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About Accelerate Tectoria

The mission is simple: 

To increase the number of successful technology companies that start and grow in the Greater Victoria area. 

With input and funding from its partners, Accelerate Tectoria provides a structured venture development service designed to guide, coach and grow ambitious early-stage technology entrepreneurs.


RevUP Program

RevUP is a custom-developed program which focuses on the business challenges that technology companies with rapid-growth issues in British Columbia often encounter. By participating in RevUP, companies will be able to get personalized help with some of the common issues that hinder business growth: building scalable revenue and customer acquisition models, ensuring efficient operational processes and accessing capital opportunities. Individualized action plans, personal leadership coaching and targeted skill development are what make RevUP effective when it comes to addressing these needs.

RevUP Program Benefits

  • Individualized action plans
  • Personal leadership coaching from EiRs
  • Targeted skill development
  • Professional support services from experts in marketing, sales, & IT
  • Networking opportunities

Current RevUP Companies

Industrial Plankton- Our algae bioreactors are a turn-key solution for research, aquaculture, and biotech.

Ringpartner- More Calls,Better Calls. Grow your business through pay per call marketing.

Venture Acceleration Program

The Venture Acceleration Program is designed to guide, coach and grow ambitious early-stage technology entrepreneurs. It is delivered by a team of Executives in Residence (EIRs) and supported by a province-wide network of mentors.

Venture Acceleration Program Benefits

  • Biweekly 1-on-1 coaching by Executives in Residence
    • Holding companies accountable to meeting goals
    • Personal experience running successful businesses, connections to networks (If I can't help I know someone who can), broad reach to EiR network in BC
    • Reviews of proposals, pitch decks, etc
  • Exposure to mentors with diverse knowledge base
  • Networking with other startups to promote sharing of knowledge, talent, & resources, potential collaboration
  • Accelerator-only workshops targeting specific skills
  • Member only discounts on events, services (legal counsel, accounting, SEO), & partner programs
  • Connections to Accelerators across BC
  • Quarterly Reviews & ad-hoc meeting with full EiR panel & select mentors
  • Access to VIATEC's job board & company listings,
  • Promotional opportunities to be Tectorian of The Week, online News Releases, etc

Current VAP Companies

Accio is an on-demand delivery from anywhere in Victoria.

Foundry Spatial- Complete, streamlined environmental and watershed information.

Limbic Media transforms public spaces with high-tech reactive art and light installations that invite participation and bring people together.

LlamaZOO is creating a platform for distributing, viewing and interacting with high quality 3D models of animal anatomy.

Mighty+ for the Online Grocer handles fresh products, home delivery, recipes and loyalty programs.

Nobilified- Commission yourself painted as a classic- oil on a canvas -masterpiece!

Pixel cents is a must-have tool that helps photographers to price their photographs based on industry rates and their business model.

Tellwell is the only company that gives authors 100% net royalties and lets you as the author know your publishing team.

Timberstone Tools- oilfield downhole equipment.

Entrepreneurship@ Program

Program elements and benefits of E@ are the same as the Venture Acceleration Program, however the E@ program is offered at no charge for a period of 6 months! This is perfect for the entrepreneur who expects to ramp their venture to a position of revenue and/or investment within the 6-month period. 

Entrepreneurship@ Program Benefits

  • Ensuring that the business basics have been established
  • Assisting with market definition, product fit and early adopter identification
  • Providing support and direction on business strategy, sales, marketing
  • Determining actions for market entry, including channels to market, partnership opportunities, key influencers, decision-makers and demand drivers
  • Leveraging existing relationships and knowledge to accelerate business development and help gain early traction


Current E@ Companies

Robot Shark Gaming- Taking a bite out of the competition with artificial intelligence, computational game theory and high performance computing.

Yogitunes- Stream the world’s best yoga music curated by top DJs and teachers. Access exclusive DJ mixes and create your own customized practice-perfect playlists.

Vitamin Lab- One Vitamin. Personalized to You. Have your own one-a-day, doctor formulated custom vitamin sent monthly.

West Island Media- Do you create 3D models? Would you like to offer your clients more? We can take your designs a few steps further.

Therapeutic Meals specializes in nutrition therapy, diet modified meals and dietitian services to support independent living at home.

Accelerator Perks


Accelerator clients have access to a range of discounts including Google Hosting Credits, AWS Credits, Free SEO services, Hubspot access, and more.

Booster Program

Boosters are professional service organizations who choose to participate with Accelerate Tectoria in different ways and to varying degrees, including:

  • Offer weekly office hours for discussion on any topic of interest; perhaps spend a morning or afternoon each week at the Accelerator and enable Accelerator companies to book a 30 minute appointment.

  • Offer periodic events, such as Spring and Fall socials, quarterly workshops, seminars, etc.
  • Sponsor educational networking events for Accelerator companies and other startups to mingle and provide a short presentation on a topic of common interest.
  • Offer 1-on-1 lunches with companies periodically through the year to provide informal advice or guidance on matters of interest.
  • Offer offsite space such as boardrooms and meeting rooms within your current office space.
  • Offer discounted rates (hourly and package rates) for services to Accelerator companies.

Discovery Foundation’s 2017 Entrepreneurship Training Series

Are you……?

  • The founder/CEO of a technology company
  • At start-up/early stage and looking to get to the next level
  • Wanting to grow but struggling in the market
  • Looking for guidance and mentorship from proven CEOs.

The Discovery Foundation has kindly funded the following streams of entrepreneurial training…

Market Validation Training

As a partner in the BC Acceleration Network, Accelerate Tectoria provides early stage ventures with the Market Validation Training in Victoria.

The Market Validation Training is a proven go-to-market boot camp for technology CEOs/founders with at least an early working version of their product.

Offering a structured process to help you find and close customers and get your product to market faster and with less risk, the program combines best practice workshops with one-on-one mentoring from experienced technology CEOs.

The Market Validation Training is designed to help entrepreneurs identify the best market opportunity; determine a “Minimum Viable Product”; develop a compelling value proposition; and provide processes and tools to close your initial customer(s).

The Market Validation Training includes:

  • Three full-day interactive, educational roundtable workshops
  • Three one-on-one mentoring sessions with experienced technology CEOs.

Program participants will leave with:

  • A completed positioning statement and value proposition
  • A strategy to conduct market analaysis and “go-to-market”
  • Priorities identified to segment the market and achieve early adopter customers
  • A strategy to succeed at commercialization
  • Training to close early adopters
  • Actionable tools and templates
  • Access to contacts and resources
  • A 6-month action plan.

The mentors in this program are all experienced technology CEOs who will ensure the adoption of best practices and an effective market entry strategy for the product, and hold you accountable for results, all while providing a sounding board for business ideas.

Who’s eligible:

  • Technology company CEO/founders
  • Fewer than 10 employees
  • Must have a product or at least an early working version of the product
  • Pre-revenue or early revenue

The normal program registration fee is $1,795, however, as a result of the Discovery Foundation‘s funding that we have secured, we are pleased to offer this course to Tectoria entrepreneurs at no charge! However, space is normally limited for these sessions.  The next session is being planned for Fall 2016, so make sure you apply early to reserve space in the course!

APPLY NOW by contacting Rob Bennett at


Accelerating Your Sales Process

Workshop delivered by Jenny Motkaluk President of CUMULA Inc., followed by a networking reception.

Jenny will lead participants through 8 specific exercises focused on:

Strategy – Who will I sell this to? Why do they want it? What’s the most elegant way to get in front of them?

  • Compelling Value Propositions – define your product by what it does, not what it is. Understand what problems your product solves and describe it in a customer-centric way.
  • Identify Target Markets – who has the problem that you can solve? What value is there to solving the problems? How many people have this problem?
  • Go to Market – what’s the best way to get in front of your target customers? Direct? Partners? Distributors?

Process – What is the set of actions that are required to execute my strategy?

  • Sales Message – create a customer-centric message that is designed to secure interest of your target.
  • Prospecting – how to use your existing network to secure introductions to prospective customers.
  • Sales Cycle – understand how complexity of sales cycle will impact your action plan.

Testing Assumptions – How do you validate your sales strategy?

  • Assumptions – how to identify all the assumptions that require validation. How to prepare for surprises.
  • Targets – what criteria will drive your choice of target for validation conversations?
  • Refine – how to use the new knowledge to refine your strategy and process.

Who’s eligible:

  • Current Accelerator Program participants
  • Alumni of Accelerator Programs

The normal program registration fee is $595, however, as a result of the Discovery Foundation‘s funding that we have secured, we are pleased to offer this course to eligible Tectoria entrepreneurs at no charge! However, space is normally limited for these sessions, so apply now!

APPLY NOW by contacting Rob Bennett at


Sales Training for the Selling CEO

Workshop delivered by Steve Traplin.

This program is for technology company CEOs who don’t have the resources to hire a professional sales team and are therefore the sales team by default. It assumes that participants have little or no previous sales experience. The overriding objective is to demystify the sales discipline and empower participants to more confidently make sales calls to acquire critical early stage customers, validate their technology and market, and ultimately make more effective sales team hires when ready to do so.

The following sessions will be delivered in 5 half-day workshops, followed by a group round table discussion and one-on-one mentoring sessions.

Session 1 – Selling Basics (TBD)

This session will be the foundation program for all future lessons. The primary goal is to have participants learn the basic concepts and terminology of the sales discipline, understand the various selling methods used for technology sales, and determine what their specific sales challenges are as they apply to their position in TALC.

Session 2 – Preparing Sales Aids and Collateral (TBD)

This session will help participants “codify” their product and offering into behaviourally correct dialog, scripts and leave-behind collateral so they can have meaningful conversations with prospective buyers on critical business issues versus discussing product features. Industry best practice templates will be provided for converting product features into capability statements.

Session 3 – Making a Sales Call (TBD)

This session is focused on what a structured sales call consists of, how to prepare for a sales call, and effective questioning and listening techniques. Participants will have ample opportunity to make simulated sales calls at various management levels using the sales aid material developed in the previous lesson.

Session 4 – Sales Reporting Measurements (TBD)

This session will help participants understand effective opportunity, pipeline and forecast tracking and reporting. Industry standard CRM and other sales force automation tools will be reviewed and implementation guidelines provided.

Session 5 – Sales Recruiting and Management (TBD)

This session will help participants prepare for recruitment of a professional sales team as well as understanding their role in the day to day management of the sales function. Profiling and interviewing techniques and guidelines will be provided. Simulated interviews and sales meetings will used to reinforce basic concepts.


The normal program registration fee is $995, however, as a result of sponsorship that we have secured from the Discovery Foundation, the fee for Tectoria entrepreneurs to register is just no charge.  However, participation at this price will be limited to just 15 companies.

APPLY NOW by contacting Rob Bennett at


Which is the right program for me?




Descriptions   Step 1- Entry Step 2- Traction Step 3- Growth
EiR Meetings/Check-ins Monthly one-on-one meetings with EiR assigned to company (1.5 hour meeting, 1.0 hour prep/follow-up; RevUP also has weekly check-ins 1 hour 1-1.5 hour 1.5 hour
RevUP Roundtable Monthly peer session with all RevUP participants & all EiRs (1.5 hour meeting)    
EiR Advisory Council Meeting with full EiR team every 2 months (1-1.5 hour meeting)
Mentor Pool Access to community, industry mentors
Workshops/Seminars Relevant workshops/seminars every month-2 months (average 2 hours monthly
AceTech Premium Membership Full premium membership in AceTech ($295/month value); includes 2 round-trip float plane trips every 6 months (max $400 each, access to all AceTech speakers & resources    
RevUP Workshops Growth & scale oriented designed workshops for RevUp participants  
Domain Expert Engagements 150-hour professional services engagement working in company (average 2 hours monthly for direction)    
Quarterly Investment Events Optional: attend investment events (Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna    
VIATEC Membership By being a VIATEC member, Accelerator companies get access to all the extra perks- networking events, Rock the Shores & Rifflandia tickets, and more!
Monthly fee As a non profit, the majority of costs to run the program ($2000 per month for the VAP alone!) are subsidized by our funders. Unlike for-profit accelerators, this means VIATEC only charges the following monthly fees & takes no equity. $0 $200 $1000


What is the VAP intake process?

  1. Complete the VAP Application form
  2. 20 Minute Preliminary interview to assess program suitability
  3. 15-minute presentation, covering these topics:
    • Knowledge of market / customer pain
    • Your solution / Customer benefits
    • Market Growth/Size
    • Competition
    • Current Customers
    • Current financial status
    • Current runway
    • Tech focus / Tech strategy
    • IP
    • Entrepreneurial Spirit and Coach-ability
    • Entrepreneur’s Track Record
    • Team
    • Hiring Plans
    • What you’re looking to gain from the Accelerator
  4. 25-minute Q&A session with the EIR Panel


What are you looking for in an ideal company for the VAP?

  • At least one founder working on the venture full time
  • In the technology sector
  • Potential for growth beyond BC & Canada
    • Company expansion
    • Job growth
    • Export revenue



What is the RevUP intake process?

  1. Complete the RevUP application form
  2. Meet with Program Director regarding application and answer any questions regarding RevUP
  3. Interview with EIR Panel
  4. Submit a copy of most recent financial statements
  5. Bring a sponsor for a 1-minute introduction
  6. 15-minute presentation, covering the topics for the VAP Intakes and additionally:
    • Business Systems and Processes
    • Current/Past coaches + advisors
  7. 25-minute Q&A session with the EIR Panel


What are you looking for in an ideal company for RevUP?

  • Proven track record- problem or market need
  • Growth oriented, local tech companies
  • Minimum annual revenue of $500,000 or proven adequate capitalization
  • Team of at least 10
  • Investment Strategy- Bootstrapped, Angels, VC


What if my company isn't headquartered in the Greater Victoria Area?

VIATEC's mandate is to support local tech companies. If you are located within BC, we recommend applying at one of our many great partner Accelerators spread throughout the province. The full list of BC Accelerators can be found here.


Why should my firm become a Booster?

Working with Accelerate Tectoria clients allows professional service organizations to:

  • Work intimately with the next generation of tech companies and entrepreneurs
  • Establish stronger ties to the overall tech community
  • Offer educational workshops to a core set of tech companies and beyond to the broader tech sector
  • Position your organization as a leading provider to the local tech sector
  • Support a program that is expected to create jobs, revenue and products which will benefit the overall local economy and community

Congrats to our VAP Alumni

DECISION AS A SERVICE- Alta Bering offers EPO technology to help SaaS platform providers in CRM, Sales, Marketing and Operations.

Amira Health is an online software solution to manage and operate chronic disease prevention programs.

Crowd Content Media Inc- With the crowd, content is generated very quickly. Expertise on any subject is located in minutes.

EasyRez is booking website for boutique inns, hotels and vacation rentals across Canada.

EasyJobQuote- We help home owners find qualified contractors when they need work done on their homes.

Ecofit Networks provides a wireless communication platform for your cardio fitness equipment that optimizes your users’ workout experience and extends the life of your assets.

Focus provides sales drive services and sales support material for clients in media advertising sales, primarily in broadcast media.

Flytographer is an online marketplace that connects travellers with local photographers in 175 cities worldwide for fun candid photo shoots.

Giftbit- Stop wasting money on gift cards never claimed by your recipients. Track your gift card orders in detail. Save money on unclaimed cards.

With the hereNow mobile app you’ll always be kept in the loop with what’s going on in Victoria.

High Angle Imaging Systems captures High Definition and FLIR Thermal images using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

iBoard develops and manufacturers a series of interactive whiteboards and tables used in the education, business and retail industries.

IndyKey helps hotels & resorts retain and reward existing guests.

Iris develops marketable interactive video hardware & software solutions aimed at the training of industrial equipment operators.

OpenGovGear provides an end-to-end solution for implementing CKAN for government data portals.

opm360- Through a single interface, businesses can manage their website content, interact on social networks, sell products or services, and communicate with customers.

Parasol Systems- create stunning visual effects using moving lights and many other stage devices, including LED screens, projectors, and cameras.

Pretio Interactive is a mobile advertising company that connects brands to consumers through rewards in games and apps.

RecStaff- We reduce the time and effort spent in each step of the scheduling process.

Rockitfan is the social media destination for music fans to engage with each other through discovering and sharing unique content from their favorite artists. is a cloud-based, multimedia conduit serving a growing, global community of content creators, news outlets and leading brands.

SendWithUs- We build tools for marketers to manage and optimize transactional email.

TicTalking is an interest-based social network, connecting people on their Things In Common.

Xposure changes how marketing media is captured for the Real Estate industry.

YepDesk is the tool that every event coordinator needs to plan any meeting, sports event, conference, birthday or any special occasion!

Youneeq is a patent pending predictive analytics machine learning behaviorally targeted technology.

Congrats to our E@ Alumni

ABV Sciences develops a software platform for researchers and clinicians to apply advanced methods of brain function analysis through a simplified interface.

Freshworks (Airsenze)- We develop elegant intuitive mobile and web apps that simplify processes in the work place and enrich your experience outside of it.

Ascoderu- Connect the unconnected using email communication system through special equipment such as two way radios, routers, solar panels, batteries, antennas etc.

Audilent Technologies Inc. is taking an innovative approach to the power of headphone-based sound immersion.

BackyardBC encourages residents of British Columbia to travel more within the Province by offering special resident-only rates. helps you build great data APIs. Define it, secure it, use it.

Bizsleuth is an online exchange for buying and selling small businesses as well as equity in small businesses.

Change Heroes is an online fundraising platform that makes it easy to impact hundreds of children in the developing world in as little as three hours.

Co-fitness is a social enterprise project for STEPS Forward aimed to reduce urban isolation and increase fitness levels by matching fitness partners.

Codex Systems is dedicated to producing tools that help organizations realize the cost saving potential of DITA authoring and publishing.

Cognilab is the world’s first online laboratory for psychology research. Our service is 10x cheaper, faster and easier than using a physical lab for experiments.

Connect the Docs is an online hub that connects audiences, filmmakers, cinemas and social issues, online and offline.

Educating Now- teach Math conceptually using manipulatives

Espresso Pages- We build and test high converting landing pages so you can focus on growing your business.

Exapik (Fuse Data)- Your website can easily become a passive revenue stream, without annoying ads. Your visitors produce anonymous data that can be resold. We make that happen.

Fitness Freedom- Access many great gyms and studios accessible with a single pass.

ForkJoy provides you with the best dishes voted on by people just like you.

Glossity- Your Health and Beauty Concierge. Glossity is a new way to find and book last-minute health and beauty services.

At Innovatur Technologies we enable our clients to create new business opportunities and open ¨Blue Ocean¨ strategies in their market space.

Liquify is an easy to use online marketplace that saves Liquor Buyers and Agents time, money and effort.

Mujka Designs Inc- 15+ years of experience in modern chic illustrations, logo design, niche exclusive graphics, surface patterns and invitations.

myeCarousel is an online platform for uploading panoramas and photos to create virtual tours.

Odds On English builds multimedia games for learning English as a Second Language.

Pegasus Press' mission is to assist first-time and published authors and publishers convert finished manuscripts into eBooks.

PrivaSecTech- We help you protect your information systems from your competitors, malicious intruders and disgruntled staff.

Revolution 3D Printers is proud to showcase the INFINITY3D product line offering a range of affordable premium 3D Desktop printers.

Riipen is a skill-building assessment platform that helps companies pick the right graduating talent.

Ripebasket makes it easy for grocery stores of all sizes to build a brandable online store, and provide delivery services.

Rooof provides online residential property rental technology to help property managers and landlords to find the best tenants.

Sharesy- Share Anything. Do more with less. Share goods, books, tools, and gear with your friends and neighbours.

servmetrics- Actionable Real-Time Customer Insights.

SilverTether is proud to bring Canada the best films from all around the world.

SoulBox is like an online shoebox to store your precious memories.

Speedy Gopher is an online service marketplace, connecting people like you with people that can help.

Summit Yearbooks- We are experienced designers, design educators, and yearbook representatives.

Tournamatic provides an easy and reliable way to deal with tournament registrations, scheduling, publishing results and more.

TryAngle Living is an Interactive Catalogue of High Fashion & Luxury Items from Across the Globe.

ImmortalUS is a collaborative storytelling platform where sharing memories not only defines your own legacy, but that of your family, friends and ancestors.

West Island Media's Virtual BC App uses augmented reality to superimpose images, links and 3D objects on to brochures, maps, signs and other marketing materials.

White Magic Software creates quality, custom software to solve enterprise-level problems.

WildVision Edutainment creates interactive displays which use technology to capture the beauty and lives of wild animals.

Zuzee- a safe, meaningful and creative online gathering place specially for tweens.