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Accelerating growth of women CEOs through peer learning and leadership coaching.

CEO Leadership is an ongoing monthly program that leverages the power of peers to keep women CEOs accountable and connected for remarkable growth.

How we do it:

  1. Strategy Bootcamp
  2. Leadership Roundtables
  3. One to One Coaching

Start by defining your 3-year strategic plan with your team over two 3-hour sessions. You'll detail:

  • define a 3-year strategy (3HAG - highly achievable goal) that connects to your annual, quarterly and monthly execution;
  • establish targets for each team member to deliver on goals;
  • Understand your company's 3-5 differentiating actions and your secret sauce;
  • Created shared vision that resonates company-wide.

Next, maintain accountability to your strategic plan and share learnings with your CEO peers during monthly 2-hour sessions.

  • Leverage a proven method and software system that will help you grow faster, and ultimately give you back more time in your day;
  • Lead with greater clarity;
  • Stay accountable to your goals so you can achieve your dreams;
  • Learn from and be supported by a community of like-minded, bad-ass women.

Then, expand your leadership capacity with a monthly one-to-one coaching session focused on making you a better CEO.

60 minutes per month with your coach lets you uncover what's working, tricky and what you need to do differently to deliver on your goals.

  • help you stay focused;
  • provide space to ask those uncomfortable questions in confidence;
  • work with people who've been there, done that and want you to succeed.

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Powered by Metronome United

CEO Leadership Group uses Metronome United, a proven growth framework based on the best business thought leaders of our time. Founded by startup veteran Shannon Byrne-Susko, Metronome United is a strategic execution framework for helping companies scale, no matter the size, by clarifying how each part of your company works together to achieve more predictable revenue and measurable growth. Read more about how Metronome United here.

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Meet Your Team


Keith Upkes

Keith Upkes is a Business Growth Coach and Advisory CFO for mid-sized firms and has more than 30 years of experience in business and financial management. He believes in the power of working as a team to discover new things together and knowing that they can achieve great things together. His approach to coaching – be flexible, get creative, and consider different points of view. Keith is a big believer in listening, listening carefully to client’s stories, and identifies the things that keep them up at night and away from their families and free time.


Shelley Voyer

Shelley is a clear-headed strategist with a knack for boiling issues down to their key components, identifying gaps, and developing a plan to bridge them. As an Entrepreneur in Residence with VIATEC’s venture accelerator program, she's helped move the needle for startups under her coaching. Shelley also designed and launched W Venture, an entrepreneurship program for women in BC, where she was instrumental in bringing many women’s businesses to the next level.

Exclusive for Bold, Ambitious Women


Our three-month pilot is limited to 8 bold, ambitious CEOs (or COOs) who operate a BC-based tech-enabled company. Pilot members receive a 50% discount for a minimum 12 months.


  • $250 ($500 Reg) for Strategy Bootcamp (One time)
  • $300 ($600 Reg) per month for Peer Groups and One-to-One coaching including Metronome software.

We are proud to offer CEO due to the generous support of VIATEC and Metronome United.

Compare CEO to other executive training and peer groups:

  • Standalone Metronome United Bootcamps are $500+.
  • Similar peer programs like AceTech, MacKay Group, EO cost upwards of $700 per month.
  • One-to-one coaching starts at $1000+/month.

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W CEO is supported by VIATEC and is not affiliated with UVIC,  Accelerate Okanagan, the Digital Technology Supercluster or W Venture. We invite women leaders from across BC to apply.

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