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    Scholarships will be in $5000 increments for full-time and $750 increments for part-time courses. see more

    A note from Lighthouse Labs CEO, Jeremy Shaki...

    Hello everyone,

    As the last few weeks have brought a lot of change, I, like you, have grappled with the realities of COVID-19. At different times I’ve felt some combination of confusion, disbelief, fear, anger and even grief. I have also been able to witness the best people have to offer - as government, industry, health organizations and individuals respond to this crisis by moving at unprecedented speed to help us overcome these struggles. The level of sacrifice and generosity, mixed with camaraderie that goes beyond any partisan, sex, race and denomination, has been inspirational and moving.

    I - along with everyone on our team at Lighthouse Labs - feel the need to do our part.

    As a small business that has recently been forced to do its own round of layoffs, we understand the struggle Canadians face in losing their job first hand. We understand, and to some extent, all feel, the vulnerability of looking at an uncertain future in an uncertain time. We have always understood this challenge as a company that helps professionals upskill and retrain in a fast-changing workplace and we understand it even more acutely at a moment like we currently find ourselves in.

    Today, we would like to respond by pledging a total of a half a million dollars in scholarship funds for all our courses, available to those who are facing economic uncertainty as a result of COVID-19. This includes job losses, job minimization, and school interruptions. Whether it’s a full career transition, or adding skills that would make someone more attractive in this job market, Lighthouse Labs would like to support every individual we can who is currently in a time of need. We hope to allow those who can, to turn these next few months into a positive moment for their career.

    Scholarships will be in $5000 increments for full-time and $750 increments for part-time courses. Our goal will be to give as many of these out as possible and as quickly as we can, for those individuals who suddenly have the time, but may not have finances to put forward at this time. These scholarships are in addition to the vast array of financing and student loan opportunities Lighthouse has already built into our offerings. Courses will all be accessible in our new Online Live Format, allowing students to learn from the safety of their own home - while being enabled to engage with a wide group of motivated peers, an extremely supportive set of mentors, and a Career Services team that is working around the clock to help all our graduates.

    We understand that this may be a drop in the bucket considering the circumstances, but as with every gesture and effort we have seen taking place around us, our hope is that these scholarships will help some people in a time of need, and will inspire others to find their own way to provide support. It’s on all of us to respond to this moment. We thank all of those who have inspired and supported us during these toughest of times.

    If you’re interested in applying to one of our programs and accessing scholarship dollars, please check out our scholarship page.

    Stay safe,

    Jeremy Shaki

    Lighthouse Labs CEO

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    As of March 16th, 2020 all classes will be running fully remotely. Learn more below. see more

    During times of uncertainty, we remain proud and positive in knowing that Lighthouse Labs' progressive and adaptable approach has equipped us with the abilities not only to cope with change but to serve as a beacon and resource for education. You can count on us for continuous updates, commitment to the student experience, and maintenance of a safe learning environment.

    As of March 16th, 2020 all classes will be running fully remotely. Learn more below.


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    Caorda :: Local web design, development, marketing agency celebrates 15 years of success see more

    VICTORIA, British Columbia – May 29, 2018 – Caorda Web Solutions, a local design, development and digital marketing agency, hit a milestone of 15 years in business in April.

    Caorda was incorporated on April 9th, 2003 by the trio of Paul Johnston, Lance Hesketh and Jannik Plaetner, and in classic start-up fashion the business started and operated from the basement of Paul’s house. The founders’ vision was to provide a one-stop-shop for web design, web development, custom application development, and Canadian business level hosting services. As the web matured, businesses of all sizes were taking advantage of the marketing and business opportunities it provided, and from the beginning, Caorda specialized in providing end-to-end services as a full solution provider, and in delivering exceptional customer service and support.

    Back in 2003, Caorda created its very own software-as-a-service Content Management System (Caorda Content) to allow their clients to easily manage content on websites. Fast forward 15 years and Caorda is still rocking website design and development across multiple content management systems, while having added a dedicated support team, an expanded array of Canadian-based hosting solutions from the Caorda Data Centre, a creative design team, and video production and digital marketing services.

    “Our strength is rooted in the great diversity of expertise, experience, and personalities found in our team, combined with a healthy respect and acceptance of each other,” says Paul Johnston, President. “This allows us to effectively collaborate from multiple perspectives toward a singular purpose, be it delivering great marketing results for a client project, building exciting software applications or delivering outstanding customer service each and every day.”

    Caorda has experienced considerable growth over the past two years, notably since the summer of 2016 when the company relocated to an open concept office space on the 4th floor of the Apex Building. With increased collaboration on projects and occasional office shenanigans, the move has been phenomenal for employee work satisfaction. The talented team of 19 can easily share ideas and perspectives, all for the benefit of Caorda’s clients. “It's great to work in an environment with like-minded individuals who are so passionate about creating solid marketing and technology solutions for our clients,” says Julie Melano, Graphic Designer. “We take real pride in our work, and I think that's a reflection of how well we are treated as employees. I'm proud to be a member of the Caorda team and wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

    All staff are excited for the official 15-year anniversary celebration at Caorda’s office on Friday, June 1, from 2:00-6:00 PM, at 3795 Carey Road Suite 401. Current clients, prospective clients, media, friends, and family are invited to celebrate Caorda’s accomplishments over the past 15 years, as well as to enjoy catered food from Ferris’ Oyster Bar, live music by Finch & Fiddler and plenty of refreshments. 

  • While we at Atomic Crayon might not have been “perfect students” when we were younger see more

    While we at Atomic Crayon might not have been “perfect students” when we were younger – our most glowing review was a “Less disruptive than last semester” from Ms. Wormwood in grade six - it turns out all those hours reading books in detention after school has really paid off with our latest project: A re-design for the amazing Grande Prairie Public Library!


    The Grande Prairie Public Library promotes and provides library materials and services that meet the educational, cultural, informational and recreational needs of the people of Grande Prairie. The GPPL has proudly served the community since 1939.  The Grande Prairie Public Library also serves as a resource centre for the libraries in the Peace Country, providing reference and interlibrary loan services.


    After winning the contract to re-design the GPPL website, we read between the lines that their website required a completely overhauled web strategy and that a new design was overdue.  The new site needed to illustrate the ease of access to the physical and digital content in an interactive and customer-focused interface. This included showcasing the extensive programs, services and events for all age groups in addition to a complete visual redesign.  We needed to make sure we had everything covered!


    We catalogued their requirements used our encyclopaedic knowledge of website fundamentals to create a unique portal for the library. Once that was completed, we took off our jackets and dove into the information architecture, and then sorted their services based on their target audiences.


    Using a few tricks we had up our sleeve, we seamlessly integrated third party services that can be customized to generate audience-based Booklists, Programs, Movies and more. We also incorporated custom blogs, Book a Room and Ask a Librarian services in order to allow users to interact with the library.    That should help get us in their good books!


    The new design took a page from the creativity and innovation of the library itself, to create a site that accurately reflects the vibrant community it serves, a community that is looking forward to a very bright future.


    The new website is bound to be a success! Go online and check it out.



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    Caorda Web Solutions, a local design, development and digital marketing agency, has relocated. see more

    VICTORIA, British Columbia – September 27, 2016 – Caorda Web Solutions, a local design, development and digital marketing agency, has relocated to a new modern office just a few blocks from its previous location.

    “After 8 years, we felt it was time for a change” says Paul Johnston, President. “The new space has been a big hit with staff and clients alike. It’s bright and welcoming, with a modern feel that provides a hybrid work environment to balance the benefits of both an open work concept and private breakout rooms. The gym and squash court are already seeing action for stress relief and to get the creative juices flowing! We look forward to inviting more clients in to check out the new digs.”

    The new space encourages collaboration thanks to its open concept floorplan and offers panoramic views of beautiful Victoria to boot! Caorda’s new office means improved client interaction, new amenities for employees, and room for growth. The company is now even better equipped to offer top notch web design, app development, digital marketing and hosting services.

    All staff are excited for Caorda’s Open House, taking place on Wednesday, September 28, from 3:00-7:00 PM, at 3795 Carey Road Suite 401. The event will give the public a chance to meet the people behind Caorda, check out the new office, and enjoy some food, live music and refreshments. 


    About Caorda Web Solutions

    Headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia since 2003, Caorda is a talented digital agency providing a range of services including website design, application and database development, hosting solutions, digital marketing, SEO and video production. Caorda helps organizations of all sizes achieve their internet goals by providing end-to-end services utilizing a variety of content management systems and internet marketing tools. Caorda provides solutions for a wide variety of industries and clients, including the Galaxy Motors, Harbord Insurance, Ocean River Sports, Central 1 Credit Union and the BC Lions Society. For further details, please visit us at: www.caorda.com



    Media Contact:

    Lorne Neil

  • Just in time for summer, the District of Saanich’s new website has been released into the wild. see more

    Some may say that we are bloomin’ crazy at Atomic Crayon - and we might even agree - but we love to change the landscape of municipal web design. Just in time for summer, the District of Saanich’s new website has been released into the wild.  


    The District of Saanich is the largest municipality on Vancouver Island with more than 110,000 people and without a doubt one of its most beautiful. The community cultivates urban and rural neighbourhoods with 169 parks, more than 100 km of trails, four recreation centres, numerous beaches and amenities for all ages.  It truly showcases the island's incredible natural beauty at its finest.


    When the District let us know we'd won this project, we didn't beat around the bush. We dove right in, pruning the information architecture to make a lean website that would still be able to easily grow in the future.   


    The design team focused on the mixture of urban, suburban and rural elements and cultivated one of our freshest designs to date. The new site also showcases a wealth of powerful features, including a new harvest of our expansive modules that is saturated with award-winning accessibility, social media integration, online submissions, District spotlights, event calendar, tender opportunities and much, much more. This is no garden variety website!


    We also integrated of a number of custom applications, including a Carbon Fund Calculator, Webcam integration, Online Submissions and Searchable Libraries.


    The website utilizes our enterprise-level content management system, ElementCMS. After providing the District staff training on this robust CMS, they are now able to update the website themselves, thereby ensuring content is fresh as a daisy.


    The site is live and our work is done. Time to hit the hay!




    This project brought to you by Atomic Crayon

    Press release available here

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    Lighthouse Labs is launching their lauded programs for aspiring developers in Victoria. see more

    Starting in March, Victorians will be learning the skills they need to pivot into coding careers with Lighthouse Labs’ Web Development Bootcamp and Intro to Web Development course.

    VICTORIA • FEBRUARY 23, 2016. In addition to successfully established locations in Vancouver and Toronto, today Lighthouse Labs is launching their lauded programs for aspiring developers in Victoria. With a curriculum that emphasizes hands-on experience, the 8-week Bootcamp and 6-week Intro to Programming courses offer a dynamic education for people of all coding levels.

    With an expanding tech scene, the need for new developers has created a bottleneck for further growth in Victoria. The program has gained the support of local tech organizations including: VIATEC, Emplomacy, Metalab and Ladies Learning Code.

    "Having programs like Lighthouse Labs has been invaluable to our business. It has allowed us to open up even more opportunities for people wanting to kick-start their careers without having to go to university for four years, which is really awesome to be able to do. They walk into MetaLab with all the right foundational pieces to be successful after an intense 2-month bootcamp." says Tim Wilkinson, COO at Metalab.

    The Web Development Bootcamp boasts unprecedented employment rates for their job-seeking graduates, while the Intro to Web Development course gives students a comprehensive introduction to software development. The part-time Intro to Web Development course starts on March 14th and the full-time Web Development Bootcamp begins on May 23rd. Potential students are encouraged to attend the Info Session at Fort Tectoria on March 3rd. Both programs will take place at Fort Tectoria.

    “When the demand for technical talent continues to increase at a rate that learning institutions can't keep up with, Coding Bootcamps like Lighthouse Labs allow for an accelerated entry into a career with incredible opportunity. Demand for technical talent far outpaces our ability to fulfill those roles, so it's not a level playing field ­ choosing to build your coding skills just expands your options.” says Erin Athene, Victoria Director at Lighthouse Labs.

    Having graduated over 350 students in just two years, Lighthouse Labs has established themselves at the forefront of tech education and has helped fill the tech talent gap with similar programs in Montreal, Calgary and the Okanagan.

    The fundamental belief of Lighthouse Labs is that coding is a craft and should be taught as a trade. The program boasts agile curriculum that focuses on the most relevant skills, industry professionals as teachers, keeps small classes with a 1 to 7 teacher to student ratios and uses a hands on approach where students spend over 75% of their time in class building real-world software.


    About Lighthouse Labs: Founded in 2013, Lighthouse Labs is an immersive, modern approach to teaching web and mobile software development. With a hands on curriculum built by a community of industry experts, Lighthouse Labs focuses on transforming passionate people into agile programmers. Lighthouse Labs maintains unprecedented employment rates and has graduated over 350 students into amazing careers. For more information, visit www.lighthouselabs.ca.


    For Inquiries:

    Topaz Glazer

    Brand Strategist Lighthouse Labs

    topaz@lightouselabs.ca | 778-788-7027

    Jonathan Wallace

    Satellite Coordinator, Lighthouse Labs

    jonathan@lighthouselabs.ca | 416-804-2974