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    The Latest Version of Shift Adds Much Anticipated Support For Boomerang & Grammarly see more

    Redbrick Launches Shift 2.0 With Chrome Extensions

    Victoria, B.C. -- The founders of Shift are turning heads, and this time with more than just Gmail customers. Shift 2.0 offers support for both Boomerang & Grammarly Chrome Extensions, making Redbrick’s Shift only the second major commercial application to successfully integrate Chrome Extensions within Brave’s Muon framework.   


    Shift was originally built on a framework called Electron, and became an instant hit - and top Product Hunt launch - when it became publicly available back in December of last year.  Their user base has grown to over 65,000 quickly since, with Gmail users flocking to Shift to manage multiple accounts, across Mail, Calendar and Drive. For its Shift 2.0 launch, Redbrick has used the Brave Muon framework to build out support for the most anticipated Chrome Extensions - Boomerang and Grammarly.  


    “With Chrome Extension support being the single most requested feature right out of the gate, we quickly realized that rebasing Shift to Brave’s more flexible Muon framework was a very necessary - albeit challenging - next step that we wanted to tackle full-on. We were thrilled that the team at Brave helped us navigate the Muon process from start to finish, and document it carefully for the rest of the open-source community.  The support over the last few months has been truly remarkable, and we are thrilled to share our findings with other developers seeking to add support for Chrome Extensions,” said Director of Product, Michael Foucher.


    Brave Muon is a fork of the Electron framework that leverages the full power of Chromium, including extensions support. It is currently used in the Brave browser and available to developers on GitHub as part of Brave's open source platform. The Muon framework is helping Redbrick provide the support and features their users want.


    Shift’s Advanced plan is the true game-changer for 2.0, offering support for Boomerang and Grammarly, as well as the much anticipated Unified Search, which allows customers to search through multiple accounts, Calendar, and Drive, from one search field. It also provides support for other popular applications, like Slack, Asana, Jira, Trello, and over twenty other essential tools. With customizable Notification Muting, which syncs with Google Calendar, users can even stop embarrassing notifications from popping up during meetings.


    Shift is still available as a free version, as well as Pro for $29.99 per year. The newest plan, Advanced, has a yearly fee of $99.99. All plans offer support for multi-account access; a clean, clutter-free desktop application; easy switching between Mail, Calendar, and Drive; native desktop notifications; and cross-platform support for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  


    In addition to Shift, Redbrick prides itself on a respected portfolio of B2B offerings focused on user engagement and analytics technology.


    Redbrick was ranked 2nd fastest-growing  Canadian software company in the 28th annual PROFIT 500, and 5th overall in 2016. The company is known for building powerful software products for engaged users, globally, and Shift 2.0 is no exception.


    Shift 2.0 is now available to the public as of November 1, 2017. For those interested in testing out Shift for free, they can access it here.


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    Giftbit’s Ecommerce Currency platform to change the way online businesses approach marketing see more

    Giftbit Launches Custom Currency Platform for Online Businesses


    TechCrunch Disrupt, San Francisco, CA - September 13, 2016 - Giftbit today announced the launch of the Giftbit Ecommerce Currency platform in the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield. The SaaS platform enables custom currency for online businesses, including gift cards, promo codes and refund credits. Giftbit provides a web application and checkout API that allows business teams to control, create, send and track their custom currency.

    “We recognized a significant gap in the tools available to online businesses,” explains Leif Baradoy, co-founder and CEO of Giftbit “no businesses are building their own CRM, but they’re all building their own custom currency because there isn't a great solution on the market. Today we’re changing that.”

    Giftbit Ecommerce Currency offers online businesses powerful marketing tools on top of gift cards, promotion codes and refund credits including rules on how and when codes can be used. “Our beta users are most excited about the ability to add value to existing cards. Businesses will be able to communicate to gift card holders that they’re adding extra, temporary value to cards. Merchants can encourage spending during a specified period; this can contribute to a strong post-holiday season” Baradoy adds.

    The Giftbit Ecommerce Currency platform is now available. Online businesses can get started at



    About Giftbit

    Giftbit gives organizations control over their custom digital currency. Giftbit offers gift card buyers solutions including a Gift Card Catalog and The Giftbit Visa Incentive Card. Giftbit's Ecommerce Currency platform allows online businesses to create custom currency easily.

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    Foundry Spatial released a new online tool that provides detailed information about Alberta’s water see more

    Victoria, BC – June 1, 2016 – Today award-winning environmental science and consulting firm Foundry Spatial released a new online tool that provides detailed information about Alberta’s water resources at a fraction the cost and time of traditional water reporting methods.

    The Alberta Water Tool provides accurate, real-time information on surface water resources, existing water allocations, and the needs of the natural environment through a point-and-click map that allows users to select a specific waterbody, and generate a comprehensive, up-to-date report in seconds.

    “This is disruptive technology in action,” says Ben Kerr, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Water Scientist at Victoria-based Foundry Spatial. “Normally, it would take a professional hydrologist two weeks and $20,000 to prepare the kind of report we literally do in seconds, for about 1% of the cost.”

    Visit the Alberta Water Tool:

    Developed to help scientists, industry explorers, communities and government decision-makers, the Alberta Water Tool uses innovative technology to collect and analyze data for each watershed, including estimates of water flow for rivers, lakes and streams, watershed characteristics such as land cover, climate and impacts from predicted future climate change across west-central Alberta.

    “The best decisions are made when you have the best information,” says Kerr. The Alberta Water tool draws hydrological data from 30,600 surface and groundwater allocation points, and 185 hydrometric stations, for 181,000 unique watersheds in Alberta.

    “This is a first in Alberta, but it builds on water resource mapping work we originally did in British Columbia,” says Kerr, who was the lead developer on the project. The first version of the engine powering the Alberta Water Tool was developed in 2012 for the Northeast Water Tool for the BC Oil and Gas Commission. It was recognized by a BC Premier’s Award for Regional Innovation, an award from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC, and also won an Environmental Innovation Award at the Global Petroleum Show.

    Today the Alberta Water Tool incorporates hydrology modelling science generated from the Integrated Assessment of West Central Alberta project, and is supported by several associations whose membership needs support for sound water management planning, including the Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada (PTAC), the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) and 12 oil and gas industry companies currently operating in west-central Alberta. The development of the technology was supported by both the National Research Council-Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) and Tecterra.

    “The Alberta Water Tool will shake up traditional water research methods,” admits Kerr, “But that’s a good thing because now resource management experts can replace repetitive, time-consuming data gathering tasks with higher-order impact analysis and planning work.”

    The Alberta Water Tool and its forerunner in BC are unique in North America as a water-resource decision-support tools. But not for long.

    “This is just the beginning,” says Kerr. “We’re very excited to be rolling out sophisticated tools that support sound water resource management in other regions across Canada and the USA. Water is one of the biggest issues we are going to face in the future, and we need to better understand our water resources today in order to plan for tomorrow.”

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    David Sovka


    About Foundry Spatial

    Based in Victoria, BC, Foundry Spatial is an environmental science and consulting firm. Our expert team of scientists and programmers builds helpful tools that turn raw data into meaningful information for smart, sustainable, resource management decision-making. We have a proven track record, having delivered hydrology modeling and decision support tools for more than one million km2 of Western Canada. For more information, visit


    About the Alberta Water Tool

    More information about the new Alberta Water Tool can be found at:


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    Redbrick will launch the newest version of its desktop software analytics technology, DeskMetrics... see more

    Software analytics platform provides solution to the forgotten desktop developer 

    Victoria, BC, Canada - May 9, 2016 - Redbrick, a leading product development company, will launch the newest version of its desktop software analytics technology, DeskMetrics on Wednesday, June 8th in Tel Aviv, Israel, where it does the majority of its expansive international business.  Having acquired DeskMetrics earlier this spring, Redbrick is now preparing to launch the updated version of the software globally.

    “DeskMetrics answers the demand of a market that has been completely underserved for a very long time and we know that first hand,” said Michael Foucher, Director of Product at Redbrick. “It is a simple and powerful solution for developers that allows them to integrate our SDK and, within minutes, get detailed data on runtime intelligence: advertising sources, installations, downloads, customer engagement, and sales. With error and funnel reporting going live in the coming weeks, the feedback we’re getting from developers is that this is the critical information they need to iterate, and ultimately engage, more users.”

    “From our oldest partners to new clients, the initial response to DeskMetrics is extremely positive and that is very exciting for our team. We’ve been building, iterating, and actually using the platform internally here at Redbrick for over two years and launching it under the DeskMetrics brand is hugely rewarding. The final product is something we are proud of and we can’t wait to celebrate the launch with some of our largest partners from around the world this June in Israel,” said Tobyn Sowden, CEO of Redbrick.

    Redbrick is not setting any limits on what the product can and will be able to do for its customers, but first making sure that the most popular open source installers: Inno Setup and NSIS, as well as the most common desktop software development languages: C++ and C# are taken care of.  From landing page to application, and cart checkout, DeskMetrics is enabling full life cycle coverage of the user in a way that no platform has done before.  With Israel representing 60% of its international revenue, the event in Tel Aviv is set to turn heads in the industry.

    Some exciting new features are coming down the pipeline quickly, with Redbrick’s nimble, Canada-based team focused on SDKs for Chrome extensions, Mac OS and Electron -based applications. These are expected to be released in the coming months.

    About Redbrick

    Redbrick is a product development company focused on desktop software analytics and distribution. They have become a leader in data-driven insights and provide unparalleled expertise around user engagement. Redbrick is a trusted partner for thousands of software professionals, with over 2.5 billion events analyzed and more than 500,000 users across 200 countries. For more information, please visit

    About DeskMetrics

    DeskMetrics was launched in October 2010, providing desktop software analytics to developers. The product filled the demand of a growing number of developers looking for ways to better-understand user engagement. In March 2016, DeskMetrics was acquired by Redbrick. This acquisition marks the next generation of Redbrick’s technology, branded as DeskMetrics, and comprises a core part of the company’s product line. For more information, please visit

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    David Davies

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