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Who We Are


VIATEC's mission is to cultivate the most cohesive tech community in the world by providing resources to tackle shared opportunities and challenges while boosting a sense of belonging and shaping our region.

VIATEC started in 1989, when a community of technologists and entrepreneurs joined together to share information on how to build companies and support the tech industry. Since then Victoria’s economy has changed dramatically and its brand has been transformed.

We work closely with our members to offer a variety of events, programs and services. In addition, VIATEC serves as the front door of the local tech sector and as its spokesperson. To better support local innovators, we acquired our own building (Fort Tectoria) where we offer flexible and affordable office space to emerging local companies along with a gathering/event space for local entrepreneurs.

A Message From the CEO

Thanks for your interest in VIATEC. I hope this will help you better understand what and who we are. Even better, I hope it makes it clear how to get involved. I’d like to take a minute to highlight something crucial to the vibrancy and impact of our local tech sector: The community.

Many are surprised to discover that tech is our largest private industry and I often get asked, “How did this happen?” “Why is there a thriving tech sector in Victoria… a tourism and government town on an island… in Canada?”

We have some obvious advantages:

  • 3 post-secondary institutions bringing together over 40,000 students that are eager to learn, innovate and build making us Canada’s Smartest City.
  • World-class research facilities like the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, the Pacific Institute of Sport Excellence and Ocean Networks Canada attracting top researchers and conducting ground-breaking research and analysis.
  • An economy that includes robust tourism and government sectors which provide stability, predictability and diversity that increase the overall critical mass of the community. This, in turn, increases our infrastructure, culture and provides stable jobs for the partners of risk-taking entrepreneurs
  • Exceptional Lifestyle. I mean, if you can start a company anywhere, wouldn't you do it in a place that’s postcard beautiful, benefits from the strengths of Canada and has the best weather in the nation?

What is not as easy to see is the sense of community among the people that live here. There’s something that happens when really talented people that can live anywhere all choose the same place. They tend to have a longer term view and a willingness to do what is right for the greater good.

In the tech sector, our members’ willingness to work together, support each other, learn from each other and tackle challenges together gives us a huge leg up. Maybe it’s because most of the revenues for our sector come from off the island and, as such, most of our members are not in competition but, daily we see first hand an ‘esprit du corps’ that is remarkable. That attitude created our organization and our entire tech sector has benefitted from that collaborative spirit.

- Dan Gunn, CEO, VIATEC

Focus Areas

Serve as the primary promoter and trusted source of information on the local technology sector. (Technology is Victoria’s #1 industry with a $4.06 Billion Annual Revenue, a $5.22 Billion Economic Impact and over 16,775 employees across 995 high-tech companies - and growing!)



Q: I have logged into VIATEC's old website before, and I tried logging into the new website, but it no longer recognizes me. I have requested the reset email but still no luck...

A: If you have not created a new user login account on our NEW website as of to date then you will not have access. This step must be performed first for authentication purposes. On the homepage please select “Already a Member and need a login?" button. Tip: Your username will be the email address associated with your membership. Please Note: The website does not fully support Internet Explorer. Please use Chrome or Firefox.

Q: I have never logged into VIATEC's website before. I have tried creating a login, but it's not working.

A: Please email in order to be added as a contact first. You can then visit the homepage and select “Already a Member and need a login?" button. Tip: Your username will be the email address associated with your membership. Please Note: The website does not fully support Internet Explorer. Please use Chrome or Firefox.

Q: I need to update my email address and/or password, how do I do this?

A: Log into the website. Once you're in the "Info Hub" go to the top right settings icon and click "Change Username" or "Change Password". Please Note: The website does not fully support Internet Explorer. Please use Chrome or Firefox.

Q: How can I change the size of the font or make a darker contrast for better accessibility?

A: Hit the icon at the bottom left of your screen (the person symbol), to customize your accessibility settings!


Dan Gunn



Rob Bennett

Rob Bennett


COO, Program Director

Georgia Cowell

Georgia Cowell


Member Relations Manager

Michelle Gaetz

Michelle Gaetz


Operations & Finance Manager

Rebecca Blaser

Rebecca Blaser


Member Experience Coordinator


Program Coordinator

Program Staff

Shelley Voyer

Executive in Residence: Accelerator Program.
Program Manager: Women's Entrepreneurship Program.

Mark Grambart

Executive in Residence:
Accelerator Program.


Executive in Residence:
Accelerator Program.

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Executive in Residence:
Accelerator Program.

Board of Directors

Armon Arani (1)

VIATEC Board Member


VIATEC Board Member


VIATEC Board Member

Robert Bowness

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VIATEC Board Member

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VIATEC Board Member

Casey Milone

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VIATEC Board Member


VIATEC Board Member

Brad Williams

VIATEC Board Member

VIATEC_Foundation (1)

The VIATEC Foundation was founded to encourage, support and enable the generosity of the Victoria tech community by bringing them together for greater impact, coordinating their efforts, collecting and sharing the amount and impact of their philanthropic activities, and reducing the time and effort of individual tech companies reviewing requests for support. It focuses its support on initiatives directed at Diversity and Inclusion, Access to Innovation, Social Impact through Innovation, Food Security and Education.

Projects & Organizations the VIATEC Foundation has supported:

  • The Independent Media Producers Network Society received $16,000 in funding ($10K from the VIATEC Foundation, $6K from the Victoria Foundation and other fund contributors) for MediaNet’s Filmmaking Camp for Indigenous youth
  • The Greater Victoria Public Library (GPVL) Board received $15,000 in funding ($10K from the VIATEC Foundation, $5K from the Victoria Foundation and other fund contributors) to support a Digital Media Lab
  • The Gender Equity Fund received $30K in funding from the VIATEC Foundation. This leadership fund will support gender equity initiatives in our region
  • $10,000 was contributed to the Times Colonist's Rapid Relief Fund to help serve those who are less prepared to deal with the health, social and economic impacts of the pandemic
  • $1,200 was donated to My FED Farm to help those in need build a sustainable garden from home or in their community. The donation equated to 10 kits (one community garden)
  • Each year, the VIATEC Foundation also coordinates the VIATEC Foundation Food Bank Challenge where local companies compete to raise the most for the Mustard Seed Food Bank. Since its inception in 2002, $2,396,043.72 worth of food and cash has been donated to the Mustard Seed through companies participating in the VIATEC Foundation Food Bank Challenge!

For more information on the VIATEC Foundation, please contact Dan Gunn at

If you would like to make a donation to the VIATEC donation please click here.

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