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Digital Economy: Rapid Response & Resiliency Program (DER3)

DER3 | Going Digital


This program is created to help Greater Victoria businesses outside of the tech sector to explore and implement business tools and models to help them adapt to the business challenges of a global pandemic getting through the near term and ensuring they thrive long after.

You’ve worked hard over the years to build your business, to find customers and provide just the right mix of products and services to keep them coming back. In some cases, you’ve invested decades of effort, having survived multiple down swings in the economy, to build a real business. A business that sustains yourself and your family, and your employees and their families. And then seemingly overnight, something out of anybody’s control happens, and it all changes. And it changes so much, that everything you’ve been building towards gets put on the line.

Is this Program for you?

  • Looking for up to $2,000 in funding to assist in implementing a small digital project?
  • Do you want to make more money using digital tools but don’t have a clear starting point?
  • Do you need help navigating the digital world and aren’t sure of the possible benefits?
  • Do you have some ideas on where your business should go online but don’t know who to trust or how much it will cost?
  • Looking for advice to get digitally savvy to compete in this new world but feel intimidated about committing to something new?
  • Not online now and unsure how to get started?
  • Wondering how your business is going to survive this fall/winter?
  • (Check out the 2-part workshop recordings from "So you want to digitalize your consulting business?" Part 1: From Analog to Digital is here, Part 2: Digital Tools is here!)

We’re Here to Help
The Digital Economy: Rapid Response & Resiliency (DER3) program is a no-cost, no-obligation program that works one-to-one (confidentially) with business owners on their unique needs and circumstances, recognizing that while COVID-19 affects all of us, the impacts are different.

What Can You Expect - It’s a journey, no silver bullet...

Step 1: Intake Meeting

It starts with a sympathetic ear. We want to understand what was working before the pandemic happened, and your ideas about how to go forward.

Step 2: Immediate Action Plan and Online Presence Assessment

We’ll explore what you’ve been able to do already with your digital presence: the systems you use, how you use social media and other online platforms, and your level of comfort in using these technologies.

Step 3: Get advice from Business Advisor for one-time or ongoing coaching, or speak to your advisor about how to qualify for up to $2,000 in small digital project funding.

We’ll then let you know different ways you can begin to improve upon the current situation. Many times, this advice can be implemented at little or no cost.

DER3 | 5 Why’s of Going Digital

  1. Improve service to customers ~ keep existing customers and find new ones.
  2. Increase operational efficiency, productivity, profitability ~ over time.
  3. New customers/markets, broader industry awareness ~ new product/service ideas.
  4. Greater talent (job) attractiveness, WFH (Working From Home) & WAMBAM (Web Access Meets Bricks & Mortar) ~ hybrid business models.
  5. Succession and/or acquisition potential ~ increased enterprise value.

Proven Success and Expertise
While the program does not provide direct funding, the complimentary advisory services and network effects have proven successful in helping businesses to transition in the recovery phase(s) and/or to make small — and sometimes large — pivots in their business models.

VIATEC is able to take over three decades of expertise in the tech sector and apply it to businesses in need who are navigating technology adoption or business recovery and enhancement. We can literally tap the hundreds of tech-based companies that we work with to help solve main-street business challenges that simply weren’t as important before the COVID-19 crisis. In addition, we have a strong network of subject matter experts, covering all sorts of skills and digital services, that we can match with specific business challenges and opportunities.

Part of DER3’s unique approach stems from its deep understanding of digital ecosystems. The program advisors work with businesses to understand respective digital starting points; this, along with a hefty dose of humanity and empathy, allows the program to weave together both “technology” and critical human elements to solve their specific digital challenges! 


You are a business owner in an industry such as: restaurant, dining, hospitality, retail, tourism, farming, wellness, arts, events.
Examples include:

  • Shops, Markets, Consignment stores, Specialty retail
  • Farmers/Agriculture/Farmer’s Markets
  • Food and beverage producers, distributors and retailers
  • Artists/Makers/Galleries

You are seeking: business help, business advice, business mentorship, marketing advice for small businesses, ecommerce support, online sales support, online marketing support, small business resources, etc

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