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Job Board Details

Job Board Details

VIATEC’s Job Board is the top page visited on our website, and it’s the only job board dedicated to technology jobs in the Greater Victoria area.

We are delighted to be able to assist our members with recruiting efforts and obtaining talent. The quality of candidates employers receive from posting with VIATEC is excellent, which is why there are new jobs added every day.

Job postings not only get listed on VIATEC’s website but are also shared in the weekly e-Bulletin (+5,000 subscribers), tech related jobs are uploaded to and other jobs (admin, marketing etc.) are uploaded to

If you are interested in posting your jobs with us, please see below!


Job postings will be listed on VIATEC’s website, in our weekly e-Bulletin, and* for up to 60 days. If you'd like your job opening to come down prior to the 60 days, you can do so in the settings of your post. Jobs must be either technology related or within technology companies. Only jobs within local companies will be listed.
*Only tech specific positions are listed on

Each 60 day job posting is:

  • $125 for members
  • $250 for non-members

Volume Discounts:

  • Available to members only and may be purchased in advance: $1000 for 10 job postings
  • Please email for assistance

Bonus Benefits:

  • Sustaining patrons receive 20 free job postings annually
  • Community Builders receive UNLIMITED job postings!

Fine Print

Jobs must be either technology related or for a management/operations, administrative or Marketing, Comms & design position within a technology company. Non-technology positions within non-technology companies will not be posted.

To be considered a local organization, the organization must have an established office in Vancouver Island. We are not able to link directly to your own job board in order to preserve the integrity of the VIATEC Job Board.

Your job posting will be posted pending approval by the VIATEC team. We are sorry that we are unable to post jobs for any organization with accounts in arrears. All past due payments must be brought up to date prior to posting any new positions.

Posting Instruction

To Submit a Job as a Member:

Log in as a member and select "Job Postings" from the left-hand menu.

If it is your first time using the job board since our website update Februray 2021, you will first need to set up your account.


To Submit a Job as a Non-Member:

Fill in the Non-Member Job Posting form here. Once your job is reviewed and approved, you will be invoiced and your job will be posted within one business day.

Non-Member Job Posting Link


To Submit a Job With a Pre-Paid Package or Job Posting Credit:

Log in as a member, select "Resources" from the left hand menu, and fill in the form for a complimentary job posting.

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