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    A next-gen location-based networking app for women to meet up with like-minded women has launched! see more

    First of Its Kind, Women-Only Networking Platform Launches in App Stores

    For immediate release

    Victoria, B.C., October 12, 2018: Locelle – a next generation location-based social networking platform for women to connect and meet up with like-minded women – has launched in the app stores today.

    "It's been an incredible nine months for our team as we worked tirelessly on customer discovery, market validation, product design and development," said Humaira Ahmed, Locelle's founder.

    Networking is hard, and Locelle is taking the "work" out of it.

    As women go through various life transitions – moving to a new city, career change, caring for a baby, new relationship status, coming back from maternity leave or illness – the need to make meaningful connections arises. The challenge typically is not being able to easily find and meet up with like-minded women who live nearby and share similar interests and activities.

    Locelle aims to change that. With months of beta testing with real users, the platform is now available in the app stores and is already making meaningful connections for women in Victoria and Vancouver. Powered by machine learning, Locelle’s proprietary matching algorithm connects women based on interests, activities and location.

    “I just downloaded Locelle and super excited to have already made three connections with like-minded women in tech space!! In a pretty male dominated industry, I’m stoked to see an app like this to help build my tribe. Thank you for creating!” wrote Sarah Boland, a Locelle user.

    Locelle is also working with a handful of B.C. technology companies that wish to hire more women as part of their diversity and inclusion initiatives. These companies offer Locelle as an onboarding package to their female staff. "With Flytographer and RingPartner already on board, this is just the beginning of a social health movement," said Ahmed.

    "Here at RingPartner, we value connecting people with opportunities, and Locelle makes it easy for our female team members to get involved in the tech community and forge relationships with like-minded individuals," said Sarah Gulbrandsen, COO and president of RingPartner.

    The app is available on Android and iOS and free for now; it will be available for US$1.99 per user, per month earlier next year. Interested companies can contact Humaira Ahmed, while interested users can download the app.


    About Locelle Digital Inc.:

    Locelle (/lōk-el/) is a location-based networking app for women offering safer and easier way to meet like-minded women nearby. Powered by machine learning, Locelle’s proprietary matching algorithm connects women based on interests, activities and location.


    Media Contact:

    Humaira Ahmed

    Founder and CEO



    Social Media:

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    Women only social networking platform has begun beta testing with select iOS and android users. see more

    Victoria Based Women Only Social Networking Platform to Meet New Friends, Activity Partners, Business Connections Begins Beta Testing.

    For Immediate Release

    Victoria, BC, August 7, 2018 – Locelle™, a women-only location based social networking platform to find and meet platonic connections has begun beta testing with select users. With hundreds of registered users in Victoria and Vancouver, it’s an exciting time for women to connect and meet like-minded women in a safe and easy way.

    Being new to the city, newly single or separated, going through a career change, diving into entrepreneurship, traveling, parenthood – all unique life transitions bring about a need for like-minded connections, especially post grad for many women. Locelle™, an interest based secure platform helps to find like-minded connections nearby. The name Locelle is a combination of “local” and “elle" meaning she.

    “Having gone through isolation through different stages of life myself, I know how hard it can be without a like-minded tribe. It's essential to bring women together now - loneliness and isolation affect millions of women in countries across the world and social capital is vital for mental health and overall well-being," expressed Humaira Ahmed, Founder and CEO of Locelle Digital Inc.

    Women rely heavily on their social networks to share, support and thrive. “It’s increasingly becoming challenging to easily meet like-minded women in person due to many factors – schedules, evolving interests, life transitions and location; and Locelle exists to help women get off-line and grow their tribe,” said Ahmed.

    The official launch is at the West Coast Womens Show Oct 12-14 where over 23,000 women are expected to attend the show. Beta testing is underway for both iOS and Android users – interested women can sign up for early access at



    About Locelle Digital Inc.:
    Locelle™ (/lōk-el/) is a women only social networking platform that offers a safer and easier way to meet like-minded women nearby – friend, mentor, network, or activity partner. We create real connections by finding nearby matches its proprietary technology.

    Media Contact:
    Humaira Ahmed
    Founder and CEO

    Social Media:

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    Locelle Digital is Set to Demo First of its Kind Female-Only Social Networking Platform at #BCTECH see more

    Victoria based female-only social networking platform to demo at #BCTECH Summit!

    For Immediate Release

    Victoria, BC, May 8, 2018 – Locelle, a women-only location based social networking platform to find and meet platonic female connections, is set to do its first ever demo at #BCTECH Summit in the Startup Village on May 15,16 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. This new platform is launching this summer (open to public) and will be taking its first wave of users at #BCTECH Summit. This year, the company is looking to grow its user-base by special invites and events to keep the platform safe. Interested women can learn more at and opt in to sign up for a free account to join the private community open until May 17th.

    “We chose BCTECH Summit as a demo pad because it’s the largest technology conference in Western Canada and as a tech startup stemming from Victoria, B.C., we wanted to showcase our platform to thousands of delegates attending it,” expressed Humaira Ahmed, Founder of Locelle Digital Inc. This is a “next gen” platform with user privacy and security at the forefront as well full compliance with significant new EU privacy regulations taking effect this year (GDPR/EDP).

    Loneliness affects millions of women in countries across the world and social capital is vital for their mental health and overall well-being. “I found that each life transition – moving to a new place, marriage, babies and even being an entrepreneur – brought about isolation and with that, the need for new connections. It is so challenging to meet like-minded women who live nearby,” expressed Ahmed. With all the current women empowerment movements, Humaira knew that the time was just right for Locelle to exist. The platform creates real connections by finding nearby matches based on interests, location and demographics using Match IQ™ technology.

    If you are attending #BCTECH Summit, stop by Locelle’s booth and get a demo of the platform.


    About Locelle Digital Inc.:
    Locelle (/lōk-el/) is a female only social networking platform that offers a safer and easier way to meet like-minded women nearby – friend, mentor, network, or activity partner. We create real connections by finding nearby matches using Match IQ™ technology.

    Media Contact:
    Humaira Ahmed

    Social Media:

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    Thursday night, about 100 tech insiders caught a glimpse of some tech failure stories. see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Andrew Duffy

    Greater Victoria’s high-tech industry has for years been lauding its successes, and telling anyone who will listen about its incredible growth.

    And while the multibillion-dollar industry that employs about 22,000 people appears on the surface to be skipping along under nothing but blue skies, it knows there are deep, dark secrets hidden in the nooks and crannies of tech firms everywhere.

    Thursday night, about 100 tech insiders caught a glimpse of some of them.

    The Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council hosted its first F**kup Night, throwing back the curtain to reveal that sometimes it goes spectacularly wrong.

    At turns raw, honest, funny and poignant, a trio of veteran Victoria technology leaders bared a little bit of their souls. At times, the candor caught both veteran colleagues and young tech newbies off guard.

    The stories touched on fundamental mistakes, minor oversights, poor judgment and bankruptcy.

    “Too often, we talk about the successes and we don’t spend a lot of time talking about those dark moments and thinking about the things that haven’t gone right,” said VIATEC chief executive Dan Gunn. “The reality is, if you’re a tech entrepreneur, there will be failures and success.”

    F**kup Night, which started in Mexico in 2012, is now a global movement with more than 100 cities in 35 countries taking part, each of them offering a stage for companies to tell the world what went wrong.

    Former Contech Enterprises chief executive Mark Grambart told the crowd about the deal and the errors made leading to the pet product company’s bankruptcy in 2015.

    Starting with the caveat “this will not end well,” Grambart talked about a poor decision to implement new systems with a new acquisition that led to orders not being shipped and revenue drying up.

    “We made no money, and because we made no money the banks didn’t increase our line of credit,” he said, noting that was the beginning of the end.

    Grambart said they got complacent as they were veterans at acquiring new firms. He said his is a cautionary tale to remind other entrepreneurs there is always time for due diligence, not to rush a deal and to take the time to do post-merger integration right.

    These days, Grambart said, when he feels comfortable he gets worried. “I ask myself, what am I missing,” he said.

    Grambart, who is currently a mentor at VIATEC, said being able to share the story is important.

    “It’s a bit of community building,” he said.

    “I’m sure I’m not the only one with a story like that. It does go wrong, but it’s about how you react and how you work through it. There’s a lot of learning in there and that makes you better.”

    Todd Dunlop agrees. The founder of tech firms Neverblue and RingPartner, Dunlop said talking about failure is as rewarding for those sharing the stories as those who hear them for the first time.

    “Being able to show a lot of the companies that I mentor that there are ups and downs is rewarding. We all go through these f**k ups, but there are way more ups for all of us than there are downs,” he said.

    Dunlop said being able to look back and reflect on his mistakes was therapeutic. “It forced me to look at all those lessons and maybe even apply some of those to my companies now,” he said.

    Dunlop shared that after the sale of affiliate marketing research firm Neverblue in 2007 he was riding high, but was brought down to earth by a legal fight started by a patent over tracking technology.

    The only winners of the costly legal battle were the lawyers, and Dunlop learned a lesson to limit his exposure and keep a sharp eye on the fine print.

    The fight also bled into his new ventures as he became cautious — not in a good way — and stopped innovating and growing.

    Dunlop said he hopes sharing his story will open the doors for others. “When you are being a little bit vulnerable, the hope is you’re opening an exchange with others,” he said.

    Clayton Stark, head of technology at game developer Kixeye, has never been shy about sharing what’s on his mind.

    A 27-year veteran of the tech scene in Victoria, Stark was up front saying when Mercurial Communications delivered its version of Netscape to America Online more than 10 years ago, they screwed up.

    “It was a huge deal,” said the former Mercurial chief operating officer.

    But the project and its numerous widgets and features shipped to the client without a key piece of the pie — analytics that would have allowed AOL to track and measure the new product.

    Stark, who put analytics in the hands of one of his developers, said it’s a lesson in paying attention to detail and to things that you may not necessarily find all that interesting.

    “Don’t be blinded by doing just what you love,” he said.

    Like Dunlop and Grambart, Stark sees value in making a mess of things. “It’s humbling,” he said, noting he has learned to think things through. “These are ripe opportunities for increasing your leadership capabilities.”

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    Experience Tectoria, a chance for the rest of the world to dive into the local tech scene. see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Andrew Duffy

    Photographer: Darren Stone

    Three days of high-tech hoopla kicks off today as the Victoria Advanced Technology Council opens up Experience Tectoria, a chance for the rest of the world to dive into the local tech scene and for firms to strut their stuff.

    The three-day conference and networking event has seminars, workshops, pitch opportunities and entertainment for tech firms and the public.

    Dan Gunn, executive director of VIATEC, said the event serves a number of audiences.

    “We bring in what we call VIPs — investor types, tech bloggers — basically people of influence from markets that are important to our members,” Gunn said, adding it is also a chance for firms to take in seminars on how to better run their companies, raise capital or find talent.

    There is a broad creative component, including music at Rifflandia, speaking with artists about the creative process and a question-and-answer session with comedian Nathan Fielder (lead actor in Nathan For You on Comedy Central).

    “But the most important thing is the great networking opportunity this is,” said Gunn, noting the events bring together sector leaders and mixes them with local companies.

    An economic impact study commissioned by VIATEC and released last year shows the sector has a total annual impact of $4.03 billion on the local economy. Total revenues generated by high-tech's 900 local companies is $3.15 billion annually.

    The sector directly employs 15,000 people as well as more than 3,000 consultants and advisers, and another 5,000 individuals working in technology for companies outside the high-tech sphere.

    Many of the events at Experience Tectoria are open to the public and tickets are still available online at

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    Thinklandia Festival is 7 days of creative speakers, artists, CEOs, physicists and storytellers see more



    Thinklandia Festival Speaker Line Up 2015
    September 11 to 17
    Yates St. Parkade Rooftop • 575 Yates St.
    NIghtly • Doors at 5:00pm • Event at 7:45pm • Free

    Brought to you by Telus, Rifflandia, the City of Victoria, Atomique Productions, VIATEC, InterArts, Fort Properties, and Stream of Consciousness


    Thinklandia Festival is 7 days of creative speakers, artists, CEOs, physicists and storytellers sharing their creative experiences and wisdom in an interactive venue created from converting a parkade rooftop in downtown Victoria. Events are bright, vibrant, open, and entirely free, with dozens of speakers sharing thoughts and conversations with thousands of engaged people.

    Check out a huge new interactive environment by Scott Amos & David Parfitt (Money C), audio visual installations by Toni & Arya of EMP Productions, incredible speakers nightly, the launch of the inaugural Mayor's Medal, unveiling new arts installations and exhibitions, beer by Phillips, food, music, and a new kind of creative festival in Victoria.





    Jill Doucette • Synergy Enterprises
    Rande Cook • Visual Artist
    Lisa Helps • Mayor of Victoria
    hosted by Iain Russell

    Plus we will present the inaugural Mayor's Medal Awards (nominations open now at



    “Edge of Knowledge”

    Edge of Knowledge is an exploration spanning through of years and billions of miles, from ancient wisdom known and taught for generations, to emerging notions of reality and the nature of existence, to aspects of reality that elude us still.


    Derek Muller • Veritasium, Australia
    Dr. Heather Berlin • Neuroscientist, NYC
    Baba Brinkman • Rapper, NYC
    hosted by Joey MacDonald




    ILLEGAL explores the contingencies, eccentricities, and everyday actions that exist outside of the typical realm of law, as well as the motivations and barriers experienced by those actively operating outside of the system.


    Stephen Reid • Author, bankrobber
    Sarah Smith AKA Ginger Kittens • PEERS, Burlesque dancer
    Hector Espinosa • Street artist, Mexico
    hosted by Ken Gordon



    "Stories We Tell"

    A conversation among luminaries, mediums of history, crafters of culture, and interpreters of truth. This panel focuses on the power of storytelling, its role in history, the joys and dangers of fiction, and

    how the past informs the future through stories.


    Roy Henry Vickers • Visual artist, storyteller
    Susan Musgrave • Author, poet
    hosted by Missie Peters

    Also featuring Story Slam - an open invitation to submit your 4-5 minute story, and tell it to everyone at Stories We Tell. Got a fantastic story? Send us a note at and tell it at Story Slam.



    PERSPECTIVE explores the ability to approach common problems from an independent frame of reference, and the incredible new ideas generated from the simple practice of seeing differently. Perspective aims to reframe emerging discussions around broader opportunities for communication.


    Bif Naked • Musician, activist
    Rae Spoon • Musician, activist
    Jason Verners • Illusionist
    hosted by Sarah Kramer





    Jordan Bower • Digital Storyteller
    Shaun Verreault • Wide Mouth Mason Lead Singer
    TEDxVictoriaSalon • Tiffany Poirier, a Vice Principal in SD61 • Jeff Hopkins, Founder of the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry
    hosted by Iain Russell



    Concurrent events:

    “Building A Creative City”
    Thinklandia HQ • 1001 Blanshard St
    Doors at 4:30pm • Event at 5:00pm • Free


    Jessica Hopper • Senior Editor, Pitchfork Magazine
    Kathryn Calder    • Singer/Songwriter
    Leeroy Stagger • Singer/Songwriter



    This event is in partnership with Experience Tectoria

    Yates St. Parkade Rooftop • 575 Yates St.
    Doors at 5:00pm • Event at 7:45pm • Free


    Peter Nowak • Award Winning Technology Journalist, Syndicated Blogger & Columnist
    Lauren Friese • Founder,
    hosted by Ian Hoar


    Contact Details

    Joey MacDonald
    Creative Programming Director, Thinklandia