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    Prepare to be amazed by the anatomical wonders of the canine body - for the first time ever in VR! see more

    Prepare to be amazed by the anatomical wonders of the canine body - for the first time ever in Virtual Reality!

    JetsonVR, developed by LlamaZOO Interactive, launches today for Windows Mixed Reality.


    Watch the JetsonVR trailer video

    Feast your eyes on the world’s most medically accurate virtual canine specimen, and stand in awe as organs float and soar throughout our zero gravity surgery theatre. JetsonVR is the greatest virtual reality guide to canine anatomy this planet has ever seen.

    Built from the ground up for virtual reality, JetsonVR blends visually stunning 3D anatomy with fully interactive exploration and gamified challenges.


    Discover, Manipulate, and Learn Canine Anatomy in Exploration Mode:

    JetsonVR contains a mind-opening 1694 unique anatomical structures, meaning there’s always something new to learn and explore. Every single one of Jetson’s bones, muscles, nerves, and organs can be selected, grabbed, inspected, rotated, and even thrown in zero gravity. Pick up anatomy to examine how it looks or learn its purpose. Gain a never-before-possible understanding of the 3D relationship between structures. Or dissect with gusto to fill the room with floating body parts. You are in complete control. 

    Test Your Knowledge and Set New High Scores in a Race-Against-The-Clock Challenge:

    Oh no, Jetson is falling apart! Complete the "Anatomy Jigsaw" challenge by placing floating anatomy back where it belongs in Jetson's body. Improve your score by replacing more parts, taking less time, and making fewer mistakes. Pressure's on!


    Designed to educate, engage, and absorb everyone from vet students, to pet lovers, to gamers. JetsonVR is the next innovation from the team behind the world’s leading canine anatomy study app: EasyAnatomy - now used in over 120 countries. 


    Learn more about JetsonVR (or try it yourself) on the Microsoft App Store:


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    Award-winning VR/MR studio impresses mining industry leaders with innovative application of VR. see more

    LlamaZOO Showcases Breakthroughs in Virtual Reality for the Mining Industry At Unearthed Vancouver 2017 Hackathon

    Vancouver, BC - October 04, 2017 - LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. (“LlamaZOO”), an award-winning VR/MR development studio, claimed second prize in the Unearthed Vancouver 2017 hackathon this past weekend. The 54 hours straight event was sponsored by leading mining companies, who challenged teams of innovators and entrepreneurs to develop prototype solutions for real problems within their mining operations.

    The Unearthed Hackathon program provides a platform for the global resources sector to connect and collaborate with top local entrepreneurs and innovators. LlamaZOO was specially invited to this Vancouver edition of the hackathon not only as a participant, but also to demonstrate their world’s-first virtual reality mine planning software service MineLife VR.

    “Through the Unearthed hackathon, and our continued development work with clients, we’ve developed a solid understanding of the challenges the mining industry is eager to solve, and how 3D VR/MR can be utilized.” said Kevin Oke, LlamaZOO’s co-founder and VP Sales. “Our MineLife VR platform enables us to rapidly develop visualizations for any mine site, and we look forward to continuing to bring on new clients.”

    Unearthed’s Open Innovation Lead, Chris Schmid, was thrilled with the level of innovation produced during the event. "At Unearthed we put a lot of thought and effort into building a technology ecosystem for the resources sector. It is innovative companies like LlamaZOO that will drive the digital revolution in the industry and we are excited to have them participate in our hackathon."


    About MineLife VR
    Developed by award-winning VR/MR studio LlamaZOO Interactive, MineLife VR is a Virtual Reality software platform that presents a truly three-dimensional representation of a mine plan from exploration to closure, at scale, using actual planning and geospatial data, rendered at the highest possible quality.

    MineLife VR represents a synthesis of traditionally dispersed, complex geospatial and mine planning data. The software enables mining companies’ internal and external stakeholders to immerse themselves in the mine plan, and interact with it through its entire lifecycle, from any angle, whether thousands of feet up in the air, or down on the ground.


    About LlamaZOO
    LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. (“LlamaZOO”) is an award-winning Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality (VR/MR) studio that develops 3D education and communication software for the mining and oil and gas industries. Headquartered in Victoria, Canada, LlamaZOO was founded in 2014 by Charles Lavigne and Kevin Oke, a pair of video game industry veterans with a shared passion for leveraging their expertise in interactive technology to tackle real world problems.



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    LlamaZOO's team claims second place in the Unearthed Vancouver 2017 hackathon















    MineLife VR, Virtual Reality mine planning software platform, developed by LlamaZOO

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    LlamaZOO Interactive releases 2016/2017 Production Reel see more

    LlamaZOO Interactive releases 2016/2017 Production Reel

    [Click here to watch the video!]

    In this video you will see clips from:

    - Smart Shores: Helps community risk management visualize shorelines and potential areas of water flooding. Built in Unity, features such as texture streaming, drone/aerial image based photogrammetry and GIS data to recreate a vast open area. Real-time day/night cycle with accurate longitude/latitude representation of sun/moon and sky. Animated displacement shader for water simulation.

    - EasyAnatomy EdTech Platform: Launched in Sept 2016, the EasyAnatomy edTech platform facilitates the distribution of complex 3D educational content, includes functionality for exploring, dissecting, layering, and fading content, as well as adding custom notes, creating annotations, and 3D positional bookmarks all stored on the cloud. Students studying anatomy can access over 1000 quiz questions written by professors, and delivered through an AI based adaptive quizzing system, ensuring students study at a personally relevant cadence. Built over 2 years, the EasyAnatomy canine content was created from a base of MRI/CT scans with collaboration from leading Veterinary professors and institutions from around the world, and represents the world's most comprehensive 3D library of veterinary anatomy content.

    - Jetson MR/VR: Represents states of the art mixed and virtual reality educational content only available to our institutional clients. The worlds first VR cadaver dissection tool, allows for the exploration of the entire EasyAnatomy canine anatomy systems with room scale spatial inputs. Jetson VR was captured as a mixed reality video using Blueprint Reality's ( Mixcast.

    - Mine Life VR: Developed for Teck Resources, allows for stakeholders to visualize the 50 years of mine planning data which goes into an open pit mine. Includes recreation of an explorable 10x10km region from GIS data, with year cycling to show terrain deformation, points of interest labels, and natural user interface for navigating the environment similar to Google Earth VR, without producing motion sickness. 9Gb of textures are streamed on 10 streaming landscapes equal to 30m polygons, with simulated ground level details such as grass and trees, running at +90fps on GTX 1070!

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    World's first Virtual Reality Canine Dissection to be debuted by LlamaZOO in Vegas during WVC 2017. see more

    LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. (LlamaZOO), developers of world-leading 3D veterinary anatomy software EasyAnatomy, will for the first time ever be enabling users to explore the intricacies of canine anatomy in virtual reality (VR). LlamaZOO has chosen the 2017 Western Veterinary Conference, one of the largest annual veterinary conferences in the world, as the venue to unveil this breakthrough in veterinary medicine.

    “We’ve made tremendous leaps in EasyAnatomy’s development this year, adding the complete nervous and circulatory systems along with animated pathologies” said LlamaZOO co-founder and CEO Charles Lavigne. “It’s all lined up to make WVC the ideal place for us to demonstrate our medically accurate 3D canine in VR for the first time.”

    “Being able to interact with a life-sized virtual canine cadaver, place your head inside its abdomen, and hold its organs in your hands is an extremely convincing argument for the advantages of 3D interaction compared to plastic models or textbooks” added co-founder and VP Sales Kevin Oke.

    EasyAnatomy is currently available on tablet, laptop, and desktop devices, and since its preliminary launch last summer has been adopted by veterinary practitioners, students, and educators all over the world. LlamaZOO’s aim is to help veterinarians have more engaged, informed, and effective conversations with clients about their pet’s health, and the recent addition of animated pathologies to EasyAnatomy makes this even easier.

    “Our veterinary advisors and customers have been urging us to add pathologies to EasyAnatomy since we first launched” commented Oke. “Showing an owner what a healthy pet should look like is one thing, but being able to present them with how their pet’s ailment actually appears, and demonstrate how that condition will deteriorate over time if left untreated is incredibly powerful. Our users are excited to start having more informed conversations with clients, and to enjoy the resulting increase in compliance.”

    Veterinary medicine is evolving, and veterinarians are increasingly adopting solutions that boost efficiency, and differentiate their practice in a competitive landscape.

    “The newest generation of pet owners have grown up surrounded by technology, and they’ve come to expect the businesses they interact with to be technology-inclined too” said Oke. “The time and cost savings that an effective use of technology offers is too attractive to ignore, and we’re seeing more and more veterinarians making innovative changes.”

    The 2017 Western Veterinary Conference takes place March 5-9 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Over 14,000 participants are expected to attend, including 6000+ veterinarians and 500+ exhibiting companies. LlamaZOO will be located at Booth 1131 during the exhibition, and is now accepting reservations for limited VR demonstrations:

    About LlamaZOO

    LlamaZOO is a leading education technology company that develops award-winning interactive software. With a primary focus on veterinary medicine, LlamaZOO has partnered with distinguished international institutions including the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Missouri, and the University of Saskatchewan in developing its 3D veterinary anatomy solution, EasyAnatomy.

    In March LlamaZOO will be one of 10 worldwide finalists competing in SXSWedu Launch. The company has previously been awarded the VIATEC Startup of the Year Award, been named “Top Regional Startup” by BCIC New Ventures, and was recognized as one of Douglas Magazine’s “10 to Watch”. Founded in 2014 and privately held, LlamaZOO is headquartered in Victoria BC, Canada.


    Kevin Oke
    Co-Founder & VP Sales
    LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. 

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    A new training tool developed by a Victoria software company will save aerospace co's & government.. see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Andrew Duffy

    A new training tool developed by a Victoria software company will save aerospace companies and government departments money and time when training staff, according to the chief executive in charge of the program.

    Scott Dewis, chief executive of Race Rocks 3D, said a virtual reality set-up being developed by the firm will allow students to immerse themselves in worlds that do not yet exist.

    That means they can hit the ground running when the equipment does come to life.

    The program is being developed to help train crews for a new Royal Canadian Navy ship being built by Chantier Davie Shipyards in Quebec.

    Race Rocks won a contract to provide the training systems for the Asterix, a container ship that is being converted into an auxiliary oiler/replenishment ship for the navy.

    The software will allow the crew to get familiar with the ship’s layout, its systems and how it functions months before it leaves the shipyard.

    The company has developed a brief “touring” virtual reality experience that takes anyone from a virtual office, seemingly on board the ship, onto a helicopter for a realistic aerial tour of the ship as it demonstrates its capabilities at sea.

    “The goal is for a sailor who comes on board Asterix to already know the ship,” said Dewis.

    Race Rocks is investing heavily in virtual-reality and augmented-reality systems for use in aerospace and defence training.

    “Really, it’s all about blended learning,” he said, noting they will offer training systems that will use virtual and augmented reality, e-learning and gaming simulation.

    “We want to make learning entertaining, so we pick the technology that lends itself best to that type of learning.”

    “We are really excited about where this technology can go. It can reduce the cost and speed up the time it takes to train people,” Dewis said.

    The growth area is likely to be aerospace, and Dewis said there is a natural fit with companies like Boeing, which is based in Seattle and has satellite operations in Richmond.

    “They see Victoria as an untapped market,” he said, noting it’s up to this area to sell itself to the aerospace giant by showcasing its relatively inexpensive cost of living and superior technical talent.

    “There is something there for Victoria — and it’s up to us to figure out how to present ourselves,” Dewis said.