as a dashboard.

    Skills list:

    • Programming Languages: Java, C# (.NET Core)
    • IDE: Eclipse, Visual Studio
    • Database: PostgreSQL, NoSQL
    • Web Services (RESTful interfaces, SOAP, etc.)
    • Swagger for creating APIs

    All developed code will be treated as open source.


    Peter Giese
    Project Manager | IMB

    Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
    Office: (778) 698-3089 Mobile: (250) 480-9466

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    In the high-tech sector, employers are always on the hunt for experienced senior talent. see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Carla Wilson

    Victoria employers looking for new ways to attract and keep workers

    Competition to snap up employees in the capital region and elsewhere on Vancouver Island is so stiff that employers are developing new strategies to attract workers.

    Greater Victoria has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada; it was just five per cent in October, Statistics Canada said, behind only Guelph, Ont., and Vancouver.

    Look around the region and you’ll see help wanted signs posted in many business windows. Opportunities are available in a range of sectors, such as public administration where 3,700 new jobs were created in the past year.

    Construction, high-tech, and the restaurant sector are all mapping out plans to attract and retain more workers.

    The Vancouver Island Construction Association is offering a free six-week program for young people to deliver basic training and certifications that will get them started on a work site.

    Open to 15- to 19-year-olds, it has slots for a new government-funded Youth Constructing a Future program, starting Monday. Two more six-week programs will be offered after this one. It includes meeting with employers and visits to work sites.

    This is the latest step in a years-long campaign to attract people to trades at a time when B.C.’s economy is growing. Jobs are driven by hundreds of millions of dollars worth of projects such as high-rise condominiums, B.C. Hydro projects, new up-Island hospitals and military construction.

    The program is hoping to tap into unemployed young people between 15 and 24 years old in B.C. “We are still at a 14 per cent unemployment rate [in B.C. for young people], which is troubling,” said Greg Baynton, president of the Island Construction Association.

    B.C. needs 17,000 new entrants to the trades over the next nine years, he said. Of those, 15 to 20 per cent will be required on the Island.

    While the B.C. Construction Association said the average yearly wage of construction workers is $57,700, Baynton thinks that is a conservative figure.

    Workers who have completed apprenticeships can earn $25 to $35 per hour, plus benefits. Baynton said some trades, such as mechanical and carpentry, earn in the $70,000 to $80,000 per year range as employers respond to the tight labour market.

    Some workers have moved to B.C. from Alberta but while that helps the shortfall in employees, not all skills can be directly transferred, Baynton said. “It’s just a completely different environment.”

    In the high-tech sector, with its estimated 23,000 workers in Greater Victoria, employers are always on the hunt for experienced senior talent. “It’s not a new story,” said Dan Gunn, executive director of the Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council.

    Local post-secondary institutions funnel students and graduates to the tech sector. The capital region’s livability is among attractions that will pull experienced people here. And while locals complain about high housing prices, Victoria falls below other major cities, Gunn said. A lower cost of living, less commuting and lower health costs compared with the U.S. are among other advantages.

    The council is working on additional human resources training for its members to help them attract workers, including ways to lure people from the Lower Mainland, he said. These programs will be rolled out in the new year.

    At Victoria’s Latitude Geographics on Wharf Street, founder and CEO Steven Myhill-Jones said its latest job postings reflect company’s growth. The 17-year-old firm, supplying web-based maps for clients in Canada and internationally, has 130 employees.

    It attracts staff and retains staff with competitive compensation. Latitude is dedicated to making a difference in the world, meaning employees can be proud of what they do, he said.

    The other factor in retaining workers is a strong company culture. This includes company-supplied healthy snacks, a patio, yoga twice a week, continuing education, opportunities for advancement, and the chance to travel for work. As well, “we have a bottomless budget for books,” Myhill-Jones said.

    The B.C. Restaurant and Food Services Association is talking with provincial officials about how to attract and keep workers, with pilot programs also expected in the new year, said Ian Tostenson, the organization’s president and CEO.

    A shortage of workers is “serious all throughout the province,” he said. The sector has 180,000 employees in B.C.

    He anticipates projects will be launched early in 2017. This may mean the sector may have to rethink its business model by offering more stability in hours for workers and better benefits. It is smaller business that are affected the most, he said.

  • VIATEC Accelerator company, Craftt, closes strategic partnership with ContainerWorld. see more

    Victoria, BC - December 14th, 2015 - Craft Technology Services Corporation (Craftt) is excited to announce a recent partnership with ContainerWorld Forwarding Services Inc., a leading logistics provider to the alcoholic beverage industry.

    ContainerWorld has made an equity investment in Craftt. The two parties have also entered into a consulting agreement in which Craftt’s web knowledge and expertise will aid ContainerWorld in improving the software and services they offer to their clients.

    “This is an ideal partnership for us and for ContainerWorld. Our services complement each other really well. ContainerWorld is the industry leader in logistics and Craftt is the easiest way for a brewery to manage their inventory and orders.” says Ryan Stratton, founder of Craftt.

    “Together, we can provide a full-service platform for breweries to manage their business all the way from manufacturing through to the product being delivered to their customers.”

    Craftt’s brewery management software is designed specifically to help craft breweries stop keg loss and get better insight and control over their inventory. With powerful reporting features, breweries can significantly reduce the time they spend on creating regulatory reports to send to the relevant governing bodies. The recent investment will go towards growing the development team, among other things, to further improve Craftt’s software.

    “We want to make Craftt the go-to platform for breweries, helping them manage their inventory, and their business, efficiently.” Stratton goes on to say. “Through this strategic partnership, we will be able to ensure craft brewers make the most of their time by simplifying these often complex aspects of the job.”

    Unlike spreadsheets or expensive, bloated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Craftt’s software makes it easy for every brewery employee to quickly access and manage their inventory and assets in real time through any smart device. Understanding current inventory and capacity levels allows breweries to make better decisions when it comes to production, customer orders, and distribution, and allows them to have a comprehensive overview of what resources are available in the brewery at any given time.

    Partnering with ContainerWorld will provide Craftt’s clients with additional benefits, giving them direct access to one of the best logistics and distribution companies in the beverage industry today.


    About Craftt

    Craftt is a Victoria, BC startup and part of the VIATEC Accelerator program. They build innovative tools and services to modernize and simplify the way beverage companies manage their business.


    About ContainerWorld

    ContainerWorld is a multi-faceted company based in British Columbia. They provide clients with worldwide door-to-door logistics services, including inventory management, freight forwarding, warehousing, and distribution.


    Media contact

    Ryan Stratton
    CEO, Craft Technology Services Corporation

    Email: media@craftt.com
    Web: craftt.com

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    LlamaZOO has raised $500,000 in private equity funding. see more

    (Victoria, BC, November 30, 2015) LlamaZOO Interactive Inc., an early stage technology company that develops edtech software for post­secondary institutions and students is pleased to announce it has raised $500,000 in private equity funding.

    "LlamaZOO Interactive will use this equity funding to continue to develop and refine our EasyAnatomy edtech platform," said Charles Lavigne, LlamaZOO director and co­founder. "This investment and vote of confidence will also allow LlamaZOO to hire additional designers and developers to continue to build our product."

    The $500,000 private equity investment comes after LlamoZOO won a VIATEC Startup of the Year Award in June 2015 and received a $50,000 prize as a 2015 recipient of the Spin Master Innovation Fund in September.

    LlamaZOO Interactive was co­founded in 2014 by game industry veterans Charles Lavigne and Kevin Oke, and was quickly accepted in the VIATEC Accelerator program that fosters successful technology startups in Victoria, BC.

    "EasyAnatomy uses medical information from MRI and CT scans to create detailed 3D models of animal anatomy. Students no longer have to dissect animals to learn about them, and instructors are provided with a powerful new teaching tool," said Lavigne. "LlamaZOO Interactive's EasyAnatomy platform saves universities and colleges money while providing students and teachers with truly innovative learning tools that can be accessed from any device."

    EasyAnatomy improves learning and teaching by using sophisticated 3D visualization technologies to explain abstract spatial concepts while borrowing strategies from cognitive neuroscience to update course materials in real time. The educational technology platform also provides educators with deep analytics that provide powerful insights into how students are performing and progressing.

    "Educators can use EasyAnatomy to create narrated interactive virtual tours of animal anatomy for their students," said Oke. "Students can study animal anatomy online, anywhere and at anytime. EasyAnatomy also analyzes student performance to create individualized quizzes so that studying is more efficient."

    LlamaZOO Interactive will use this latest round of equity funding to hire new staff, acquire new imagery and work with more than 700 students and design partners around the world to continue to test and refine EasyAnatomy.

    About EasyAnatonomy

    EasyAnatomy harnesses the power of modern 3D technologies to give veterinary students a new way of interacting with, and learning animal anatomy. This powerful edtech platform combines HD graphics with expertly written course material, integrating everything into an interactive, mobile, social application designed to improve how veterinary students learn.

    About LlamaZOO Interactive Inc.

    LlamaZOO Interactive is an award­winning technology company founded by mobile and video game industry veterans. They lead a team of web, print and digital media experts who combine their expertise in user experience and design to create powerful interactive educational technologies that can be accessed by students anytime, anywhere.

    Media Contact:
    Charles Lavigne
    Director, LlamaZOO Interactive Inc.
    Email: charles@llamazoo.com
    Web: www.llamazoo.com
    Phone: 1­778­996­4202