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    Kano's "Free Rider HD" releases on iOS see more

    Kano's "Free Rider HD" releases on iOS

    Kano is a Video Game company that was established in 2008 in Victoria. In the near decade they’ve been around, they’ve created games like Mob WarsViking ClanPirate ClanZombie SlayerFree Rider and much more.

    They started out creating Facebook games, moved on to desktop and as of today, Free Rider 3 (HD) is on iOS! Free Rider is a difficult and VERY addictive game with a stickman riding a bike. It has millions of plays a day and has a billion plays in total!

    Listen to the Zone at 91-3fm and VIATEC's "B-Side" show to learn more about this local company: 

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    Eric's passion and voice for the video game sector HAD to be heard in The Zone... see more

    Author: Jon Williams

    Talking Victoria’s video game industry with Eric Jordan

    I first met Eric Jordan at the Discover Tectoria event in Crystal Gardens last year. The Boss said I was going to broadcast The Midday Zone from the event for four hours, and good luck trying to meet all the amazingly talented people that will be gathered there.

    He was right! What an amazing event, that I might add is completely free to attend. Discover Tectoria is a one-day exposition of more than 70 Greater Victoria technology firms and research agencies [which is this February 24th].

    Eric Jordan is the head of Codename Entertainment. Doesn’t he look good in that kilt :).

    His passion and voice for the video game sector had to be heard in The Zone. So as we approach the Discover Tectoria 2017 event, I had to get him in for a chat about his world, and how others can get involved in it.


    Here’s our natter.

    With regard to our chat, here is some further information that Eric sent me...

    Student Work Experience Program Details
    Runs: April – May 2017
    Each week placement will run Mon – Thur.
    Hours will be 9:30 am – 3 pm
    Open to grade 11 and 12 students only.
    Details HERE.

    Tsukino Con – this is an anime convention at UVic on Feb 17-19. Eric will be moderating a panel discussing working in the video game industry.
    Details HERE.

    LANTasy is a local gaming convention that takes place at Perks Arena on Mar 18-19. There will be a panel discussing working in the video game industry, plus there will be a booth which once again showcases various facets of the industry in Victoria. Details HERE.

    In terms of local resources that folks can check out, Eric suggests IGDA Victoria. This is the local chapter of the International Game Developer Association. They have regular events (several a month), plus 2 big game jams a year: Global Game Jam and OrcaJam. Details HERE.

    In terms of tech stats, according to VIATEC’s 2014 Economic Impact Study, tech in greater Victoria has $3.15 billion in annual revenues from 884 local tech companies which employee a total of 15,000 people, plus another 8,000 people who work to support the tech industry or in tech focused jobs in other industries. Details HERE.

    Recently (last week), C Stat’s released their “Profile of the British Columbia Technology Sector: 2016 Edition”. This showed that for the first time the total number of people working in technology has exceeded 100,000 (which is more than the employment of all natural resources combined). Combined tech revenue reached a new record of
    $26.3 billion and the tech industry average salary is 75% more than the average BC wage. Details HERE.

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    Qualicum Beach’s Cloudhead Games has hit a home run with its first video game, winning three honours see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Andrew Duffy

    Qualicum Beach video-game producer Cloudhead wins three national awards

    Qualicum Beach’s Cloudhead Games has hit a home run with its first video game, winning three honours from the Canadian Video Game Awards in Montreal.

    Cloudhead’s The Gallery Episode 1: Call of the Starseed was named this year’s best virtual reality game as well as taking home the honours for best game innovation and best technology.

    The company had been nominated for nine awards.

    “It was a shock to win three, we didn’t expect that,” said Cloudhead chief executive Denny Unger, noting the three they won were in the categories that meant the most. “They highlighted the successes we did have.”

    Cloudhead was founded in 2012 and spurred on through a Kickstarter campaign in 2013. It started with three people working out of Unger’s garage and has grown into a team of 19. That will increase again, Unger said, both as a result of its success with the first game and the technology and tools the company has created to play in a virtual reality world.

    Unger said he expects the company to be two or three times its current size very soon.

    He said being based in Qualicum Beach is more a help than a hindrance when it comes to hiring and attracting talent.

    “What we found when we started hiring up was a lot of those [small coastal town] qualities were attractive to developers, especially those that had been in the industry and been in the big city already,” he said. “The only down side is the time it takes for [new hires] to get here and get settled.”

    Cloudhead is working on a number of new projects and is halfway through the second episode of The Gallery.

    Victoria’s Red Nexus Games was also up for a Canadian Video Game award; it was nominated for best debut game for Friday Night Bullet Arena. The firm was a runnerup in the category.

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    Companies interested in being part of the matchmaking program should register by January 11, 2017. see more

    Matchmaking program deadline approaches for Game Developers Conference 2017

    This year again, Canada will be at the Game Developers Conference 2017 (GDC) between March 1 and March 3, 2017. Similar to last year, Canada will have a physical presence on the GDC Play show floor where Canada will be partnering with the Government of British Columbia,  the Government of Quebec,  Atlantic Canada and New Media Manitoba.

    This year Canada will have a matchmaking program which will consist of:

    1. Inclusion in a directory of Canadian companies which will be distributed across the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) network, including Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United States;
    2. Matchmaking with international buyers organized by those trade commissioners in advance of GDC 2017;
    3. Access to our 5 closed meeting rooms for B2B meetings for meetings organized through the TCS;
    4. Other services by the Trade Commissioner Service as appropriate.

    Companies interested in being part of the matchmaking program should register via the Canada GDC 2017 website by January 11, 2017 at the very latestWe encourage you to register as early as possible.

    For any questions regarding Canada@GDC or your registration please contact David Marshall:

    For enquiries regarding BC’s activities at GDC 2017, please contact Karen Lam:


    Best regards,

    The Canada@GDC Team

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    SkookumScript is the revolutionary programming language and tool suite that turbocharges video games see more

    Seven tech start-ups to show their stuff at Economic Summit Showcase

    Innovation Island in partnership with the BC Innovation Council and the Island Coastal Economic Trust is presenting a 2-hour showcase featuring 7 Island-based tech start-up companies - 8:30-10:30am, Wednesday, October 26 in advance of the official opening of the 10th annual Economic Summit in Nanaimo. 

    Cloudhead Games - an award winning company crafting compelling transportive virtual reality experiences for gaming and tech enthusiasts is creating the first­ ever, built for VR fantasy exploration game franchise, The Gallery.

    For landlords who want quality tenants, Honest Renter provides two key tenant screening services. First, get credit reports at a fraction of the price of anywhere else in Canada. Second, use an online personality test to cover all the things that cost a landlord money, time, headaches.

    SkookumScript is the revolutionary programming language and tool suite that turbocharges video game development. Simple, powerful and easy to learn, SkookumScript allows the live creation of compelling and sophisticated gameplay with just a few lines of code. SkookumScript transforms team composition, workflow, and the very thought process of game development. SkookumScript is the scripting solution for every genre of game, on every platform, everywhere.

    In 2012 Lawrence Lewis (of the We Wai Kai Nation) launched a mobile technologies start-up: OneFeather. OneFeather is already shifting the way First Nation communities engage, collaborate, and make important decisions governing their Nation futures using the modern and ubiquitous mobile smart phone, including for the first time in Canada mobile voting for elections and referendums.

    Since 1993, Resonance Software has been delivering innovative workforce management solutions to some of the world's largest manufacturing companies.WorkSight software manages the convergence of functions within human resources, operations, finance and information technology. WorkSight modules include timekeeping, employee scheduling and leave management. The considerable practice variation between companies and facilities demands specialization to deliver solutions that are effective and practical.

    For data-driven businesses that want to extend their monitoring capability to mobile devices, SasInform is an integrated mobile client and hosted server solution that provides a secure, low-maintenance way to acquire, aggregate, and display key IoT and OPC data. Unlike other data aggregators,* SasInform is ready to deploy with no coding required and includes mobile applications that send alarm notifications to iOS and Android devices.

    For businesses who need to coordinate access to online accounts and passwords across staff and contractors, Kitestrings is a password manager for teams. Unlike single user password managers with clunky sharing features, Kitestrings is built from the ground up to securely help business owners, IT and HR departments, and office managers keep control of their sensitive password information.

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    Frosty Pop gets 11th Apple feature with new arcade puzzle game Teeter. see more

    VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, June 30, 2016 — Today, The Frosty Pop Corps released "Teeter", an original arcade puzzle game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The game is currently featured in countires around the world in the Apple App Store. 

    “This is the first time I have eschewed the free to play model for a paid one,” said founder Faisal Sethi. “So although this is not the first time I have been featured in the App Store, the validation feels a bit different. It will be interesting to see the consequential effects this time out comparatively to the others.”

    Since 2015, The Frosty Pop Corps have been featured 11 times in the App Store, most recently with Walls & Balls (free), the first release of a planned trilogy of ball games.

    “ Teeter is definitely ‘The Empire’ of my mobile trilogy,” said Sethi. “In hindsight, I suspect it will be recognized as the best one, and hopefully worth the box office breaking $1.99 USD price tag.”

    Teeter can be downloaded here:


    About The Frosty Pop Corps: 

    The Frosty Pop Corps makes beautifully designed digital toys for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod (and sometimes Android device) in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

    The studio has been featured multiple times by Apple in the Best New Games, New Games We Love, Recommended Apps & Games, and 15 Hidden Gems sections of the Apple App Store.

    Founder Faisal Sethi has been nominated for two SXSW Interactive Awards. His projects have been featured on TechCrunch, MSN, Yahoo!, CBC, CTV, The Next Web, The Canadian Press and then some.

    Faisal has worked with Walt Disney, Jonas Brothers, Zappos, and the National Film Board of Canada, among others. In 2009, his team was honored with an award for their museum exhibit design for The Canadian War Museum.

    Faisal has a Bull Terrier named Moses and loves the CBC.


    Press Inquiries: 

    To recieve press copies of "Teeter", please email hello [ at ]

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    This site gives information on the Student Video Game Work Experience Program see more

    VicVideoGames website launches is now live! This site gives information on the Student Video Game Work Experience Program and allows students to register, and keep track of their work weeks. 

    The Student Video Game Work Experience Program provides students with the opportunity to learn what it is like to work in a video game company.

    For more information please visit

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    Orca Jam 2017 took place at Fort Tectoria Oct 13-15, 2017 see more

    Source: CHEK News

    Orca Jam 2017 "Make a game in 48 hours" [Video]

    Orca Jam 2017 took place at Fort Tectoria Oct 13-15, 2017 where dozens of coders got together to create their best "1980s" themed video game... in just 48 hours. 

    Watch the newscast below at the 11:20 mark to learn more.