Full Stack Software Developer

Full Stack Software Developer

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  • Vision

    Our vision is for towns and cities across the world to have dependable, adequately funded water systems that their residents can count on.


    Waterworth empowers directors of public works and CFOs to gain financial control of their community’s water and wastewater systems so they are able to sustain that infrastructure independent of expensive consultants or complex spreadsheets. Our mission is empowering for civic employees but also for our own team, because we have a direct impact in making our customers’ jobs easier, their reach stronger, and their competence more recognizable.


    We uphold our customers’ work as important and necessary. These knowledgeable people are the vanguard of the changes needed to make our communities more sustainable.

    We work to help communities improve and succeed. Communities are where people come together and as such, are the backbone of society. We throw our support behind them, and behind the people who lead them.

    We improve environmental, financial and community sustainability. We work to ensure water is clean and abundant for current and future generations.

    We are accountable to each other and to our customers. We believe each person, employee and manager should be responsible for what they do.

    We look for the best — in each person and situation. We maintain a positive mindset and look for ways to enable everyone to make their finest contribution.

  • Victoria, BC
  • 13 Mar 2019
  • 12 May 2019
  • Please send us your cover letter and resume in PDF format. These can be emailed to info@waterworth.net

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Waterworth helps local governments sustainably manage their water supplies. We work with large and small communities across North America.

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