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    Includes Cuboh who is one of the newest members to join VIATEC's Venture Acceleration Program! see more


    The judges’ scores are in! Meet the eight companies moving on from Round 2.5 to join Round 3, following successful pitches before a jury. Congratulations to the companies that are moving on.

    Moving on to Round 3 (in alphabetical order)

    These companies will join the top 18 that had previously advanced directly into Round 3, including Cuboh who is one of the newest members to join VIATEC's Venture Acceleration Program!

    Additional Round 3 Competitors (in alphabetical order)

    In the next stage of the competition, ventures will be paired with a mentor team and create a condensed business plan.

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    Cuboh talks about its 2020 growth and the joining of Brandon Ellis (Checkfront) as CTO. see more

    VICTORIA, BC, Canada - Cuboh, the highest rated online ordering manager for modern restaurants, continues to grow with the appointment of Brandon Ellis as their new Chief Technology Officer.

    The Canadian startup oversubscribed their seed round in March 2020, raising $1.6M CAD with Altair CapitalGood News Ventures and Dash40 Ventures. “This investment has helped us grow our customer success, sales and development teams more than 200% overall,” said Cuboh Co-Founder & CEO Juan Orrego. “We need to continue growing the team at this speed to satisfy our increasing customer needs in this pandemic environment, which has put more emphasis on online ordering.”

    Orrego continued, as Cuboh is a technological solution, “the keystone to these new hires was the CTO; we needed a seasoned executive. Someone with experience in growing a small national start-up to a global enterprise with employees and customers worldwide.”

    Ellis was the perfect fit, having played an integral role in growing Checkfront - a Canadian company that offers an online booking system for tours, activities, and rentals - from 3 to 80+ employees over the last six years. “Brandon has been an immediate fit for Cuboh, and with his expertise we’re all excited to see where we go next” added Tyler Gellatly, Cuboh’s Director of Operations & Partnerships.

    As of June 2020, Cuboh serves 1,000+ locations in the US, Canada, and increasingly in Australia where it just launched its operations with the help of a strategic partnership with Square.


    About Cuboh

    Cuboh is the preferred restaurant solution for online ordering consolidation and POS direct integration. Headquartered in Victoria, BC, Canada, Cuboh integrates delivery apps such as Uber Eats, Doordash, and Chownow with restaurants' Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. Its solution replaces all other delivery app tablets and enables restaurants to consolidate data, increase online orders, and drive profits via new revenue streams and better service.


    Media Contact

    Omar Sequera

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    August 30th deadline! see more

    Seattle Angel Conference accepting company applications

    (Deadline: Aug 30)

    The Seattle Angel Conference, slated for November 14, 2018, is currently accepting applications for participating companies. The deadline is looming on August 30, 2018.

    The Seattle Angel Conference is a program for companies and new investors to engage in Angel Investing. We will gather 20-40 Angel Investors and raise a fund of $150+K . Our goal is to look at companies that are at or near first revenue, who would find an Angel Investment valuable.

    We do a review of all the companies and provide feedback. The application deadline for companies is August 30th. Over the 12 weeks from the first week in September until the final event on the 14th of November, the investors will engage with some of the companies, selecting companies until they select a final winner at the final event.

    The calendar looks something like:

    • Aug 30 - Deadline for companies
    • Sept 4 - SAC XIV First meeting/review (Investors Only)
    • Sep 11 - SAC XIV Select 24 Quarter-Finalists (Investors Only)
    • Sep 18 - SAC XIV 3-minute pitch night #1 (investors and Quarter-finalists)
    • Sep 19 - SAC XIV 3-minute pitch night #2 (investors and Quarter-finalists)
    • Sep 25 - SAC XIV Select 12 Semi-Finalists (Investors Only)
    • Oct 2 - SAC XIV 10 minute pitch night #1 (Investors and Semi-finalists)
    • Oct 3 - SAC XIV 10 Minute pitch night #2 (Investors and Semi-finalists)
    • Oct 9 - SAC XIV Select 6 Finalists (Investors Only)
    • Oct 16 - SAC XIV Due Diligence (Investors + Founders) (Group work)
    • Oct 23 - SAC XIV Due Diligence (Investors Only)
    • Oct 30 - SAC XIV Due Diligence (Investors Only)
    • Nov 6 - SAC XIV Due Diligence (Investors Only)
    • Nov 13 - SAC XIV Mixer (Investors and finalists)
    • Nov 14 - SAC XIV Final Event (public) 12:30 to 6:30

    All of the events will be held at Microsoft Building 99.

    You can read more about the project at


    In addition to purchasing a company application ticket to the final event, you will need to complete a profile on, and submit it to the Angel Conference ( before Sept 4th.

    Additional details here:

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    Round 2.5 and Round 3 ventures announced - New Ventures BC see more


    Round 2.5 and Round 3 ventures announced - New Ventures BC

    The results are in! Our esteemed panel of judges have evaluated the Round 2 submissions. This year was extremely competitive, leaving us with 18 ventures moving directly into Round 3, and 27 ventures pitching in Round 2.5. To ensure fairness and accuracy, all scores were analyzed and normalized by Octothorpe software.

    Congratulations to all!

    Top 18 – advancing directly to Round 3 (in alphabetical order)

    Round 2.5 – placing 19-45 (in alphabetical order)

    What’s next?

    The top 18 companies advance directly to Round 3. The remaining 27 teams will enter Round 2.5, where they will pitch for a chance to advance. The top seven ventures from this pitch day will join Round 3, creating our Top 25!

    Round 2.5 pitches happen June 21. Our final Round 3 ventures will be announced on June 22.

    Good luck to all of the teams!

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    Victoria-based Certn moves on to Round 3 of New Ventures BC Competition see more

    Victoria-based Certn moves on to Round 3 of New Ventures BC Competition

    The ventures have pitched and the judges’ scores are in! Here are the ten startups moving on from Round 2.5 to join Round 3 in our 2017 BCIC-New Ventures Competition. Congratulations to the ventures that are moving on.

    Moving on to Round 3 (in alphabetical order)

    1. Bellows roof anchor (1078955B.C)
    2. Certn (The first Victoria-based company to make it to the top 26!)
    3. CryoLogistics Refrigeration Technologies
    4. Cuprous Pharmaceuticals
    5. Cyberdontics
    6. InputHealth
    7. Slick Spaces Technologies
    8. TalentMarketplace
    9. Trellis Technologies
    10. Virtro Entertainment

    These companies will join the top 16 that had previously advanced directly into Round 3 (in alphabetical order). 

    In the next stage of the competition, ventures will be paired with a mentor team and create a condensed business plan.

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    TeamPages was just an idea that Nikolas and Mike came up with for a class assignment at UVic... see more

    Author: Mike Tan

    TeamPages joins Active Network

    What a day! It's official, TeamPages is joining Active Network :) Super excited about the future of TeamPages as part of the Active family!

    It’s crazy to think that 10 years, ago TeamPages was just an idea that Nikolas Laufer-Edel and I came up with for a class assignment at the UVic Entrepreneurship Program. And that shortly after writing that business plan, with guidance and mentorship from Jonathan Kerr, that business plan ended winning the IDC Challenge and giving us our first $10,000 in seed capital.

    A couple months after winning the IDC Challenge, in October 2006, Adam Palmblad, Jonathan Kerr and I decided to take the plunge and leave our other tech jobs to work on TeamPages full-time. And 2 months later we had converted my apartment into our office (hoisting whiteboards into the apartment from the balcony cause they wouldn’t fit in the elevator), launched our first beta of TeamPages for UVic Intramurals, and raised our first $50,000 from friends and family (instead of getting Christmas presents that December). A big thank you to Adam’s parents, Jon’s parents and uncle, my parents, William Oliver, and Nikolas Laufer-Edel for believing and investing in us early!

    I still remember the first day we launched the site and we made $0.35 cents from Google Adsense and to celebrate we ended buying beers and a pizza which costed us $20 (which at the time of earning $0.35 a day would take us almost 2 months to pay off).

    We were very fortunate early on to have an amazing Board of Advisors (Steven Dagg, Chris Taylor, Tony Melli, Robert Bennett, Eric Sei-in Remy Jordan, and Stacy Kuiack) who helped us stay focus on the right things and avoid many pitfalls early on. Thank you for of your wisdom and support over the years, the early morning meetings, the late night phone calls to go over term sheets and shareholders agreements, and always being there for us even during our most challenging times. 

    A few months after launching the site, we completely lucked out when Kyle Vucko introduced us to Hannes Blum and Boris Wertz who along with Burda Digital Ventures led our Seed Round and joined our Board of Directors. Over the years I have learned so much from the two of you and have the upmost respect for you as mentors, entrepreneurs, and investors. The two of you are two of the smartest, hardest working, and supportive people I have ever met. Thank you for showing me what true hustle and hard work looks like, the importance of tracking metrics early on, that success doesn’t come from a magic silver bullet but a lot of hard work and incremental improvements that add up over time. Thank you for all of your support, wisdom, and much needed tough love throughout the years.

    And shortly after raising our Seed Round, Derek Story joined us a co-founder and VP Sales. Since my departure as CEO in 2012, Derek and Adam took the leadership reins and have been doing a fantastic job ever since. Without their dedication, grit, and hustle, TeamPages wouldn’t be where it is today. Words can’t really express my gratitude and respect to the both of you. Thank you Derek and Adam (and Tracy Wilkinson)!

    The last 10 years has truly been a roller coaster of ups and downs, highs and lows. It’s been amazing journey along the way and one that (after a lot of rest and incorporating all the lessons learned from the mistakes made) I would definitely do again :) 

    A special thank you to Adam's parents and my parents who provided a much needed bridge investment in 2011 that helped us turn the corner and save the company. Thank you for believing in us even in the darkest of moments.

    Thank you to all of our wonderful investors (names I'll keep private but deeply thank and cherish) for all of your support and patience over the last 10 years.

    Thank you to all the amazing team members and friends who made this journey possible and for all of your support over the years: Steve Brown, Helen Wilkinson, Mark Aquino, Matthew Langlois, Minxing Wang, William Oliver, Alex Shipillo, Lesley Bidlake, Naomi Buell, Ian Douglas, Eric Brewis, Joshua Sendoro, Greg Gunn, Allan Kumka, Willem Brosz, Arturo Gomez, Sean Taylor, Oleg Matvejev, David Mikula, Jeremy Rose, Landon Trybuch, Jacob Patenaube, Juri Totaro, Jesse Appleby, William Eckhart

    A big thank you to Arik Broadbent and Mike Rawluk at Farris, Geoff Dittrich at Segev, and Sang-Kiet Ly at KPMG for helping us close this deal!

    A massive thank you to both the tech communities in Victoria and Vancouver for all the support over the years. Without the help VIATEC (Dan Gunn, Robert Bennett, Tony Melli), IRAP (Martyn Ward), and New Ventures BC (Angie Schick), TeamPages would be here today.

    And lastly, thank you to Kelly Luu for being the love of my life and all your unconditional love and support through this journey. You have always been there for me and I can't thank you enough.

    I’m really excited about the next chapter and what’s in store for TeamPages at Active.

    Thank you! And stay tuned :)

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    LlamaZOO is excited to announce it has been selected as a finalist at the 2017 VIATEC Awards. see more

    LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. is excited to announce it has been selected as a finalist in two separate categories for the 2017 VIATEC Technology Awards: Emerging Technology Company of the Year, and Innovative Excellence

    Over the past year, LlamaZOO has gone from pre-revenue, to securing leading veterinary schools such as the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Missouri, and the University of Saskatchewan as paying customers. We have also gone from an incomplete product available only via private beta, to unveiling the world’s first VR/AR canine dissection, and to gaining happy student customers from over 70 schools across every continent but Antarctica!

    The VIATEC Technology Awards celebrate the achievements of the technology companies and individuals responsible for making Greater Victoria the fastest-growing technology region in British Columbia (it’s also the Victoria Tech Sector’s largest celebration of the year - featuring live music, costumes, over 850 attendees, flying inflatable orcas, and in a previous year involved a world-record-setting lightsaber battle).

    It’s been amazing year for LlamaZOO, and we are proud to be nominated for these awards alongside fellow Victoria-based tech companies such as Futurepay, Telmediq, and  SendtoNews. We wish all of the finalists good luck, but we very much look forward to adding another robot trophy (or two) to the LlamaZOO office.


    Excited words from LlamaZOO's co-founders, Charles Lavigne & Kevin Oke:

    Charles: “At LlamaZOO we’ve been committed to creating disruptive technologies and bringing them to unforeseen spaces since day one.

    Our comprehensive virtual 3D canine cadaver for education and professionals in VR is a world first, we’ve disrupted how GIS and shore flood lines are visualized for insurance and municipalities, and now we’re expanding our AR/VR platform to industry sectors such as mining and training. Since the last VIATEC awards we’ve been very busy presenting at the inaugural VRVCA in Beijing, as SXSWedu Launch finalists in Texas, unveiling our VR experience in Las Vegas, and finally being invited by Microsoft to demo on their future realities floor at BCTech.

    We’re excited to come home to Victoria and receive recognition after such an incredible year!”

    Kevin: “Winning Startup of the Year at the VIATEC Technology Awards two years ago was a very pivotal time for LlamaZOO, and was followed by our first round of investment, and first university partnerships. It’s an honour to be recognized again for what we’ve accomplished, and we’re excited for awards night!”

    - - -

    The winning companies for each category will be announced during the 2017 VIATEC Technology Awards Show, which takes place June 2nd at the Victoria Conference Centre.

    To learn more about LlamaZOO, or EasyAnatomy, please visit these websites: LlamaZOO / EasyAnatomy

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    LlamaZOO one of Top 10 education startups worldwide in SXSWedu’s 2017 Launch Competition see more

    LlamaZOO one of Top 10 education startups worldwide in SXSWedu’s 2017 Launch Competition

    March 14, 2017 - LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. (LlamaZOO), was recognized as one of the 10 most innovative education startups worldwide after presenting at last week’s SXSWedu Launch competition in Austin, Texas. SXSWedu is a component of the South by Southwest (SXSW) family of conferences and festivals, which are internationally recognized as the convergence gathering for creative professionals.

    LlamaZOO reached the SXSWedu Launch finals in part due to the success of its 3D veterinary anatomy software, EasyAnatomy. LlamaZOO’s proprietary process for converting MRI and CT images into 3D anatomical models has made EasyAnatomy the most medically accurate virtual guide to canine anatomy available, and paved the way for EasyAnatomy’s world’s-first launch in virtual reality.

    EasyAnatomy is revolutionizing veterinary education by providing students and educators with an engaging and convenient evolution from 2-dimensional textbooks and ethically-contentious cadaver dissection. The application has been purchased by top veterinary medicine schools including the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Missouri, and the University of Saskatchewan. 

    “EasyAnatomy has been making an international impact in veterinary education since its initial launch last fall, and it’s icing on the cake to be recognized for innovation on the global stage at an event as prestigious as SXSW” said LlamaZOO co-founder and CEO, Charles Lavigne. “To be the only Canadian company to reach the finals in Austin provided us with further encouragement to represent the tremendous wealth of tech talent back home in British Columbia, particularly in AR/VR.”

    LlamaZOO will again have the opportunity to demonstrate their AR/VR innovations and technology platform during the #BCTECH Summit in Vancouver, March 14-15. During the summit LlamaZOO will exhibit their groundbreaking VR/AR canine dissection on both the Microsoft Hololens and HTC Vive, from their booth on the Microsoft sponsored “Future Realities” floor.

    “For a growing company, it’s encouraging to see the BC Government and organizations such as Microsoft increasing the spotlight on AR/VR technologies and companies” said co-founder and VP Sales, Kevin Oke. “It’s validation for the innovation already occurring in BC, and the potential yet to come, and LlamaZOO’s aim at the #BCTECH Summit is to exceed expectations.”

    About LlamaZOO
    LlamaZOO is a leading education technology company that develops award-winning interactive software. The company’s proprietary platform provides a means of interacting with and viewing complex data and structures as 3D models in Virtual and Mixed reality. LlamaZOO is headquartered in Victoria, BC, and has previously been awarded “Top Regional Startup” by BCIC New Ventures, the VIATEC Startup of the Year Award, and the “Innovation Award” at the Greater Victoria Business Awards.

    Media Contact:
    Charles Lavigne, Co-Founder & CEO,

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    LlamaZOO wins Innovation Award at 2016 Greater Victoria Business Awards see more

    Victoria, BC - April 22, 2016 - LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. was named the Innovation Award winner at the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce’s 2016 Greater Victoria Business Awards.  This award recognizes LlamaZOO for its efforts to revolutionize education through the creation of an interactive 3D learning platform.

    “Innovation is interesting because it’s constantly advancing.” says Charles Lavigne, LlamaZOO’s co-founder and CEO. “For us, winning an innovation award represents that we’re still on the cusp of innovation. What we’re trying to do is incredibly difficult, and getting recognition along the way feels fantastic.”

    The Innovation category was narrowed down to only two finalists prior to the awards gala held at The Fairmont Empress - LlamaZOO and StarFish Medical.

    “To be alongside an amazing company like StarFish Medical is an honour, and testament to the vibrant high tech industry in our city,” says Kevin Oke, co-founder and VP of Sales.

    In addition to this Innovation Award, LlamaZOO has also been recognized as one of Douglas Magazine’s 10 to Watch in 2016, the only company in BC to receive the 2015 Futurpreneur Spin Master Innovation Fund, and Startup of the Year at the 2015 VIATEC Technology Awards. Having recently advanced to Round 2 of this year’s BCIC New Ventures Competition, LlamaZOO appears on track for even more recognition and success in the near future.

    About LlamaZOO

    LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. has set its sights on revolutionizing education by developing an e-learning platform that marries interactive 3D, with gamification, and teaching methods based on cognitive neuroscience. The first product built using the platform is “EasyAnatomy.” Catering to the fields of veterinary and animal science education, it features a fully interactive 3D canine model that can be manipulated and taken apart, layer by layer, organ by organ, on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

    Founded in 2014 and privately held, LlamaZOO is headquartered in Victoria, BC, Canada.

    Media Contact:

    Charles Lavigne


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    Limbic Media is leveraging tech in new and novel ways. see more

    Source: BCIC

    Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - Technology has forever changed our ability to connect and share online with anyone, anytime and anywhere in the world. Limbic Media is leveraging tech in new and novel ways. The Victoria-based startup uses digital media to transform our social experiences and behaviours offline—and in public. 

    By installing interactive media control technologies in community spaces, Limbic is enabling us to interact directly with public art installations through sound, gestures and mobile devices. This creates a new type of connection that invites social participation and brings people together.

    Watch the latest #BCTECH Story below to learn more.

  • VIATEC Accelerator company, Craftt, closes strategic partnership with ContainerWorld. see more

    Victoria, BC - December 14th, 2015 - Craft Technology Services Corporation (Craftt) is excited to announce a recent partnership with ContainerWorld Forwarding Services Inc., a leading logistics provider to the alcoholic beverage industry.

    ContainerWorld has made an equity investment in Craftt. The two parties have also entered into a consulting agreement in which Craftt’s web knowledge and expertise will aid ContainerWorld in improving the software and services they offer to their clients.

    “This is an ideal partnership for us and for ContainerWorld. Our services complement each other really well. ContainerWorld is the industry leader in logistics and Craftt is the easiest way for a brewery to manage their inventory and orders.” says Ryan Stratton, founder of Craftt.

    “Together, we can provide a full-service platform for breweries to manage their business all the way from manufacturing through to the product being delivered to their customers.”

    Craftt’s brewery management software is designed specifically to help craft breweries stop keg loss and get better insight and control over their inventory. With powerful reporting features, breweries can significantly reduce the time they spend on creating regulatory reports to send to the relevant governing bodies. The recent investment will go towards growing the development team, among other things, to further improve Craftt’s software.

    “We want to make Craftt the go-to platform for breweries, helping them manage their inventory, and their business, efficiently.” Stratton goes on to say. “Through this strategic partnership, we will be able to ensure craft brewers make the most of their time by simplifying these often complex aspects of the job.”

    Unlike spreadsheets or expensive, bloated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Craftt’s software makes it easy for every brewery employee to quickly access and manage their inventory and assets in real time through any smart device. Understanding current inventory and capacity levels allows breweries to make better decisions when it comes to production, customer orders, and distribution, and allows them to have a comprehensive overview of what resources are available in the brewery at any given time.

    Partnering with ContainerWorld will provide Craftt’s clients with additional benefits, giving them direct access to one of the best logistics and distribution companies in the beverage industry today.


    About Craftt

    Craftt is a Victoria, BC startup and part of the VIATEC Accelerator program. They build innovative tools and services to modernize and simplify the way beverage companies manage their business.


    About ContainerWorld

    ContainerWorld is a multi-faceted company based in British Columbia. They provide clients with worldwide door-to-door logistics services, including inventory management, freight forwarding, warehousing, and distribution.


    Media contact

    Ryan Stratton
    CEO, Craft Technology Services Corporation


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    Spin Master Innovation Fund invests in 11 emerging Canadian businesses -and LlamaZOO is on the list! see more

    Source: Yahoo Finance

    Date: 29 September 2015


    Spin Master Innovation Fund invests in 11 emerging Canadian businesses (and LlamaZOO is on the list!)

    TORONTO, Sept. 29, 2015 /CNW/ - Futurpreneur Canada, in partnership with leading Canadian toy company Spin Master Corp. and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), is pleased to introduce the 2015 recipients of the Spin Master Innovation Fund. Eleven businesses were chosen through a highly competitive process that tested the viability and innovative aspects of their business plans. This year's recipients represent industries from extreme sports to online gaming, wearable fitness devices to custom fashion, and online shopping to online learning.

    These 11 businesses will each receive start-up financing of up to$50,000 from Futurpreneur Canada and the BDC, and will be matched with a mentor from Futurpreneur Canada's industry-leading mentoring program. They will also visit Toronto in October to attend a two-day workshop, with networking opportunities and one-on-one coaching from Spin Master's senior executives on topics including sales and marketing, licensing, and talent management to help them propel their businesses.

    "This is our fifth year partnering with Spin Master to deliver financing and mentoring to young, innovative entrepreneurs and, as always, we were blown away by the ideas, energy and strong business sense of our applicants," said Julia Deans, CEO, Futurpreneur Canada. "Since the program's inception, 42 exciting young Canadian companies have benefited from the Spin Master Innovation Fund, which is now seen as a proven way for innovative new companies to make their mark, and is a testament to the power of connecting established executive teams with up and coming business leaders."

    "The success of the Spin Master Innovation Fund has allowed us to give back to young entrepreneurs all across Canada," said Ronnen Harary, President and Co-CEO, Spin Master Corp. "With the impressive recipients who have already come through the Fund, we've been so excited to see the high quality of candidates and the creativity, passion and outstanding character they've demonstrated once again this year. We look forward to coaching them and supporting their continued success."

    "BDC is pleased to once again be a partner of the Spin Master Innovation Fund team with Futurpreneur Canada and Spin Master Corp.," says Steven Oliver, Assistant Vice President, Automotive Group, BDC.  "Working together, we can offer a greater number of resources to these deserving young entrepreneurs and equip them with the tools to make a difference to their growth and success."          

    The 2015 recipients of the Spin Master Innovation Fund are:

    Company: Aorte Fitness Gear
    Entrepreneurs: Robert Omer Carriere
    Location: Oakville, Ontario
    Company Description: Aorte Fitness is a Canadian manufacturing company, specializing in the production of the Kinetic Resistance Apparatus, a specially designed wearable fitness device that provides users with a low impact resistance-training experience. With guided motion-resistant technology, Aorte Fitness maximizes the potential of resistance training by reducing impact and correcting form and posture.

    Company: CertClean Inc.
    Entrepreneurs: Jenise Lee
    Location: Mississauga, Ontario
    Company Description: CertClean is Canada's first and only certification for safer beauty and personal care products. Since there is no governance on the terms "organic" or "natural" within the beauty sector in Canada, consumers are often misled as entire products are labelled natural when only one or some of their ingredients are natural and the remaining ingredients consist of questionable chemicals. CertClean administers the CertClean certification so brands that manufacture products free from harmful ingredients can be instantly recognized as safer beauty and personal care products.

    Company: CORE Renewable Energy Inc.
    Entrepreneurs: Andrea Kraj
    Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba 
    Company Description: CORE Renewable Energy provides renewable energy planning tools and operation management optimization for power projects, incorporating combined renewable energy systems such as wind, solar, biomass; small to large scale storage solutions including batteries, compressed air, fuel cells, and backup diesel generators. The company has technology solutions that optimize the performance of the systems that they design or already exist, so that users can reach maximum renewable generation at the least cost while maintaining no black outs in energy supply.

    Company: Creel Net
    Entrepreneurs: Peter Llewellyn Greene, Alfred Tiutei Schaefer
    Location: Smithers, British Columbia
    Company Description: Creel Net makes fishing licencing and regulatory applications for smart phones, improving the fishing experience and providing fisheries management with important angler effort and catch data. The app includes the following capabilities: enables users to store and purchase licences on their phones; provides user friendly version of the regulations; includes a permanent catch log for enforcement purposes and a voluntary log for personal use; provides fishing tools such as water levels, charts, tide levels, and fisheries indicators. 

    Company: Crik Nutrition
    Entrepreneurs: Alex Drysdale
    Location: Stony Mountain, Manitoba
    Company Description: Crik Nutrition sells protein powder made primarily from crickets – one of the most nutritious and efficient food sources on the planet. Crik Nutrition promotes its protein powder as looking, smelling, and tasting as good - or better - than any other protein powder on the market.

    Company: GamerLink Inc.
    Entrepreneurs: Ryan Figueiredo & Deion Farrington
    Location: Cambridge, Ontario
    Company Description: GamerLink provides online gamers with a powerful, real-time matchmaking service that connects gamers of similar playstyle, personality, demographics and more. The service will support any online game, on any platform, and uses an advanced matchmaking algorithm that takes into consideration all the possible data points about a gamer. GamerLink aims to create better online gaming experiences for everyone.

    Company: Hearshot Inc.
    Entrepreneurs: Sebastian KoperBart Lipski
    Location: Toronto, Ontario
    Company Description: Hearshot is a company founded with the purpose of marrying the worlds of technology, wearables, and extreme sports to improve the ability of users to communicate and interact with the environment around them. Its first product, to be released in 2016, is a wearable communication device that can be used in harsh conditions and in areas without any mobile or WiFi reception. 

    Company: Hexa Foods
    Entrepreneurs: Philippe PoirierMathieu PoirierPaul Shenouda
    Location: Montreal, Quebec
    Company Description: Hexa Foods creates tasty, healthy and sustainable foods made with insects. The company's first product is BugBites: dog treats made with cricket flour and fresh fruits and vegetables. Hexa Foods uses insects because they can significantly increase the diversity of the world's current food system and help solve global food insecurity, while using limited natural resources in a much smarter way. Replacing a 40g bag of dog treats made with beef with a bag of BugBites dog treats saves an amount of water equivalent to more than 200 water bottles.

    Company: Kube Innovation Inc.
    Entrepreneurs: Frédérik Marcil and Juan Antonio Contreras
    Location: Montréal, Quebec
    Company Description: Kube Innovation is revolutionizing the dental industry with disruptive new technology. There is no measuring tool on the market that allows professionals to objectively quantify the average biting force that a patient can apply. The measurement of the biting force generated by Kube Innovation's device is used by denturists, dentists and physiotherapists, enabling them to provide an optimized solution for their patients. Kube has a multi-disciplinary team of young engineers and industrial designers more than ready to lead the next medical revolution.

    Company: LlamaZOO Interactive Inc.
    Entrepreneurs: Charles T. Lavigne and Kevin Oke
    Location: Victoria, British Columbia
    Company Description: LlamaZOO is developing a software platform for educational markets; the platform utilizes 3D visualization and borrows concepts from cognitive neuroscience to improve learning and teaching. The first application for the platform is helping veterinary students learn and master anatomy, using 3D models of animals built from MRI and CT scans. The platform also provides educators with deep analytics into how students are performing and progressing, providing insight into self-directed studies.

    Company: Nathon Kong Tailleur 
    Entrepreneurs: Nathon Kong
    Location: Montreal, Quebec
    Company Description: Nathon Kong Tailleur aims to set a new standard for the convenient shopping experience by offering custom made cloth at a client's work place. It brings a solar-powered truck configured with a 3D scanner, allowing it to get 360-degree measurements of a customer's body in under five seconds. Customers can feel the fabric and design anything in less than 10 minutes. Fit guaranteed and delivered in 3-4 weeks. The service is enhanced with an e-commerce platform, allowing customer to design and re-order without hassle, and balances the speed and convenience of online shopping with the tactility and rapport of traditional retailing.


    About Futurpreneur Canada
    Futurpreneur Canada (formerly the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, or CYBF) has been fueling the entrepreneurial passions of Canada's young enterprise for nearly two decades. We are the only national, non-profit organization that provides financing, mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39. Our internationally recognized mentoring program hand matches young entrepreneurs with a business expert from a network of more than 2,700 volunteer mentors. Futurpreneur Canada is a founding member of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance, the Canadian member of Youth Business International, and the Canadian host of Global Entrepreneurship Facebook: Futurpreneur Twitter: @Futurpreneur

    About Spin Master Corp
    Spin Master (TSX:TOY.TO - News) is a leading global children's entertainment company that creates, designs, manufactures and markets a diversified portfolio of innovative toys, games, products and entertainment properties. Spin Master is best known for award-winning brands including Bakugan Battle Brawlers™, Air Hogs®, Spin Master Games™ and the 2015 Toy of the Year, Zoomer™ Dino. Since 2005, Spin Master has received 58 TIA Toy of The Year (TOTY) nominations with 14 wins across a variety of product categories. Spin Master has been recognized with 11 TOTY nominations for Innovative Toy of the Year, more than any of its competitors. Spin Master is among a limited number of companies that not only develop and produce global entertainment properties, characters and content, but also monetize that content through the creation, sale and licensing of products. To date, Spin Master has produced five television series, including the 2007 hit series Bakugan and its current hit PAW Patrol, which is broadcast in over 160 countries and territories globally. Spin Master employs over 850 people globally with offices in Canada, United States, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Bratislava, Germany, Holland, Mexico, China, Hong Kong and Japan.

    About BDC
    BDC is the only bank dedicated exclusively to entrepreneurs. With more than 100 business centres and over 32,000 clients across Canada, it offers loans, investments and advisory services. BDC's purpose is to support Canadian entrepreneurship with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses. To learn more, visit

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