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    Victoria, BC – March 1, 2016 – This week the Province of British Columbia replaced the Water Act with the Water Sustainability Act, a large framework of policies and regulations aimed at caring for BC water resources. 

    Under the new Act, a significant amount of location-specific water information is required when applying for a water use license. Fortunately, a free, online tool exists to collect, aggregate, and turn complicated water resource data into meaningful information to support water resource decision-making. 

    Visit to access the tool.

    “The best decisions are made when you have the best information,” says Ben Kerr, CEO of Foundry Spatial, and lead developer of the BC Water Tool. “The BC Water Tool provides the information most users need for the first step in applying for a water use licence.”

    The new Act includes requirements for groundwater use and licensing, well construction and maintenance, dam safety, and compliance. For the first time, users of BC groundwater for non-domestic purposes like irrigation, industry, water bottling and municipal water systems require a water license and must pay fees and annual water rentals, just like surface water users. 

    First Nations, industry, researchers, and members of the public can use the BC Water Tool to access accurate, science-based information on water supply in the northern regions of BC using an online, map-based program that supports decision-making on water use planning and license approvals.

    “The BC Water Tool is for everybody interested in our water,” says Kerr. “It’s fast, and it’s free.”

    Traditional hydrologic data analysis can take a week or two to collect and prepare the required information for water use license applications. The BC Water Tool takes minutes, and has no cost to access the most up-to-date information available. 

    The BC Water Tool uses innovative technology to produce data for each watershed, including estimates of stream flow for rivers, lakes and streams, watershed characteristics such as land cover, climate and impacts from predicted future climate change across northern BC.

    Developed by Victoria-based Foundry Spatial, with the support of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and the BC Oil and Gas Commission, the BC Water Tool is unique in North America as a water-resource decision-support tool. But not for long. 

    “This is just the beginning,” says Kerr. “We’re very excited to be rolling out sophisticated tools that support sound water resource management in other regions of Canada. Next month we will release the first Alberta Water Tool.”

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    David Sovka

    About Foundry Spatial
    Based in Victoria, BC, Foundry Spatial is an environmental science and consulting firm. Our expert team of scientists and programmers builds helpful tools that turn raw data into meaningful information for smart, sustainable, resource management decision-making. We have a proven track record, having delivered hydrology modeling and decision support tools for more than one million km2 of Western Canada. For more information, visit 

    About the Water Sustainability Act
    More information about the new Water Sustainability Act and the new regulations can be found at:


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    The event will take place at Inn at Laurel Point on Nov 10th, from 6-9pm. see more

    Victoria, BC - October 15, 2015. Are you or do you know of a business, person, group, organization that is green and contributing to sustainability in our region? The EcoStar Awards recognize outstanding environmental achievements and leadership.

    The event will take place at Inn at Laurel Point on Nov 10th, from 6-9pm. Tickets for the event and application forms for awards are available online at The following award categories are available to local businesses, organizations and individuals:

    • The Eco-Preneur of the Year - Honours the work of an individual who has started an impactful eco-venture
    • Greenest Office - Office-based business with impressive environmental practices & policies
    • Greenest Restaurant - Recognizing one small & one large restaurant that demonstrate action to reduce waste, energy, water consumption, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions:
      o Small restaurant 1-25 employee
      o Large restaurant 25+ employees
    • Greenest Retail Store - Honouring a progressive retail business which has reduced environmental impact in both operations & products sold
    • Technology Excellence - A technology based business that is addressing environmental issues with their product
    • Tourism Excellence - Honours a business that is setting an example for eco-tourism and/or green hospitality
    • Manufacturing Excellence- A local manufacture who is addressing environmental issues in their product or operations
    • Leadership In Construction - A construction company with a track record for environmental excellence
    • Water Stewardship - An organization or business that has shown commitment and results in water protection
    • Transportation - An organization that is shifting towards low or zero emission transportation
    • Food Security - An organization or business working to secure and localize the food economy
    • Climate Action - An organization or business that is working to reduce/mitigate greenhouse gas emissions
    • Social Impact - An organization that has made significant impact on addressing social needs
    • Waste Management - An organization or business that has managed and measurably reduced and diverted waste

    The deadline for nominations and applications is October 21st at 4:00 p.m. Information about the awards program and how to apply can be found at The host of the new Vancouver Island EcoStar Awards is Synergy Sustainability Institute (SSI). SSI is a non-profit with a mission to catalyze the green economy on Vancouver Island. Other SSI projects include the Vancouver Island Green Certification Program ( the Food Eco District Project ( and the Vancouver Island Green Economy Working Groups ( In addition, SSI engages in cutting-edge research in UltraEfficient Buildings.

    Media Contact

    Kimber Parmar
    Administration and Communications Assistant Synergy Sustainability Institute