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    A pod of life sized Orca replicas are put in as a part of the "Pop up at the Square Design Comp." see more

    Follow the Pod

    WildVision Edutainment Inc and Envision Designs & Development are proud to introduce Follow The Pod to the City of Victoria. Follow The Pod brings whale-sized replica play-pieces to Centennial Square, showcasing members of the locally endangered Southern and Northern Resident Killer Whale populations.

    The designs of each life-sized model are based on real-life members of the Southern Resident Killer Whale population. Follow The Pod honours the memory of deceased Southern Residents, as well as celebrates the lives of those who continue to prevail, despite constant threats to their survival.

    With only 78 members left alive, Southern Residents will only get the protection they need if all Canadians work together to raise awareness and reduce threats. Follow The Pod will bring to light the importance of conservation through the power of edutainment.

    To stay in the loop on this project, go visit it in person at Centennial Square or visit FollowThePod.com!


    Below is a news clip from Kool 107.3fm from a few weeks ago.

    Source: Kool 107.3km

    Centennial square is getting some new residents today, as a pod of life sized Orca replicas are put in as a part of the "Pop up at the Square Design Competition."

    Christopher Porter, creator of the Orcas, says the idea behind "Follow the Pod" is a way to educate the public, while having a great place in the heart of the city for people to interact with the animals. 

    "We included an RFID tag within the eyes of the killer whales, so people will be able to come up with their smartphones and devices, and they will be able to hear a story from that whale through their device, and actually get an updates about where the real killer whales are traveling." 

    All of the life-sized sculptures in Centennial square are based off of resident killer whales, and were designed by a Vancouver Island based team led by WildVision Edutainment Inc. and Envision Designs and Development.

    Porter says there are only 78 southern resident killer whales in British Columbia, and hopes this will raise awareness about the endangered species.