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Industry Studies & Reports

Industry Studies

Economic Impact of the Technology Sector in Greater Victoria - June 2024

Your tech sector is booming, driving major employment and economic gains locally and across British Columbia.

With a 52% surge in growth since our 2017 study, Greater Victoria's tech industry is outpacing the national average. Curious about the full story? Click the link below to dive into the 2024 Economic Impact study and discover the details!

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VIATEC Compensation & Talent Study - Next study will take place Fall 2024

  • Most in-depth data ever offered!
  • Comparisons to other tech regions included!
  • Updated regularly to make sure you have the most current info on hand!

The last year has brought dramatic changes and job market upheaval to employers and candidates alike. Our region is facing the dual challenges of a growing number of candidates considering opportunities outside of their home region, combined with companies growing rapidly and needing more talent than our region currently can provide.

To meet this moment, VIATEC is working with BenchMarket to deliver the TechEdge Survey for our community. This will result in a completely new suite of compensation and talent research to address our community’s needs.

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Economic Impact of the Technology Sector in Greater Victoria - October 2018

The technology sector in Greater Victoria contributes significantly to employment and
economic output in both the local community, as well as throughout the Province of
British Columbia. Growth in revenue and the number of technology firms for Greater
Victoria outpaces the national average. We look forward to conducting another Economic Impact Study very soon.

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Industry Reports

Impacts of The COVID-19 Response on Victoria's Tech Sector so far - June 2020

With 88 member responses, this includes a good cross section of our most promising startups and our more established anchor tech companies.

Compared to other sectors, our local tech companies fared quite well and, as always, they are optimistic about their ability to recover and grow going forward. As is to be expected, some companies are struggling and may not survive.

Included in the Survey:
Revenue impacts, productivity levels, staff level changes, future remote work plans, positive aspects, concerns and more.

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COVID Resources

We have done our best to sort through ALL the COVID-19 related information and compile what you need to know as a tech company. We've also added some of our own helpful resources to help you make decisions, get back to the office and more.

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