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    VIATEC's Compensation Study is Ready! see more

    VIATEC's Compensation Study is Ready!

    VIATEC’s 2018 HR Practices and Compensation Study is ready! The study analyzes recruitment and retention practices, compensation structure and programs, benefits and salary ranges within Greater Victoria’s technology sector; helping companies make more informed decisions.

    There is a small cost to purchasing it, which helps to cover the consultants’ fee. The cost is considerably lower than that of comparable reports, having been subsidized by VIATEC.

    • Participating tech company, VIATEC member: $250
    • Non-participating tech company, VIATEC member: $500
    • Participating tech company, non-VIATEC member: $750

    To purchase your company’s copy of the study, please email Georgia Cowell:

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    BCIC is pleased to announce the launch of their newest program, BCIC Ignite see more

    Source: BCIC

    Monday, February 29, 2016 - BCIC is pleased to announce the launch of their newest program, BCIC Ignite. Funded by the National Resources and Applied Sciences (NRAS) Endowment Fund, BCIC Ignite provides funding support of up to $300,000 to teams of researchers and industry partners that are conducting research leading to commercializable projects. The focus is on technologies in the natural resources and applied sciences in BC.

    You can find all the details on their new web page:

    This is an exciting opportunity to support innovations that address a demonstrated problem faced by industry. The first deadline is May 2nd for Letters of Intent for the Spring 2016 program.

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    CMC Microsystems has welcomed 4D LABS at SFU to the FACT network of labs. see more

    KINGSTON, ON/BURNABY, BC -- 4D LABS is pleased to announce that CMC Microsystems, on behalf of the Micro-Nano Technologies Laboratory Working Group, has welcomed 4D LABS at Simon Fraser University to the FACT network of labs, devoted to fabrication, assembly, characterization and test of micro-nano innovations.

    4D LABS becomes the fifth and newest member of this national, cooperative network of service-ready nanofabrication labs based in academic institutions, joining founding members the nanoFAB (University of Alberta), the Toronto Nanofabrication Centre (TNFC, University of Toronto), GCM Lab (Polytechnique Montréal), and the Interdisciplinary Institute for Technological Innovation (3IT, Université de Sherbrooke).

    Arising from Canada’s significant investment in university- and college-based micro-nanotechnology (MNT) infrastructure, labs participating in the FACT Network offer specialized facilities, expertise and partnership opportunities to assist academic and industrial clients. These facilities offer both open access to users, and services delivered by on-site staff. These services can accelerate the research cycle when, for example, hands-on access by the client isn’t the optimal solution, or the lab’s in-house expertise adds critical value to the client’s own capabilities.

    These labs must demonstrate technical expertise, a dedication to high-quality service, and a track record of R&D projects for external clients, including industry.  They work with CMC Microsystems and each other, using shared business practices and project protocols, and a harmonized intellectual property framework. They also have the capacity to position fabrication projects for technology scale-up.

    “4D LABS is honored to become the newest member of the national FACT network,” says Neil Branda, Executive Director at 4D LABS. “The shared capabilities of this network provide Canadian academic and industrial researchers access to a wealth of expertise and cutting-edge research facilities. It will, without any doubt, further foster innovation here at 4D LABS and across Canada.”

    “Lowering barriers to high-quality R&D and fabrication services enables researchers to innovate more quickly and efficiently,” says Dan Gale, founding member of the MNT Laboratory Working Group and Vice-President and CTO of CMC Microsystems. “The participation of 4D LABS in the FACT initiative enhances both the extent and diversity of the network’s infrastructure and expertise. This network has the potential to fill an important gap in Canada’s innovation ecosystem. We’re excited to have 4D on board.”

    “Emerging technologies face many challenges in making the leap from academic labs to production centres. An innovator’s new material or device is not necessarily compatible with an established manufacturing line,” says Andrew Fung, who manages business development of the FACT Network. “We want to bridge these gaps by prototyping in process demonstration facilities like 4D LABS. For innovators, the FACT Network opens some key avenues for flexibility and technology de-risking.”
    About 4D LABS:

    4D LABS, is an applications- and science-driven research institute at Simon Fraser University, located in British Columbia, Canada, offering access to multiple facilities housing state-of-the-art equipment for academic, industrial and government researchers. We focus on accelerating the Design, Development, Demonstration and Delivery of advanced functional materials and nanoscale devices. Our goal-oriented environment fosters intellectual freedom and creativity—critical for breakthrough research.

    About the FACT Network:

    The FACT Network is a national network of nanofabrication labs offering state-of-the-art tools, technologies and processes and technical expertise for developing and prototyping innovations in micro-nanotechnologies. Working cooperatively, these labs are a service-oriented subset of a Canada-wide investment in academic labs in that explore and develop materials, processes, devices and systems for advancing micro-nano innovations. The network also fosters partnerships to establish paths to technology scaleup.


    Nathanael Sieb
    Director of Operations and Administration, 4D LABS


    Andrew Fung
    Manager, Business Development, FACT Network

    E: Andrew.fung@cmc.c