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    They're also making waves on the video-game front, as it released its latest game for Apple Arcade.. see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Andrew Duffy
    Photography: FROSTY POP (Pictured: Faisal Sethi, founder)

    The partners behind a Victoria-based game and design studio have been hired by Calvin Klein to supervise the American brand’s marketing and branding.

    According to a story posted online Tuesday by Women’s Wear Daily, Frosty Pop partners Greg Stogdon and J.D. Ostrow have been hired on an interim basis as chief branding officer and chief marketing officer, respectively.

    Stogdon held the post of senior vice-president of creative at Burberry before joining Frosty Pop, while Ostrow spent 10 years with Burberry and was chief marketing officer at Theory before joining Frosty Pop.

    The story also reported that Frosty Pop founder and creative director Faisal Sethi will consult for Calvin Klein.

    Reached in Victoria on Tuesday, Sethi would not comment on the Calvin Klein development.

    But the company is also making waves on the video-game front, as it released its latest game for the Apple Arcade.

    The new game, Kings of the Castle, was Frosty Pop’s fifth for Apple Arcade. It has created more than 20 for the Apple Store.

    The game raised some eyebrows, as it turns the traditional fairytale set-up on its head.

    Rather than helpless princesses locked away in towers waiting for knights with time on their hands and derring-do up their sleeves, Kings of the Castle has princesses in the role of saviour, princes pleading for help and characters that more accurately reflect those who play games. When a dragon locks Prince Rupert in a castle tower, Lord Baldor sends a princess to investigate and save poor Rupert, while fighting enemies, avoiding traps and collecting gems to pay the dragon’s ransom.

    The other twist is characters of colour, which Sethi said is by design. “Having a daughter and coming from a South Asian family, a lot of that isn’t represented in games in general,” said Sethi, noting it’s also influenced by racing games such as Mario Cart and old playground games such as king of the castle, where first up the hill wins. “I have 10 nieces and I want them to play a game and relate to it.”

    It’s not the first time Frosty Pop has upended a traditional storyline.

    Frosty Pop’s Big Time Sports game features characters with huge bodies and tiny heads competing in a broad range of athletic endeavours.

    “It purposely created pseudo-androgenous characters, male-female, with large body types to examine, perhaps, on the periphery this notion of what is a female body and what is a male body and who can compete in sports at that level,” Sethi said.

    The studio’s Get Up Kids game, which features characters Molly and her dog Moses sneaking out of the house to meet their friend Salim, features a prayer mat in a child’s room that has to be placed in the right direction to solve a puzzle.

    “I can’t recall another game ever produced that has [that] … that’s my growing-up-in-Saskatchewan story,” he said. “I don’t play the race card. I am just a visible minority. That’s my story, my point of view.”


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    Frosty Pop gets 11th Apple feature with new arcade puzzle game Teeter. see more

    VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, June 30, 2016 — Today, The Frosty Pop Corps released "Teeter", an original arcade puzzle game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The game is currently featured in countires around the world in the Apple App Store. 

    “This is the first time I have eschewed the free to play model for a paid one,” said founder Faisal Sethi. “So although this is not the first time I have been featured in the App Store, the validation feels a bit different. It will be interesting to see the consequential effects this time out comparatively to the others.”

    Since 2015, The Frosty Pop Corps have been featured 11 times in the App Store, most recently with Walls & Balls (free), the first release of a planned trilogy of ball games.

    “ Teeter is definitely ‘The Empire’ of my mobile trilogy,” said Sethi. “In hindsight, I suspect it will be recognized as the best one, and hopefully worth the box office breaking $1.99 USD price tag.”

    Teeter can be downloaded here:


    About The Frosty Pop Corps: 

    The Frosty Pop Corps makes beautifully designed digital toys for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod (and sometimes Android device) in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

    The studio has been featured multiple times by Apple in the Best New Games, New Games We Love, Recommended Apps & Games, and 15 Hidden Gems sections of the Apple App Store.

    Founder Faisal Sethi has been nominated for two SXSW Interactive Awards. His projects have been featured on TechCrunch, MSN, Yahoo!, CBC, CTV, The Next Web, The Canadian Press and then some.

    Faisal has worked with Walt Disney, Jonas Brothers, Zappos, and the National Film Board of Canada, among others. In 2009, his team was honored with an award for their museum exhibit design for The Canadian War Museum.

    Faisal has a Bull Terrier named Moses and loves the CBC.


    Press Inquiries: 

    To recieve press copies of "Teeter", please email hello [ at ]

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    Tectorian of the Week: The Frosty Pop Corps see more

    The Frosty Pop Corps just became a VIATEC Member AND they just launched their new game Walls & Balls! That’s a pretty good week if you ask us.

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