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    Delta-X Research Named 2019 Company of the Year for Asset Management Solution Providers see more

    Delta-X Research Named 2019 Company of the Year for Asset Management Solution Providers

    (Victoria, BC – March 11, 2019) – Delta-X Research has been named the number one Asset Management Solution Provider of 2019 by Utilities Tech Outlook Magazine. This Company of the Year award is part of the Magazine’s annual compilation of the Top 10 Asset Management Solution Providers.

    Delta-X Research offers market leading software for managing and interpreting test and monitor data for high-voltage equipment such as the large power transformers found in electrical substations. In particular, the company provides expert analysis of insulating fluid test data, including dissolved gas analysis, that can indicate if equipment is experiencing a fault or requires other maintenance.

    By automatically processing both online monitor data and offline test data using advanced analytics, the company provides accurate and timely insights into the health of the utility’s critical assets, so customers can confidently optimize maintenance and allocate capital budgets to increase reliability, improve safety, and maximize return on investment.

    Delta-X Research’s main product, TOA4, is used by over half of the largest utilities in the USA and Canada. It was recently updated with an innovative new interpretation method called Reliability-based Dissolved Gas Analysis, which identifies and assesses at-risk power transformers by correlating fault gas production with transformer failures. Reliability-based DGA offers a level of assessment far exceeding conventional methods of dissolved gas analysis for transformers. This new approach and the exceptional results when applied at a large utility is what captured the attention of Utilities Tech Outlook staff.

    “We are excited and grateful to have our company acknowledged in this way,” says John Brett, President & CEO of Delta-X Research. “Our customers tell us that Reliability-based DGA, combined with some of the other analytics we’ve developed, represents one of the major advancements in the area of DGA analysis that they have recently seen. After investigation, our customers confirmed fewer false negatives and fewer false positives using Reliability-based DGA, and each one of those avoided errors has saved our customers from financial losses, power outages, and, most importantly, a potentially dangerous catastrophic failure occurring without warning.”

    To read more about the award, please visit

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    About Utilities Tech Outlook Magazine: Please visit

    About Delta-X Research: Founded in 1992, Delta-X Research creates diagnostic software for assessing and tracking the condition of high voltage apparatus, including transformers. Its innovative and advanced analytics help companies manage risk, reduce system losses, improve reliability and maximize return on investment of their high-value assets.


    Contact: John Brett, President & CEO


    Phone: +1 250.592.2998 x101

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    An 8 month program designed to enable new technologies to be used, integrated, or commercialized... see more

    Introducing TELUS Technology Accelerator 3

    Powered by Calgary Technologies Inc.

    Accelerating Growth Stage Technology Startups in
    Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba & Saskatchewan

    TTA3 is an 8 month program designed to enable new technologies to be used, integrated, or commercialized by TELUS. TTA3’s reach is bigger and broader than ever, with applications being accepted from start-ups in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. If your organization knows of any entrepreneurs developing technology in the digital health and wellness, industrial IoT, or smart cities space please encourage them to submit an application to TTA3. Submissions are due by May 22nd, 2018.

    More information and details on the application process can be found using the following link:

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    Songhees Innovation Centre among 45 projects sharing $28M in funding see more

    Songhees Innovation Centre among 45 projects sharing $28M in funding

     The fledgling Songhees Innovation Centre received $93,410 in federal funding on Tuesday, its share of more than $27.8 million being disbursed among 45 projects to support First Nations economic development in Western Canada.

    Other Island projects include the University of Victoria’s Aboriginal Canadian Entrepreneurs Artists Pilot Program, which will receive $567,000, and the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, which will receive $500,000 to build clean energy infrastructure.

    “These investments will help make Indigenous communities more prosperous, create new opportunities for Indigenous businesses and workers, and also these projects represent the diverse range of economic activities,” said Navdeep Bains, minister of science, innovation and economic development, who was in Victoria for the funding announcement.

    “The Songhees Innovation Centre is fostering a rich idea, to exchange and help Indigenous entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.”

    The innovation centre, a co-working space located within the Songhees Wellness Centre, helps Indigenous entrepreneurs collaborate and grow their operations, Bains said.

    “It really is where people come together, share ideas, network with one another,” he said.

    “It really is a fitting location to talk about strengthening economic development opportunities for Indigenous people.”

    Songhees Chief Ron Sam said the innovation centre has also been helped by the South Island Prosperity Project, Animikii Indigenous Technology, the Victoria Foundation and the Community Micro Lending Society.

    Sam said the federal funding is appreciated.

    “We are grateful and inspired to be the recipient of funding that supports the ongoing success of Indigenous entrepreneurs at the Songhees Innovation Centre,” he said.

    “We are witnessing the emergence of a growing number of impassioned Indigenous graduates and businesspeople, for whom the co-working environment is a natural catalyst for launching and growing entrepreneur-driven enterprises.”

    The centre gives people access to shared office space and resources.

    Early participants include Lawrence Lewis, who is working on voter-registration software for Indigenous communities through a company called OneFeather.

    Songhees Nation executive director Christina Clark said she sees “a growing sense of alignment” among the business community, educational institutions, local governments and First Nation governments.

    UVic’s Aboriginal Canadian Entrepreneurs (ACE) received $567,000 for its Artists Pilot Program, which can involve established artists or artists considering going into business.

    The pilot is a collaboration between ACE, an entrepreneurship-education initiative, and Tribal Resources Investment Corporation.

    Saul Klein, dean of the Gustavson School of Business, said the Artists Pilot Program is “an exciting new endeavour,” while ACE graduate Ben Davidson said he is excited to see the program become a reality.

    He said he already had a business before starting the program, which taught him the value of creating multiple revenue streams with his art.

    Bains said that fostering economic growth for First Nations is a priority for the federal government. “As you know, one of the biggest priorities is working to advance reconciliation and renew the relationship with Indigenous people,” he said.

    “As part of reconciliation, it’s really ensuring full participation in the Canadian economy.

    “In fact, the participation of Indigenous people is absolutely essential to Canada’s economic prosperity,” he said, noting that Canada’s Indigenous population grew 42.5 per cent between 2006 and 2016, while overall population growth was 11 per cent.


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    LlamaZOO is excited to announce it has been selected as a finalist at the 2017 VIATEC Awards. see more

    LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. is excited to announce it has been selected as a finalist in two separate categories for the 2017 VIATEC Technology Awards: Emerging Technology Company of the Year, and Innovative Excellence

    Over the past year, LlamaZOO has gone from pre-revenue, to securing leading veterinary schools such as the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Missouri, and the University of Saskatchewan as paying customers. We have also gone from an incomplete product available only via private beta, to unveiling the world’s first VR/AR canine dissection, and to gaining happy student customers from over 70 schools across every continent but Antarctica!

    The VIATEC Technology Awards celebrate the achievements of the technology companies and individuals responsible for making Greater Victoria the fastest-growing technology region in British Columbia (it’s also the Victoria Tech Sector’s largest celebration of the year - featuring live music, costumes, over 850 attendees, flying inflatable orcas, and in a previous year involved a world-record-setting lightsaber battle).

    It’s been amazing year for LlamaZOO, and we are proud to be nominated for these awards alongside fellow Victoria-based tech companies such as Futurepay, Telmediq, and  SendtoNews. We wish all of the finalists good luck, but we very much look forward to adding another robot trophy (or two) to the LlamaZOO office.


    Excited words from LlamaZOO's co-founders, Charles Lavigne & Kevin Oke:

    Charles: “At LlamaZOO we’ve been committed to creating disruptive technologies and bringing them to unforeseen spaces since day one.

    Our comprehensive virtual 3D canine cadaver for education and professionals in VR is a world first, we’ve disrupted how GIS and shore flood lines are visualized for insurance and municipalities, and now we’re expanding our AR/VR platform to industry sectors such as mining and training. Since the last VIATEC awards we’ve been very busy presenting at the inaugural VRVCA in Beijing, as SXSWedu Launch finalists in Texas, unveiling our VR experience in Las Vegas, and finally being invited by Microsoft to demo on their future realities floor at BCTech.

    We’re excited to come home to Victoria and receive recognition after such an incredible year!”

    Kevin: “Winning Startup of the Year at the VIATEC Technology Awards two years ago was a very pivotal time for LlamaZOO, and was followed by our first round of investment, and first university partnerships. It’s an honour to be recognized again for what we’ve accomplished, and we’re excited for awards night!”

    - - -

    The winning companies for each category will be announced during the 2017 VIATEC Technology Awards Show, which takes place June 2nd at the Victoria Conference Centre.

    To learn more about LlamaZOO, or EasyAnatomy, please visit these websites: LlamaZOO / EasyAnatomy

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    On February 20, 2017 the Tectoria Innovation Station installation was unveiled at the #yyj Airport see more

    Tectoria #InnovationStation unveiling [VIDEO]

    On February 20, 2017 the Tectoria Innovation Station installation was unveiled at the Victoria International Airport. 

    Click the video below to see the recap! Video by Gradio Media.

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    A portion of Victoria's Airport has been transformed into the “Tectoria Innovation Station" see more

    “Tectoria Innovation Station” to launch at the Victoria International Airport

    Ribbon cutting to take place February 20, 2017 at 11am

    VICTORIA, BC (February 15, 2017) -  A portion of Victoria International Airport’s Arrival Rotunda has been transformed into the “Tectoria Innovation Station,” a new interactive exhibit heralding Greater Victoria’s long history of innovation and entrepreneurship and the thriving tech sector that developed as a result.

    The installation features a mad scientist's laboratory complete with transparent video screens and detailed historical accounts of our region’s innovations all surrounded by intricate pipes, gauges and switches to catch the attention of passersby and draw them in for a closer look. It was developed specifically to give the local technology sector added awareness, airport guests an added experience, and potential talent and investors a place to go for more information,

    VIATEC (Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology & Entrepreneurship Council) and the Victoria Airport Authority (VAA), have spent the last 10 years informally exploring ways to work together to spread the word about our top local industry, technology. ”When we heard that the Victoria Airport Authority had a potential area that we could utilize to build an intriguing interactive exhibit we jumped at the chance,” Dan Gunn, VIATEC CEO explained. “We quickly started developing concepts on something that would be out of the ordinary and soon after opened discussions with potential funding partners.

    “Technology plays such an integral role in our local economy,” says Geoff Dickson, VAA President and CEO. “We’re pleased to partner with VIATEC and showcase this interactive display. It’s a great way for us to support Victoria’s technology sector and to provide our passengers and the public with a unique experience and opportunity to learn about the positive contributions it makes to the region.”

    The Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and South Island Prosperity Project (Prosperity Project) were intrigued and agreed to dedicate some of the funding they had received from Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) to the project.

    ”It takes a village to raise an economy and we are very grateful to the Victoria Airport Authority and our funding partners for making this possible,” acclaimed Dan Gunn. “With 1.85 million visitors walking through the gates at one of the world’s greatest airports, we are fortunate to be offered the opportunity to build a presence at the primary gateway to our community. Tourism is our best draw and once people are hooked on our island lifestyle many of them want to stay. We believe this exhibit will give the ones that want to move here, the info they need to understand how they might find a job or, better yet, invest in or create a new company here.”

    "We're proud to be part of the team that brought this project to life,” said Emilie de Rosenroll, Executive Director of the Prosperity Project. “The Tectoria Innovation Station is a way to raise the profile of our local entrepreneurial culture, and it will help the Prosperity Project connect with new companies and established entrepreneurs through the website."

    “The Tectoria Innovation Station is one of several joint projects that the Greater Victoria Chamber has undertaken over the past three years to support trade and investment,” said Catherine Holt, CEO of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce. “Thanks to funding from Western Economic Diversification Canada and stakeholders throughout the region, we have been able to bring the right people together to see outcomes, like this one, that will resonate within our community and economy for years.”

    The unveiling will take place on February 20, 2017 at 11am in the Arrivals Rotunda of the Victoria International Airport. Following a few announcements and a ribbon cutting, media and the public are encouraged to take the first steps through the installation.



    With the vision statement that, “Innovation, entrepreneurship and technology has shaped Victoria’s present, past and inspires our potential going forward.”  VIATEC sought out local designer and fabricator, Russell Papp, to bring a “Mad Scientist’s Lab” theme to fruition. Russell is well known for projects around town including the Phillip’s Beer Wagons and some of Tourism Victoria’s exhibits last October.

    Airport visitors will get to peer into portals containing Holografyx Showcase video displays, press buttons and gears, and flip through drafting table designs containing bits of Victoria’s rich, innovative history. From aviation, to shipbuilding, ocean sciences and education. The first video features short overviews of AXYS Technologies, FTS and Viking Air. The drafting table features are opening with historical overviews of key elements of our economy, and VIATEC is encouraging locals to submit suggested additions and corrections, so that the exhibit is ever-changing and improving. A feedback form on the web site will make it easy for people to provide suggested edits and updates.


    Your readers, listeners and viewers are welcome to learn even more about how to connect with, join or learn more about the local tech scene by attending Discover Tectoria on February 24, 2017 from 11am to 6pm at the Crystal Garden.


    Tessa Bousfield
    Marketing & Events Director, VIATEC
    e:, c: 250-896-7668


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    Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps is leading a 19-member joint trade mission to China to “export innovation” see more

    Source:  Times Colonist
    Author: Carla Wilson

    Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps is leading a 19-member joint trade mission to China to “export innovation” in October.

    In the past, Victoria mayors have gone to China with the objective of inviting investment to Victoria, Helps said at a Friday announcement.

    “That’s been fine. But what we are seeing right now in Victoria is a very, very strong economy. Very, very strong educational institutions. A very, very strong tourist summer and another one to come if all goes well. And an explosion in the tech sector.”

    The eight-day trip starting Oct. 14 is about “taking Victoria’s innovation and exporting it to the world,” Helps said.

    “There are opportunities for Victoria companies to deepen relationships and export goods and services in Jiangsu and Shanghai and, in particular, clean tech, green tech and other tech and financial solutions,” she said.

    The city is spending $22,206 for its participation on the trip. Helps will be accompanied by three city officials: Coun. Margaret Lucas, deputy city manager Jocelyn Jenkyns and Kerri Moore, manager of business development and strategic relations.

    They will go to Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, Shanghai, and Suzhou, one of Victoria’s sister cities.

    Other local private- and public-sector officials will be in China as well, some who head there every year. Tourism Victoria is taking a delegation, as it does annually, and the Alacrity Foundation of Victoria, the University of Victoria, Royal Roads University, and Camosun College are also sending representatives. Participants stressed the importance of bringing the Victoria mayor on the trip, saying in China that mayors are highly regarded.

    The Alacrity Foundation partners with Wesley Clover International group. It is opening an office in Shanghai this year as Alacrity makes investments in China and encourages investments in Greater Victoria technology firms.

    Richard Egli, Alacrity managing director in Victoria, said they have already attracted $8 million in investment from China to tech companies in B.C. One Victoria company received about $2 million. Alacrity puts up funding and brings in other investors interested in technology in local markets, he said. It also works to commercialize Canadian technology in new markets.

    Geoff Wilmshurst, Camosun’s vice-president of partnerships, is aiming to attract more students from Xuzhou, where the organization has a relationship with the local university and high schools. Camosun has a “feeder program” to bring high school grads here. It is aiming to expand its network of high schools to about 100 a year, up from about 10 per year now.

    Royal Roads is staging an annual global alumni summit in Nanjing. Helps will give a keynote address to 300 Royal Roads alumni from throughout Asia, as well as to regional political leaders.

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    Commonly referred to as ICE, it will now be known as the Coast Capital Savings Innovation Centre. see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Andrew Duffy

    The University of Victoria’s Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurs has a new lease on life and a new name under a partnership with Coast Capital Savings Credit Union announced Tuesday.

    The centre, commonly referred to as ICE, will now be known as the Coast Capital Savings Innovation Centre (CCSIC) and will expand its services with an injection of $450,000 in cash from the Vancouver-based credit union.

    “This partnership creates new opportunities for our students and faculty to address social and economic challenges, and have impact in B.C. and beyond,” said David Castle, UVic’s vice-president research.

    The CCSIC will now expand its role to include offering seed money for new ventures and prototype developments, an entrepreneurship scholarship, an additional annual business plan competition and co-op opportunities for students to work on ideas.

    Money will also be available for other costs related to developing an idea, such as software, tools, workshop rental and third-party consultation.

    Founded in 2012 by the Gustavson School of Business, ICE has helped launch more than nine companies, brought 21 clients to the “incubation-stage” and met with more than 750 students, staff, faculty and alumni.

    More broadly UVic has helped with the creation of more than 60 companies, received almost 900 invention disclosures and filed more than 400 national and international patents.

    The centre’s new focus will help entrepreneurs develop products or services to a more mature stage before being presented to other incubator programs and venture capitalists.

    “Coast Capital Savings’ partnership with UVic recognizes that young entrepreneurs are not only at the front edge of innovation, but their business success will ultimately result in job creation, economic growth and more financial well-being for all of us,” said Coast Capital president Don Coulter.

    Coast Capital has more than 530,000 members and about $17 billion under management.