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W CEO is a new ongoing monthly program that leverages the power of peers to keep women CEOs accountable to her goals while fostering a community of influential women leaders. Funded in part by the Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council (VIATEC), this program leverages a proven strategic execution framework, peer meetings and one-on-one coaching to help CEOs deliver predictable and measurable growth.

VIATEC Academy

  • Offers best-in-class training courses for you and those team members you want to develop into the top performers and future leaders for your company. See below for our upcoming offerings with huge price subsidies for you as a VIATEC member.
  • Helps you find content and facilitators for your specific needs. Yeah, if you want to book something just for your team and need help finding the right course, program or speaker we have an inventory of vetted options AND we will help you review other options too….for free!
  • Can help you fill a classroom. If you already know who/what you want to book but need other participants to join you to make it feasible, we will do what we can to help you find them.
  • Has buying power. We have a limited budget to help subsidize your group training sessions. So, if you are booking training for your team contact us to learn more about a potential 30% subsidy (up to $1500)

What's on deck this season?

We've curated our winter curriculum based on the most pressing needs of the community, including:

Each of these programs has been vetted by our community and the overwhelming response is that you want more. We're proud to bring these offerings to our members at an incredible value thanks to subsidized pricing at 50%.


Contact Robert Bennett at

Venture Accelerator Program (VAP)

The mission is simple:

To increase the number of successful technology companies that start and grow in the Greater Victoria area.

With input and funding from its partners, Accelerate Tectoria provides a structured venture development service designed to guide, coach and grow ambitious early-stage technology entrepreneurs.

When our members are really focused on a particular topic or practice, VIATEC is happy to work with them. Here are some of the supports we offer:

  • Business Coaching Service
  • Executive in Residence Program
  • The VIATEC Accelerator Program (Apply here)
  • Scale-Up BC Program


Contact Rob Bennett at

VIATEC offers a free Business Coaching Service to support regional innovators, business owners and entrepreneurs in knowledge-based industries via Zoom, email and telephone. You're the perfect candidate if you need assistance with:

  • Discussing alternatives and options
  • Identifying your primary need and your next steps
  • Business start-up and growth
  • Developing or updating your business plan
  • Information about programs, sources of funding and services for research and development
  • Identifying the gains and risks of exporting and linking to export markets
  • Assistance with human resource issues, and/or
  • Partnering with other businesses within the region.

For more information or to meet with a Business Coach, please contact Rob Bennett.


Contact Robert Bennett at

Start-Up Visa (SUV) Program

***Updated 22/June/2022*** Until further notice, we have temporarily paused providing Commitment Certificates and Letters of Support due to unacceptable processing times by Immigration Canada. We will also not be able to review Company Playbooks during this time. Processing times by Immigration Canada are currently taking anywhere from 1 to 3 years, which does not make any sense for any real venture and entrepreneurial team that wishes to relocate their team to Canada and build their company here. Once Immigration Canada is able to return to an effective and predictable processing timeframe, we will again return to providing Commitment Certificates and Letters of Support. In the meantime, we will continue to provide access to the Online Market Validation Training curriculum as large numbers of participants have let us know how instructional and helpful this curriculum has been in developing their ventures.

VIATEC’s Venture Accelerator Program (VAP) has been designated as an eligible program for Canada's Start-up Visa (SUV) Program.  This program is specifically for one or more founders or key employees that are interested in building their head office in Victoria, British Columbia by relocating here and participating in the program. This program IS NOT for people simply looking to immigrate to Canada, or for companies looking to set up a division in Victoria. If you are interested in building your company in Victoria, BC, please follow the 2-step application process for access to the program:

Step 1. Entrepreneurs must complete the Online Market Validation Training Program (MVT). The Online MVT is a curriculum that has been designed to ensure that start-up entrepreneurs have developed their go-to-market strategy based on customer validation. To enroll, complete your application to the Venture Acceleration Program (VAP) on our website here.

Step 2. Part of completing the Online MVT program is creating a slide deck called the Company Playbook that you can submit for review. Our program team will review the Playbook, and we may end up having a short meeting with you to discuss elements of the Playbook. When that process has been completed successfully, we will invite you to apply to the VAP using the SUV application. This application will ask for some additional information and will ensure mutual expectations are established with each other for participation in the Start-Up Visa program.


“Why should I join a Roundtable?”

VIATEC’s roundtables provide members with a great opportunity to meet, network, and exchange ideas, information and expertise with peers in a focused environment. Regular attendance is expected to create a group of recognizable and reliable contacts able to share challenges and lessons learned.

Roundtables are also a great way to get the dirt on what other local companies are up to, a convenient source of professional development, and a solid excuse for arriving to work a few minutes late.


“How do I join a RoundTable?”
  1. Review the list of active roundtables below to see which group(s) catch your fancy
  2. If you are qualified (see 'Who') and part of a VIATEC member company, please send a brief professional bio (3-4 sentences) to Rob at
  3. He will forward your bio to the Chair of the group for consideration.

Be sure to specify which roundtable(s) you are interested in joining!

  1. CEO Roundtable
    The VIATEC CEO Roundtable enables members to meet with peers in a friendly and constructive setting to discuss key issues encountered while running their companies. Regular attendance is expected to allow participants to contribute to the discussions, analysis and problem-solving process.

    1. Who: CEO, President, VP, COO or Senior Executives of Greater Victoria based tech companies (who hold a VIATEC Company Membership), with revenues exceeding $500K. (Cannot be a service provider).
    2. Examples of topics covered:
      1. Attracting Talent to Victoria
      2. The Mechanics of Selling Your Business
      3. Creating a Winning Strategy
  2. Advanced Manufacturing Roundtable
    Anything and everything that you want and need to know about manufacturing, this is the place to meet the people who do it, plan it, live it & breathe it, and you often get free coffee & other treats when we tour many of our local manufacturing facilities.

    1. Who: Any VIATEC Company Member who is interested in manufacturing. We welcome those who are merely thinking of manufacturing opportunities to those that have been involved in manufacturing over many years.
    2. Examples of topics:
      1. Working with Contract Manufacturers
      2. Manufacturing, Academia and Government: Navigating SR&ED and an introduction to MITACS
      3. Review of ERP Systems
  3. Business Development Roundtable
    Members of the Business Development Roundtable meet to network and share ideas, information and expertise. Regular attendance is expected to allow participants to contribute to the discussions, analysis and problem-solving process. This creates a group of recognizable and reliable contacts within the tech community to assist with decisions and assessments in a complex working environment.

    1. Who: VIATEC Company Members who are experienced sales leaders (including those who lead other sales people, generate strategy or are responsible for managing a sales channel or channels), working in Greater Victoria. They possess years of applied experience/training and are able to participate and contribute at a strategic level.
    2. Examples of topics:
      1. Developing and Nurturing the Pipeline before the Pipeline
      2. Secrets of Google Adwords
      3. How to Conduct a Web Demo
  4. Marketing & Product Management Roundtable
    Members of the Marketing & Product Management Roundtable meet to network and share ideas, information and expertise. Following the ProductCamp format, the audience is actively involved, in an exercise or application of a technique or process which has been presented by the session leader. The group focuses on providing tools and information that our members can actually use in their day to day job, and on building strong professional relationships between members.

    1. Who: Any VIATEC Company Member who are Product and Marketing Professionals working in Greater Victoria based companies. Some members come with years of applied experience/training, while others are new to the profession. The main requirements are a desire to learn, and a commitment to participating actively in the discussions.
    2. Examples of topics:
      1. Market Research Best Practices
      2. The Product Development Process
      3. Marketing Tools for Corporate and Product Marketing
  5. Software Leadership
    Nick Duncan, the former Director of Development from Procura, has graciously volunteered to get the software development roundtable going again. Thanks, Nick!

    1. Who: Any VIATEC Company Members who are the senior people focused on leading and managing the software development process in their tech companies. They possess years of practical experience/training and are able to participate and contribute at a strategic level.
    2. Examples of topics:
      1. We may wish to discuss different development strategies, or recruiting strategies, or different ways of working with the rest of the management team.
      2. We’d love to hear from you on what kind of theme(s) you are interested in exploring and how that might impact your organization and the community as whole. Also, how would you like to get involved? A presentation? A workshop?

Recruitment Support

Finding the right skilled talent is key to the success of any company and we're dedicated to helping our members achieve this as efficiently as possible. This is a challenge around the world but we have a few tricks up our sleeve. Victoria is beautiful after all and if we can help spread the word about our amazing lifestyle AND the myriad of quality jobs waiting to be filled, we can help each of our members stay focused on innovating and growing instead of searching for people.

We do this by offering you:

  • A quality Job Board (and discounted prices for members)
  • Job post exposure for 60 days, and listed in our weekly e-Bulletin and cross promoted.
  • The Human Resource Practice and Compensation Study (contact for a copy)
  • The Something About video to share with interested out-of-town candidates
  • Student outreach through local co-op, career and science fairs (with the occasional spotlight in cities like Austin and San Francisco)
  • Meeting with hundreds of newcomers and potential relocaters to tell them about our community, our sector and member companies that might hire them
  • Pitching and promoting our story to writers, reporters and media outlets around the world
  • Access to wage subsidies through Innovate BC, Digital Skills for Youth Program and ICTC

If you're new to Greater Victoria, head to our Resources page for more helpful info!

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Member Offers

One of the many benefits of being a VIATEC member is taking advantage of exclusive discounts from other VIATEC member companies. Get the VIP treatment around town and make all your friends jealous (We're working on a flashy gold card you can whip out for extra satisfaction).

If you have an exclusive offer you'd like to add to the list, please contact

Click here to see the current offers. 

Networking and Connections

One of the top reasons companies join VIATEC is to network and develop connections. Throughout the year, many opportunities are provided including:

  • Virtual events
  • The VIATEC Awards
  • Discover Tectoria tech expo (biennial)
  • Culminate leadership summit
  • F*ckUp Nights
  • VIATEC Holiday Party
  • Fort Tectoria sponsored events
    (Game Jams, Art Shows, Fundraisers and more)

In addition to networking events, VIATEC strives to give back to the community. By hosting the VIATEC Food Bank Challenge annually with proceeds benefiting the Mustard Seed Food Bank, VIATEC and its members continue to be top contributors every year!

Fort Tectoria

VIATEC started their Accelerator Program in 2012 and it was so successful, we decided to BUY a building to provide added event, meeting and office space to better support Victora's thriving community of innovators and entrepreneurs!

Fort Tectoria opened in September of 2014 and provides the following:

  • Private offices
  • Open work stations
  • Boardrooms
  • The Shaw Conference Room
  • Lunch room
  • The Tilted Rocket Lounge
  • Ground Control Cafe (currently closed)
  • The fastest (and free) fibre-optic WiFi downtown!

Members receive discounts on meeting and event space, workstations and private offices! Please visit the Workspace page for more info or contact

Please note Fort Tectoria is currently closed to the public and only open to tenants.

Regional and Sector Promotion

  • Tectoria
  • Investor Summits, Trade Missions and Outreach
  • Event Partnerships
  • Studies

In the same way that New York is referred to as “The Big Apple”, Victoria has come to be known as “Tectoria”. Tectoria is a brand name, created by VIATEC to emphasize the significance of the technology industry in this city.

Technology is Victoria's #1 industry with a $4.06 Billion Annual Revenue, a $5.22 Billion Economic Impact and over 16,775 employees across 995 high-tech companies - and growing!

Combine Technology + Community + Victoria, and the result is… Tectoria!

The original purpose of the Tectoria brand was to help the local population become aware of just how big tech in Victoria really is. The end goal, and what we’re already well on the way to achieving, is to make Technology and Victoria synonymous.

And that’s Tectoria.

Your personal spokesperson...

A big part of getting the word out about "Tectoria" is getting the tech industry great exposure in media (print, online and radio).  We want the world to know all the great things happening in this city, and we want Victoria to be known for more than just tea and flowers...

VIATEC does this by:

  • Serving as a spokesperson for the industry
  • Assisting media in finding local experts to interview (One of those experts could be you!)
  • Suggesting stories for coverage
  • Sending press releases on your behalf (Available by request)
  • Making A LOT of noise at our events so they're tough to ignore.

What can you do to help? Keep innovating and succeeding! We'd love to brag about you and help your business thrive in order to grow the technology sector even bigger.

As a member, you have access to post your news releases to our news page directly. If you have any questions, please contact Tessa.


Samples of Industry News:

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