Stunning Senior Angular & .Net Developer

Stunning Senior Angular & .Net Developer

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  • Karmatic Consulting is a small consulting company providing top-notch talent to technical organizations in Victoria BC. We stand apart because we are all technical people working in the technology field. We have no recruiters or managers. We are a group of professionals that do amazing work.

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  • Keating
  • 04 Mar 2019
  • 03 May 2019
  • We know that a resume might not fully reflect how good you are, that's why we can't wait to start talking to you. Please be considerate for both your time and ours, and follow these steps when responding to this job post:
       1) In ONE short paragraph tell us why you are a good engineer (Hint: this will tell us how good your communication skills are)
       2) List your top 3 areas of expertise and why you are amazing with them (Hint: this will tell us if you are a fit for the team)
       3) Please follow the special application instructions below (Hint: this will get us to review your application)

    Find the original value of contactString (??????) for application instructions.

    // Find the original value of contactString (?????) for application instructions.

    var contactString = ?????;

    var charArray = [];

    for(var i=0;i<contactString.length;i++){



    var result = charArray.join(',');


    // The value of result when contactString=?????:



    Find the value of ?????

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