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    Ministry of Technology and Infrastructure seeking IoT Developers


    The Ministry of Technology and Infrastructure (MOTI) is looking to create an enhanced camera & sensor information system. Within the ministry, a trial program has been created to evaluate the use of open source technology for Internet of thing (IoT) software stacks to provide a connectivity layer for sensors and communication interfaces for applications. Focus is on building and evaluating an open IOT platform approach for collecting, managing and distribution sensor data.  The end goal is to replace a set of existing camera and sensor systems with a flexible IoT platform that is more responsive to changing business needs and technology advancements.

    The immediate need is to build an IoT demonstration. This will be done by leveraging the open source Kapua/Kura IoT platforms from the Eclipse foundation, the project team will be demoing the flow of the data from a source sensors (simple simulated sensor data, open 511, weather sensor data, camera images) using websockets and MQTT communication protocols into the Kapua platform.  The project team will also be demonstrating the consumption of the data from the Kapua platform and into a database for a dashboard to illustrate the data movement.


    Developer will assist in the development and configuration of virtualized devices that communicate with an IoT broker to simulate the creation of data into the IoT Platform.  Sources of the virtualized devices may range from random data to existing data sources (web services, CSV files, text files, JSON, etc).

    Developer may also assist in the development and configuration of APIs that utilize the data in the broker and expose the data through a user interface, such as a dashboard.

    Skills list:

    • Programming Languages: Java, C# (.NET Core)
    • IDE: Eclipse, Visual Studio
    • Database: PostgreSQL, NoSQL
    • Web Services (RESTful interfaces, SOAP, etc.)
    • Swagger for creating APIs

    All developed code will be treated as open source.


    Peter Giese
    Project Manager | IMB

    Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
    Office: (778) 698-3089 Mobile: (250) 480-9466