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    The AGM held on September 27th saw highly qualified candidates and a great recap on a successful yea see more

    VIATEC’s 2018-19 Board of Directors elected

    The AGM held on September 27th saw highly qualified candidates and a great recap on a successful year at VIATEC

    VICTORIA, BC (September 28, 2018) - The Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council (VIATEC) held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday evening at Fort Tectoria with 49 in attendance. There were 14 candidates for the 7 seats available on the board.

    VIATEC thanks everyone who ran and congratulates those who were newly elected and re-elected.

    The 2017-2018 VIATEC Board of Directors are:

    1. Jim Balcom, Redlen Technologies Inc (returning)

    2. Robert Bowness, BC Pension Corp (returning)

    3. Robert Cooper, PlusROI Online Marketing Inc (returning)

    4. Scott Dewis, RaceRocks 3D Inc (re-elected)

    5. Christina Gerow, Workday (returning)

    6. Bobbi Leach, RevenueWire Inc. (returning)

    7. Justin Love, Limbic Media (returning)

    8. Owen Matthews, Wesley Clover (re-elected)

    9. Masoud Nassaji, DoubleJump (returning)

    10. Ashton Scordo, BCI Private Equity (newly elected)

    11. Erin Skillen, FamilySparks (newly elected)

    12. Brad Williams, Flytographer (newly elected)

    13. Mike Williams (newly elected)

    14. Justin Young, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP (newly elected)

    The following positions were also assigned and voted for by the board:

    • Bobbi Leach, Board Chair

    • Brad Williams, Vice Chair

    • Rasool Rayani, Past Chair (ex-officio)

    • Robert Bowness, Chair of the Finance Committee

    • Owen Matthews, Chair of the Governance Committee

    • Chair of the Foundation Committee to be announced

    “We are honoured that so many members put their names forward to serve on the board,” said Dan Gunn, CEO of VIATEC. “It was not easy for our members to choose but they did a great job electing a board that closely reflects the broader membership and the VIATEC team is looking forward to working with them.”

    Full bios of each board member can be found here.

    Photos from the event can be found here.


    Dan Gunn, CEO

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    August 30th deadline! see more

    Seattle Angel Conference accepting company applications

    (Deadline: Aug 30)

    The Seattle Angel Conference, slated for November 14, 2018, is currently accepting applications for participating companies. The deadline is looming on August 30, 2018.

    The Seattle Angel Conference is a program for companies and new investors to engage in Angel Investing. We will gather 20-40 Angel Investors and raise a fund of $150+K . Our goal is to look at companies that are at or near first revenue, who would find an Angel Investment valuable.

    We do a review of all the companies and provide feedback. The application deadline for companies is August 30th. Over the 12 weeks from the first week in September until the final event on the 14th of November, the investors will engage with some of the companies, selecting companies until they select a final winner at the final event.

    The calendar looks something like:

    • Aug 30 - Deadline for companies
    • Sept 4 - SAC XIV First meeting/review (Investors Only)
    • Sep 11 - SAC XIV Select 24 Quarter-Finalists (Investors Only)
    • Sep 18 - SAC XIV 3-minute pitch night #1 (investors and Quarter-finalists)
    • Sep 19 - SAC XIV 3-minute pitch night #2 (investors and Quarter-finalists)
    • Sep 25 - SAC XIV Select 12 Semi-Finalists (Investors Only)
    • Oct 2 - SAC XIV 10 minute pitch night #1 (Investors and Semi-finalists)
    • Oct 3 - SAC XIV 10 Minute pitch night #2 (Investors and Semi-finalists)
    • Oct 9 - SAC XIV Select 6 Finalists (Investors Only)
    • Oct 16 - SAC XIV Due Diligence (Investors + Founders) (Group work)
    • Oct 23 - SAC XIV Due Diligence (Investors Only)
    • Oct 30 - SAC XIV Due Diligence (Investors Only)
    • Nov 6 - SAC XIV Due Diligence (Investors Only)
    • Nov 13 - SAC XIV Mixer (Investors and finalists)
    • Nov 14 - SAC XIV Final Event (public) 12:30 to 6:30

    All of the events will be held at Microsoft Building 99.

    You can read more about the project at


    In addition to purchasing a company application ticket to the final event, you will need to complete a profile on, and submit it to the Angel Conference ( before Sept 4th.

    Additional details here:

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    July 6th: topics will range from personal empowerment to education you can use for your own business see more

    Connecting Curious Minds: Entrepreneurial Expo & Conference coming to town

    VICTORIA, BC (April 4, 2018) - On July 6th, Genesa CPA Corp from Vancouver is partnering with Your Entrepreneurial Society of Victoria to bring to you an entrepreneurial expo and conference. The event is an all-day conference taking place at the Da Vinci Centre.

    The event will consist of exhibitors, workshop facilitators, and guest speakers; topics will range from personal empowerment to education you can use for your own business. All exhibitors, workshop facilitators, and guest speakers will be entrepreneurs from Vancouver Island and Vancouver; all which have unique personal stories of entrepreneurship and out-of-the-box visions for their business.

    If you're looking for inspiration, a shift in mindset, and valuable business education - this is the right event for you. Student, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, we invite you to come connect with other like-minded individuals.

    Genesa Corp. is a unique accounting firm in Vancouver that operates on the premise of empowerment through personal leadership and building genuine relationships. Through corporate culture building and freedom of creativity in their work culture; they want entrepreneurs to feel the importance of playing big with your vision. With a positive but gradual shift in how businesses are choosing to operate – they are here to share with you the power of this shift.

    Between April 4-8, Genesa Corp will be in Victoria meeting with interested entrepreneurs to become an exhibitor, workshop facilitator, and/or guest speaker: or 250-532-0989

    To get tickets:
    Instagram: @connectingcuriousminds

    **VIATEC Members receive Gold Priority Seating! Email for the promocode. **