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We work actively with HR leaders in our community to identify talent challenges and develop initiatives and partnerships to tackle them. Our talent strategy is still in development, but some of our initial initiatives include:

  • Compensation & Talent Study to provide employers critical research for attracting and retaining talent
  • Newcomer research to identify our community’s brand from the perspective of candidates, identify challenges in joining our community, and develop a data-driven resource to overcome candidate objections
  • Interviews with HR leaders to identify which talent-related areas to focus on
  • Partnership to update and expand’s resources
  • Creation of a virtual talent fair to attract candidates from across Canada and Canadians living abroad and to build our brand presence externally
  • Advocacy and resource sharing of our community’s employment opportunities with external groups

To speak about your organization’s talent needs and how we can help, contact us at

2019/2020 Annual Report

A LOT has happened since April 2019! Click here to download VIATEC's Annual Report, jam-packed with a ton of great info and stats. Trust us, we dust the "dull" off our Annual Reports and actually make them fun!

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