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    Local tech is transforming US Healthcare communication due to the COVID-19 crisis see more

    VICTORIA, BC (March 31 2020) 
    Author: Paula Parker, Community Manager VIATEC

    While Victoria’s tech community has been quick and agile in it’s response to help flatten the curve of the coronavirus by adhering to social distancing policies such as working remotely, recipient of the Product of the Year Award at the 2018 VIATEC Awards, Telmediq, has had a direct and far-reaching impact on the solution to end the current outbreak of COVID-19. 

    Supporting nearly 30,000 clinics and 350 hospitals in the US, Victoria-founded Telmediq (recently acquired by PerfectServe) is consummately suited to help in a pandemic. From his home office in Victoria, BC, we recently video conferenced with Telmediq Founder and PerfectServe’s Chief Product Officer, Ben Moore, to get insight into the coronavirus from his unique perspective as a technology provider in healthcare. 

    The timing couldn’t have been better for helping healthcare workers communicate with one another and their patients. Moore tells us the usage of their solutions have quadrupled since the COVID-19 crisis began. And it was just three weeks ago when PerfectServe added enhanced functionality to allow healthcare systems to communicate with patients and their families directly over text and video. Their software is directly helping healthcare professionals manage the overload and ultimately slow down COVID-19 and they’re offering it to their current clients complimentary. That’s one out of every eight doctors and ten percent of all nurses in the US, who can now use their platform to communicate with patients and their families at no additional costs to the healthcare system. 

    Imagine droves of people showing up to a clinic to be tested for COVID-19. They’re in a long line up or forming a crowd. And each of them are experiencing a range of symptoms: coughing, fever, some are having difficulty breathing. Contrast that with a coordinated effort in which each person receives a text message letting them know where and when they will have curbside access to a test. The message instructs the patient to park, stay in the car, call a designated phone number, and wait for a test to be administered at their vehicle. And that’s just one scenario. The interface enables secure, two-way communication with patients for conducting risk or screening assessments. This means health professionals can ask about symptoms and monitor responses.

    “We simply cannot overestimate the importance of efficient and effective communication between healthcare practitioners and between them and their patients,” Moore explains. “The more nimble the response effort, the better the care team can prioritize care and escalate the patients who need it most.”

    Additionally, they’re using the technology to try and catch potential cases even before they walk in the door. Directly after a reminder for an existing appointment is delivered, another message follows that asks the patient to call a telephone number to initiate a phone screening with a clinician if they have flu-like symptoms.

    Due to COVID-19, hospitals have locked their doors to non-essential visitors including patients' family members. As a result, PerfectServe created a tool that can provide regular updates to family members of patients that are admitted to the hospital. Family members can receive updates for their loved ones through secure group messaging provided directly from healthcare workers and frontline staff.

    In the midst of this crisis, a big factor for healthcare practitioners working at maximum capacity is physical and psychological stress. To minimize burnout, it’s critical to have efficient systems for scheduling shift work, on-call shifts and the accurate transfer of patients’ information from one physician to another. Their software allows schedulers to ensure optimal coverage while providing them control, analysis and optimization.

    Back in 2003, when SARS broke out, physicians were relying on pagers and patients had no access other than long waiting times over the phone. But in more recent years Moore tells us, “The technology has not been the issue. The impediment has been the business model of delivery, which now, because of this crisis, is being transformed.” He estimates our systems are three to five times faster than just a few years before. And that makes him hopeful for the future. 

    “Already we can look at the communication patterns in message data and see precisely when the symptoms began being reported,” Moore says.  This means early identification of trends and possibly the first signs of an outbreak. “The future in healthcare and technology will be in utilizing big data and AI to better handle and predict patient interactions.”

    Telmediq’s products are already fully integrated with telehealth but they’re about to take that to the next level. The continued success of our local tech companies like Telmediq will positively impact our tech community, our local economy and now more than ever, we can appreciate the large scale benefits too. These advances in healthcare, specifically in technological communication systems within healthcare, have a massively positive effect on the global population. Even during a crisis, we can take pride in the dedicated and hardworking innovators of our tech community who continue to push technology and our local tech sector forward. 

    Learn more about Telmediq and  PerfecServe

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    Victoria’s high-tech community has raised $300,000 to help tackle the issue of local food security. see more

    Source: Times Colonist 

    Tech sector steps up for Mustard Seed

    Victoria’s high-tech community has raised $300,000 to help tackle the issue of local food security.

    During its annual awards show June 14, investor and former chair of the Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council, Rasool Rayani, challenged the full-house audience to pledge money to the cause. They raised $200,000 on the spot.

    The money was combined with $100,000 from the Victoria Foundation, which will be given to the Mustard Seed Street Church to further develop its Food Security Distribution Centre.

    The centre, on Viewfield Road in Esquimalt, currently brings in about 1,815 kilograms of rescued produce each day and is part of the Food Share Network, a partnership of 50 organizations that operate food security programs in Greater Victoria.

    The Mustard Seed estimates more than 35,000 people in Greater Victoria seek a reliable source of food every month.

    Dan Gunn, chief executive of VIATEC, said raising that kind of money within minutes is just a small example of the local industry’s generosity.

    During the VIATEC awards more than 20 individuals and companies stepped up to fund the large donation. They were: Redbrick Technologies, Checkfront, Kixeye, Kano, Rumble, Scott and Jessica Lake, StarFish Medical, RingPartner, FamilySparks, Mark Longo, Stuart Bowness, Gord Macdougall, RaceRocks, Telmediq, Royal Roads University, FreshWorks Studio, Watershed, Quimper, VIATEC and the Victoria Foundation.

    Anyone wanting to donate:

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    Proceeds will go towards the next phase of development of Food Security Distribution Centre. see more

    VICTORIA, BC (July 2, 2019) – On Friday June 14th, over 1,100 community members came together to celebrate the achievements made in the Greater Victoria technology sector for the annual Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council Awards at the Royal Theatre. The energy in the room was electrifying - so much so that when VIATEC Past Chair Rasool Rayani challenged the audience to raise funds to help food security in Victoria, $200,000 was pledged on the spot by a number of generous local tech companies and entrepreneurs. (See the full list below). The monies will be combined with an additional commitment of $100,000 from the Victoria Foundation for a total of $300,000.

    “Tech companies locate in Victoria for many reasons including the post-secondary schools, research facilities and quality of life,” said Dan Gunn, CEO of VIATEC. “That said, most of the tech sector’s $4.06 billion in annual revenues are generated by selling our products globally. As a result, our 955 tech companies do not require the same kind of strong brand recognition locally that the other primary sectors of our economy rely on and they fly under the radar. We know that our members have always given back but, much of that giving has been quiet or anonymous. The VIATEC Foundation was created as a way to encourage, support and recognize the community support of local tech companies and the results of this impromptu campaign shows the impact they continue to have.”

    “The Food Rescue Project is innovative, inspiring and demonstrates how many entities, agencies and organizations can come together for greater good. We are honoured to assist our members in supporting such a great initiative.”

    The VIATEC Foundation, in partnership with the Victoria Foundation, are putting the money towards the next phase of development of Food Security Distribution Centre. The 22,000 sq. ft facility at 808 Viewfield Road in Esquimalt currently serves as a central hub for the Food Rescue Project, which recovers and redistributes fresh healthy food that currently reaches about 35,000 people every month across the capital region. Consultation and planning is underway to further leverage the Centre to support the local food economy through such things as incubation and development of food-based social enterprises, processing and storage for local food production, or opportunities for food skills training and employment.

    Earlier this year, the Mustard Seed secured financing to purchase the Centre in partnership with the Victoria Foundation and a $2 million grant from the province. The Centre, which launched in 2017, is part of the Food Rescue Project, an initiative of the Food Share Network, a collaboration of more than 50 member organizations, including local non-profits, First Nations, School Districts and other organizations working towards a food secure region.

    For those that would like to take up the challenge, donations can be made to the VIATEC Foundation Fund at or by sending a cheque payable to the Victoria Foundation—with the memo line of “VIATEC Foundation Fund”—to Victoria Foundation, #200 - 703 Broughton Street, Victoria BC, V8W 1E2.


    Generous commitments so far: 

    About the VIATEC Foundation

    The VIATEC Foundation, in partnership with the Victoria Foundation, was established by VIATEC to connect Victoria’s technology sector to the broader community. The foundation offers a mechanism for the tech sector to harness its collective charitable efforts to maximize the impact of the sector’s donations.

    About VIATEC
    VIATEC (Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council), started in 1989. Our mission is to serve as the one-stop hub that connects people, knowledge and resources to grow and promote the Greater Victoria technology sector (Victoria's biggest industry). We work closely with our members to offer a variety of events, programs and services. In addition, VIATEC serves as the front door of the local tech sector and as its spokesperson. To better support local innovators, we acquired our own building (Fort Tectoria) where we offer flexible and affordable office space to emerging local companies along with a gathering/event space for local entrepreneurs.,

    Media Contact:
    Michaela Schluessel

    Community Manager


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    Telmediq Ranked No. 1 for Secure Healthcare Communications Platforms by KLAS Research see more

    Healthcare communications company Telmediq has won the prestigious 2018 Category Leader award for Secure Communications Platforms from KLAS, a research and insights firm that gathers data and delivers reports on healthcare technology.

    The award is part of the "2018 Best in KLAS: Software and Services" report, which was released today. Every year, KLAS interviews thousands of healthcare professionals about the products and services their organizations use. The company shares the information online in real time so other providers can benefit from their peers' experience. The "Best in KLAS" report reflects data compiled over the past year.

    Telmediq won the 2018 Category Leader Designation for the Secure Communications Platform market segment. The award recognizes the highest rated company for each category based on live data from the KLAS website. "Category Leader is more than a ranking," says Adam Gale, President of KLAS. "It is a recognition of vendors committed to delivering superior solutions. It gives voice to thousands of providers who are demanding better performance, usability and interoperability in healthcare technology."

    Healthcare organizations rely on Telmediq to help them solve their communications problems while remaining compliant with HIPAA. The company offers a unified communications solution that includes secure messaging, pager replacement, care coordination, alarm management and documentation. On the KLAS website, one chief information officer (CIO) said, "Everyone is quickly catching on to Telmediq. Everybody is demanding it and wants it now … Physicians are raving about it."

    Another CIO noted that "Telmediq is one of the more successful things I have promoted here. Everybody was clamoring for secure texting, but we really needed a platform. I wanted something that was integrated into the workflow, had messaging templates, and automatically populated with things related to the care team and patient location."

    (The above commentary was collected about Telmediq Secure Communications by KLAS in December 2017; visit for a complete view.)

    "We are honored to be considered the top secure communications company in the country," says Ben Moore, CEO and Founder of Telmediq. "We appreciate KLAS' dedication to helping raise the bar, for not only companies like ours, but the industry. KLAS shines a light on both what is working but also areas for needed improvement for all IT solutions across healthcare, and we are honored and excited to achieve the best score in our category."

    About KLAS
    KLAS is a data-driven company on a mission to improve the world's healthcare by enabling provider and payer voices to be heard and counted. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals, KLAS collects insights on software, services and medical equipment to deliver reports, trending data and statistical overviews. KLAS data is accurate, honest and impartial. The research directly reflects the voice of healthcare professionals and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance. To learn more about KLAS and the insights it provides, visit

    About Telmediq
    Telmediq is a leader in healthcare communications solutions for large hospital systems and acute-care facilities. Telmediq provides a unified clinical communication platform that integrates more than 20 clinical systems (EHR, scheduling, lab, nurse call) and helps match technology with the way people work. Telmediq provides an integration and consolidation roadmap to reduce software and support costs, improve workflows and provide a single source for analytics, auditing and reporting. Our clients reduce patient wait times, improve patient handover times and improve physicians' work environment.