Product Designer

Product Designer

  • Dyspatch is an email production platform where teams can create and change emails faster. We have our own template language that transpiles to many common languages used by ESPs and a visual editor that allows non-programmers to build great templates. Our goal is to help organizations leverage innovative email techniques to drive customer engagement. Our portfolio also includes Sendwithus, a transactional email template management platform ideal for SMBs.

  • Victoria
  • 21 Feb 2020
  • 21 Apr 2020
  • To Apply
    Please apply with an updated resume and cover letter. We’d also love to see a link to a portfolio or some samples of your design work.

    We understand that experience can be gained in many ways and that skills are transferable. If you’ve had a non-traditional career path, or if there’s anything you want to clarify about your resume, let us know.

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Dyspatch is an email production platform that helps Enterprise organizations create and change transactional and triggered emails faster.

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