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    This startup used its tech to help women recover from the economic impact of the pandemic. see more

    When Humaira Ahmed, the Founder & CEO of Locelle Digital, a networking and mentorship platform for women, began hearing from her app members about the struggles they were facing as a result of the pandemic, she got curious about the impact it was having on women in particular. When she encountered the startling findings of McKinsey Global Institute’s regressive effects of COVID-19 on gender equality, as the leader of a social impact startup, she knew she had to move fast. She sent out a survey to explore the type of support her members needed during this time. The survey results revealed that 85% of women using the Locelle app wanted mentorship and 30% wanted to be mentors. Ahmed and her team quickly developed a mentorship program unlike any other. 


    "With a focus on action rather than conversation, we wanted to develop something concrete to help women recover from the economic impact of the pandemic. We started with matching technology to curate connections for mentees that aligned with their career goals. Then we measured the impact in quarterly reports to provide a tangible way for our mentees to see how mentorship has influenced their professional development and growth,” says Ahmed.

    Locelle’s new mentorship program, Mentor Moments, is a fully-managed, 1:1 mentorship program designed to empower women in the workplace with tailored guidance aligned with their individual career goals and vision. What makes this different from most mentorship programs is the emphasis the Locelle team puts on professional development and career advancement. The team is dedicated to making space for mentees and mentors to get the most out of this relationship by taking the heavy-lifting off their hands in these 4 ways:










    Locelle does mentorship a little differently. With the Mentor Moments program, mentees have access to a team of world-class leaders who they can rely on based on their individual career goals and needs. Locelle’s community of mentors include industry leaders like:

    • Manpreet Dhillon, CEO & Founder of Veza Global, who recently launched a free online resource for Canada’s technology industry that provides access to best-in-class Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) resources and tools.

    • Stephanie Redivo, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Program Lead, Translink, who is an active member and speaker in the global women in tech community. She regularly inspires employees to be their best selves and do their best work through inclusive behaviour.

    • Hurriya Burney, Vice President at RBC, Commercial Banking, who is dedicated to helping new immigrants, minorities, and ambitious women build confidence in the Canadian workplace. 

    • Nataizya Mukwavi, Founding Executive Director of Black Women Connect Vancouver, who has created a collective of women who leverage their strengths, embrace their diverse experiences, build meaningful relationships, and celebrate Black excellence in B.C.

    “My mentor really helped bring more clarity to the direction I want to go. Her approach was just what I needed to carve out an initial path to my purpose. I’m so glad I took a chance on being a part of this program and look forward to more sessions,” says one mentee, a Sales & Marketing Manager at a tech company.   

    You’re invited to The Power of Mentorship Panel & Info Session on Thursday, October 1 at 12pm PDT. This FREE virtual event is ideal for professional women who want to find a mentor, and who are interested in exploring ways the Mentor Moments program can help them advance in their careers. Attendees will hear from a panel of mentees and mentors who will share their mentorship stories, along with tips on how to get the most out of this program. Reserve your spot for this event before Oct. 1. 


    About Locelle Digital, Inc.

    Locelle (pronounced Lok-elle) is a global platform created to connect, empower and advance women.  Through mentorship and career development opportunities, Locelle delivers professional growth to individual professionals and teams. Locelle’s private networking and fully-managed mentorship program is powered by matching technology. Becoming a member gives women in the workplace the chance to instantly start growing their communities, take steps toward advancing their careers, and begin making meaningful connections with like-minded women and industry leaders – all on one platform! The Mentor Moments program manages all the heavy-lifting of scheduling, feedback, matching and impact reporting, that way professional women can pour all their focus into their career development goals. Locelle is excited to announce that it was recently selected to be part of the 4.0 Cohort of the Women in Cloud (WIC) Microsoft Cloud Accelerator.

    For more information, contact Humaira Ahmed, Founder & CEO

    T: 250.514.8182 | E:

    Website URL: Locelle Digital Inc.

    Social media: Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram  

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    STN surpasses ESPN to rank first overall in Unique Viewers and Total Video Views in August 2018 see more

    SendtoNews (STN) is now the top digital video platform in all of sports. The release of August’s U.S. comScore rankings has the digital sports platform listed as #1 in unique viewers and total video views for the first time in SendtoNews’ history.  With 9,790,000 unique viewers and 178,616,000 video views, STN ranks above outlets like ESPN, CBS Sports, Yahoo and Fox. 

    “The work SendtoNews does to help us reach the local fan is unparalleled,” says Home Team Sports EVP Craig Sloan.  “We are ecstatic that their hard work and dedication has allowed them to reach the pinnacle of digital sports video, driven by the insatiable appetite of fans for high-quality content about their beloved teams." 

    STN’s 178,616,000 monthly video views represents a record high for the company.  Part of this success is attributable to the widespread integration of STN Smart Match: an AI powered video player that reads a publisher’s article and instantly populates it with the most relevant video in the STN library.  Recently, the player was subject of a case study done with the New York Daily News.  Year over year results saw time on sports page, unique sports page viewers and total sports page viewers increase substantially for the award winning publisher. 

    “We are thrilled to be validated as the number one property in digital sports video. Our team has steadily built an unmatched three-sided platform for publishers, leagues and advertisers that was hard to do and even harder to replicate” says SendtoNews CEO Matthew Watson. “Many of the other entities on the comScore ranking are content, sales or publishing partners of ours and we share this achievement with them.  We help them reach and engage new fans, and that is the mission that fuels our efforts and success.” 

    SendtoNews also ranks first overall in unique viewers and total videos viewed in several key demographics including Hispanic audience, adult females and persons 25-54. Along with this, out of the top 100 digital video providers in all content categories, STN ranks 29th overall in unique viewers and 23rd in total video views. 

    About SendtoNews 

    SendtoNews is North America’s leading sports video and advertising platform. The company has created an expanding publisher network that now includes more than 1500 sports news properties across North America. 

    SendtoNews currently generates over 150 million monthly video views through the distribution of exclusive and semi-exclusive content from 75+ sports leagues, including top tier organizations such as the MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, PGA TOUR, NCAA and Premier League Soccer. 

    SendtoNews' sports video content is both VAST and VPAID compliant and the architecture of its video player technologies, as well as its independent analytics partnerships, address market needs for transparency around viewability and invalid traffic. 

    For brand advertising inquiries, email For content distribution inquiries, please email For more details, visit or call toll free 855.590.1991. 

    Media Contact:

    David Davies


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    More than half of SendtoNews’ total World Cup engagement has come from videos for the Mexican team see more

    Source: AdExchanger by James Hercher 

    The 2018 World Cup has featured an exciting range of upsets and contenders, but some World Cup marketers see early signs of trouble thanks to GDPR throwing a wrench into digital advertising and the absence of the US team.

    GDPR, which became law less than a month before the soccer tournament, is especially painful for World Cup sponsors because the law applies to European citizens abroad, so targeting French nationals in the United States or British fans in Australia is hazardous.

    The World Cup is the first major test for brands running global campaigns and targeting EU audiences at scale around the world, said Jeff Greenfield, co-founder and COO of the attribution company C3 Metrics.

    Major World Cup advertisers have their budgets in place months or a year ahead of time, but much of the data brands would normally apply is ineffective because publishers haven’t had time to update for GDPR or gather consent for targeting, said Matthew Watson, CEO of the sports video and advertising company SendtoNews.

    “GDPR probably doesn’t affect the spend committed ahead of time by World Cup advertisers, but it has impacted implementation,” Watson said.

    That’s good news for the walled gardens. US and Europeans brands in particular are spending more with platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter that can accommodate targeting and less on mass-market, multichannel video campaigns, said George Pappachen, president of the digital media information provider BIScience.

    But you can’t blame GDPR for everything, Pappachen said. Former World Cup sponsors like Johnson & Johnson and Castrol, a British motor oil company, dropped out following recent FIFA corruption scandals, and EU and US companies haven’t filled the vacuum in part because they don’t want the association with host nation Russia.

    Fewer marketing dollars are at stake, though, with overall sponsorships for this World Cup down almost $200 million from the previous four-year cycle, according to Nielsen.

    The US effect

    The US team was never expected to contend for the World Cup title, but the team’s first absence from the tournament in more than 30 years does undercut consumer marketing potential.

    World Cup brands are still running ads in the US but are targeting them to known fans on sport sites or social platforms instead of using broad campaigns meant to pick up new or casual fans, as was the case during the last World Cup in 2014, Pappachen said.

    More than half of SendtoNews’ total World Cup engagement has come from videos for the Mexican team as English-speaking US audiences lose their zeal without the US in the field, Watson said.

    Bleacher Report has also seen a big upswing of interest in reaching Latin American or Spanish-speaking audiences in the US, said CRO Howard Mittman.

    Ten years ago, “it would have been a death sentence for the World Cup to lose the US team and market,” Mittman said, but now social and mobile channels can reach fans despite the US team’s absence on TV.

    Fox Sports, which in 2011 paid $400 million for US broadcast rights for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, is keenly aware of the issue. The first marketing partner Fox added after the US team was eliminated was the genetics company 23andMe, running a campaign called “Root for your roots,” encouraging fans to find a team from their heritage to support.

    Fox Sports did not respond to a request for comment.

    But just as Chinese brands like Wanda Group and Mengniu seized an opportunity to sponsor the World Cup after Western brands exited, the US team’s failure to qualify opened the door for latent players in the market.

    The big winner in this World Cup, for instance, could be Telemundo, the official North American Spanish-language broadcaster.

    The American team’s absence means the World Cup has more Spanish-speaking nations, and the NBC-owned network isn’t hamstrung by GDPR because it broadcasts in North America and targets more Central and South Americans instead of Europeans, said Laura Molen, EVP of NBCUniversal’s lifestyle and Hispanic ad sales group.

    “We’d have loved to have the US in the World Cup,” Molen said, “but for Telemundo we’re lucky to avoid some of those other headaches” like GDPR or brand disinterest without the US team.

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    WildVision Edutainment Inc and Envision Designs & Development are proud to introduce FOLLOW THE POD! see more

    VICTORIA BC - Viatec Members WildVision Edutainment Inc and Envision Designs & Development are proud to introduce Follow The Pod  to the City of Victoria.

    FOLLOW THE POD will bring whale-sized replica play-pieces to Centennial Square, showcasing members of the locally endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale population. Follow The Pod will honour the memory of deceased Southern Residents, as well as celebrate the lives of those who continue to prevail, despite constant threats to their survival.

    With only 78 members left alive, Southern Residents will only get the protection they need if all Canadians work together to raise awareness and reduce threats. Follow The Pod will bring to light the importance of conservation through the power of edutainment!

    Please visit for ongoing updates and further information.


    Congratulations to the winners!

    Grab your binoculars! A pod of life-sized orca replicas will be popping-up in Centennial Square this summer. 

    Selected from 33 submissions, ranging from design concepts from a local secondary school to as far afield as Indonesia, Mexico and Poland, the jury selected ‘Follow the Pod’ as the overall winner of the Pop Up @ the Square Design Competition. The ‘Follow the Pod’ play structure aims to raise awareness of the threatened Southern Resident Killer Whale population by allowing visitors to play and interact with the life-sized sculptures. 


    The winning design was submitted by a Vancouver Island-based team led by WildVision Edutainment Inc. and Envision Designs and Development. The winning team will receive a $5,000 award, and up to $50,000 for the design, construction and installation. ‘Follow the Pod’ will be installed in Centennial Square in early July. 

    Complete List of Winning Submissions:

    • Overall Winner:‘Follow the Pod’ (WildVision Edutainment and Envision Designs and Development) #13
    • People’s Choice Award Winner ($1,000 cash prize): ‘Game Plan’ (Waymark Architecture) #32
    • Honourable Mention:‘Under the table and dreaming’ (Cascadia Architects Inc.) #9
    • Honourable Mention:‘Spindle Whorl Playscape’ (Yiwen Ruan and Bo Lu) #24


     Overall Winner



    People's Choice



    Honourable Mention



    Honourable Mention



    About the Design Competition

    In early 2017 urban designers, industrial designers, architects, landscape architects, contemporary artists and creative types were invited to apply to create a playful pop-up installation for kids of all ages in Centennial Square, in the heart of Victoria’s vibrant downtown.

    Location: Centennial Square is located downtown next to Victoria’s City Hall, at Douglas Street and Pandora Avenue.

    Jury Details: A panel of qualified jurors judged submissions based on the following criteria: play value, relationship to events, local context, robustness, feasibility.


    About Centennial Square

    Centennial Square is located in Downtown Victoria. The Square is bordered by Victoria’s heritage City Hall, the offices of the Capital Regional District and the MacPherson Playhouse Theatre. It is directly adjacent to Victoria’s Chinatown district, the oldest Chinatown in Canada.

    Centennial Square is one of the City’s most popular outdoor event and festival venues. On average, there are programmed activities in the Square 130 days each year, ranging from food truck festivals and dance classes to outdoor markets and concert performances. Creating the opportunity for daily play and vibrancy while allowing the Square to continue to function as a primary outdoor event venue is a key objective of this design competition.

    The City is coordinating a renewal of Centennial Square through a master plan. This long term planning exercise will begin in 2017, and guide future renovations to the Square.

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    STN will compete for Best Video Ad Tech Innovation and Best Video Distribution Platform see more

    SendtoNews (STN) has been selected as a double finalist in the 2019 Digiday Video Awards for Best Video Ad Tech Innovation and Best Video Distribution Platform award categories. The Digiday Video Awards announced the finalists live from Times Square January 15th, recognizing the companies, campaigns and technology using video to modernize media and marketing.

    STN was selected as a finalist for its AI-powered video player technology (STN Smart Match) and innovative video distribution platform. Publishers only need to use one embed code for their entire site as the SendtoNews video player uses AI to read a publisher’s article and instantly match it with the most relevant video in their library.

    STN’s video platform has been shown to increase engagement when compared to other sports video, with publishers seeing 3.1x more impressions and 3.9x longer time on page. By providing a three sided platform of innovative technology, premium sports content and unparalleled monetization services, SendtoNews has become a key partner to publishers like Gannett, Tribune, McClatchy, USA Today, and thousands of other newspaper.coms, broadcast.coms, radio.coms and native digital sites.

    “We’re thrilled to help publishers continue to thrive on our video platform and share this recognition with our publishing, content, and sales partners,” said Matthew Watson, CEO of SendtoNews. “It is an honor to be recognized among such distinguished company by an industry leader like Digiday. On behalf of our STN team, I offer congratulations to all of the finalists,” added Matthew Watson.

    “As both a Digiday finalist and award winner, we know how exciting it is for SendtoNews to be a part of the club,” said Ryan Kenney, vice president, platform services at SpotX. “Through our partnership, we’ve seen firsthand the power of their video platform and know they are more than deserving for this honor.”

    Winners will be announced at the annual Digiday Video Awards Gala on March 7th, 2019 in New York, NY.

    About SendtoNews

    SendtoNews is North America’s leading sports video and advertising platform. SendtoNews serves more than 1500 digital sports news properties across North America.

    SendtoNews currently generates over 300 million monthly video views through the distribution of exclusive and semi-exclusive content from 75+ sports content creators and leagues, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and the PGA TOUR.

    Media Contact:

    David Davies