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2024 Top Tech Companies in Victoria BC

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This year, we're excited to spotlight the industry giants—the trailblazing companies that are leading the way in terms of revenue, growth, and staff numbers. Dive deeper into the vibrant heart of Victoria's tech scene with our comprehensive insights from the VIATEC Victoria Tech Economic Impact Study.


These curated lists offer more than just names; they serve as a powerful testament to the innovation, resilience, and dynamism that are the hallmarks of our thriving tech sector.

Are you intrigued by who's setting the pace in Victoria's competitive tech landscape? Whether you're a budding startup or an established player, participating in our study offers a unique opportunity to measure your company's performance against the best in the business and join the ranks of Victoria's tech elite.

Don't miss your chance to be recognized among the top tech companies in Victoria. Engage with our study and contribute to the narrative of success and innovation that defines our community.

Be part of this year's defining tech lists by participating in the study.

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